Last Debate Time: Analysis

Dear Readers,
Who did not make fun of disabled men and women during Presidential campaigning? Who did NOT joke about sexual assault and did NOT brush it off as “locker room talk”? And who, above all, has her head on her shoulders? You guys might call this woman a liar, but Trump is dangerous. He’s dangerous because of the rhetoric, jokes about women, and he won’t shut up. Trump is dangerous to mentally ill people and their healthcare privacy protections, and he’s even more so to blind people who, eighty percent of the time, are hard to place in a run of the mill job.
Hilary Clinton gets my vote, and yet people are snagged by the narcissistic rhetoric and fake modesty of Trump. I’m officially endorsing Hilary because she actually gave us a small mention, and we disabled communities all over the world crave this. If neither candidate is appropriate, think again.
I would run, but one, the Constitution puts me at age 30 in the ineligible category of persons too young to run. I was born in the U.S., fine, but what about those who see the country’s problems? Most of these are the Somali immigrants, Mexicans, Italian immigrants, etc who truly have more to bring to the table than born white kids. What about a blind person! Okay, here’s my party agenda. I’m a staunch Democrat for obvious reasons.
1. I envision a country where all are welcome, no extreme vetting, and if you commit the crime, you do the time, so banning Muslims wasn’t in my agenda anyway. We must educate the public about the possible reformations for Islam, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written extensively on the subject, I’ll stop there.
2. I will clean up the Rehabilitation Service Administration, and create a whole new system for blind persons in the country only. It will be headed by a blind person who’s been through the system, suppose I tap Blake for this since he was a victim of joblessness as a result of lack of employer education about Blake’s abilities. The Department of Vision Works or the Department of Blindness Affairs I might call this department. The BLindness Affairs department will handle all things blindness, including streamlining employment discrimination claims and all forms of rape against blind women will be prosecuted by people in this department, all being lawyers who practice criminal justice or federal disability law. We must enforce disclosure agreements, employment law, and all laws regarding rape and incest for disabled females who are blind. Together, through this new cabinet department, I will formulate strategies for decreasing the abuse rate of disabled females who are blind, of which I can name a few who were raped or sexually assaulted. To protect these victims, I only said this to prove a point but all victim names are not mentioned outright in this entry.
3. I will not allow a pipeline to be built on Native American sacred land, and plan to pardon Jill Stein because of her efforts to protect the environment, even if her party is not going to win the election.
4. I will push for more police transparency and accountability. I will work to end the striking down of black people just because a white officer said so. My husband, by this point being black, deserves to live in this country without incidents, not die at the hands of corruptible human beings called the Southern male or female police forces who don’t receive adequate training and supports from black leaders themselves.
5. I will outlaw incompetence of all disabled persons who are deemed aware of themselves and their surroundings. Therefore, the only person subject to limitations of competence and civil rights will be those like Terry Shiavo and others with vegetative states that cannot be reversed. This will also mean guardianships of just blind people will be outlawed. I won’t allow the states to make this kind of decision because if I get the right Congress, they’ll know my story. I’m going to write it all down for the world to see, and I will expose the deep darkness within the corrupt state government bodies that allows predatory guardianships to occur. Obviously, the states don’t know how to treat people with disabilities. Call it unconstitutional, but I will need to set many blind or physically disabled victims free of abusive family or strangers or agencies that claim these people should be marked “inferior.” They should not. Part of disability integration will be to close down all group homes where people who are blind are being held, demand an end to guardianship and forced acceptance of inferiority, and I will say this moreover, I will only allow group homes that respect the civil liberty of all people. I will also introduce to Congress legislation that will allow all formerly incompetent people to be rehabilitated to full potential through blindness training or other forms of training depending on disability. These persons will undergo a load of encouraging and uplifting and learn to take care of themselves. If they meet and marry someone in their community, further legislation will prevent the rehabilitative communities and homes from incapacitating women, stating that they can’t consent to sex. Disabled women can have sex. How do you think the blind thrive? And how do their kids arrive? And how on Earth did your parents arrive in the world without it? Trenton and I have a purely consensual relationship based on trust, love, and respect. Trenton is someone who would never hurt me, so don’t make it look like that.
Besides providing the Amish with support for gun rights, I will also ban voter ID laws, making voting rights important. Not only this, but I would work with Congress to improve upon education, healthcare, and other services of importance to Americans all over the place. Thank you for voting Beth Taurasi as President … in 2028.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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