The Legal Update: Scams and Guardianship News That We All Need

Dear Readers,
It is apparent that too many people wish to take advantage of me as of yet. A scam artist on Craigslist almost had me nailed for debt. The CL scammer sent me a bouncy $2400 estimated amount, and then instructed me to wire him $1600 which I refused to do. I won’t wire that much for shipping, and the con artist who did this will probably roll in a grave of mud because I didn’t follow his instructions. Ugh. Trenton and I desperately needed money for power and food, and yet a scam artist wanted a plush life for himself in India, I should’ve added to his text communications.
One thing I wish I could say to him was, “Go fuck that child prostitute you married, or was that another fucking joke you made up? Either way, you won’t get ruppees for what you did, sir.” I understand Indians are poor eighty per cent of the time, but scamming for the money is dishonest. This man is Matilda Wormwood’s dad on steroids.
For the guardianship, I’m going to tell a judge point blank. There is no justification for it because I live on my own, have community resources and suppports, and do not wish to open a criminal case of arranging kidnapping. I’d like my family to be arrested for conspiracy to kidnap a disabled adult living on her own. In my case, it would mean trauma and Trenton’s nightmares would become a reality. The Donald and his bigotry does not help matters, for he would end HIPAA. My parents violated this law as it is in order to write the guardianship reports, and they refused to support me financially until I could find meaningful work. This includes multilevel marketing, sorry to all the traditional workloads. Working at home would be a good option, so companies such as Blogmud ( could be viable options. I would prefer working with Blogmud via Chrome OS or a real computer, which I lack at this time. I need a computer so I can do the editing portion, though a buddy offered to edit it via Google Docs. It is a Talkback issue, but still, editing and proofreading is important in writing.
I would do Blogmud and transcription only part time, therefore marketing Legal Shield and the product it sells is viable financial support. DVR has fallen apart so far, rolling all disabilities into one service provider, but the blind don’t get adequate and meaningful job placements. And what is a “placement” anyway? Sitting there, answering phones is not a job in my humble opinion. If you have something more than, “Company incorporated, how may I help you” to say during your job, however, then I see viability. Let’s take my bud Jessie for example. He’s a guy who does reservations for a living at a big hotel chain. That’s all well and good, but what if he puts in hour after hour and doesn’t get a raise? He’s lucky he found this job, and he still has supports from family. Hispanic families are phenomenally more supportive than my own, sadly. No bad things to say about Jessie, but if you’re John Doh in the reception desk at some boring place like the lack of job placement that is Arc Thrift Store Call Center, you’ve got a pretty big load to do for peanuts. I feel terrible for my former Arc friends, those who worked there and didn’t succeed. Even my buddy Art couldn’t get a job there. The atmosphere wasn’t to his needs, and there wasn’t enough other jobs for him to find.
Should I remind any Florida judge of Blake? My dear friend Blake’s almost had a job story comes to mind every single time I think of a job placement. Blake worked his big butt off finding a job, and I’m not saying he has a “big butt”. I’m saying he worked his butt off so hard, he must have had to do it a million times, I’ve seen his progress from applying for job after useless job to suddenly being let go! Let go! I wouldn’t put up with that. Currently, in my Legal Shield conference calls, there is a really awesome dude called Michael B., from Oregon. I was connected to his awesome voice by phone, and he has a big employment discrimination problem he’s trying to work out, and I wish Blake could meet this guy. Mike B. is a really good guy who was let go from his job because of blindness or other disabling factors. Could his former company have found use for him? I’m sure if they only gave him a chance. That’s why I’m hesitant to find a traditional go to the job thing. I’m never working with an organization that audited itself and aligned with a client who would sell ITS equipment for a game system. Or would send another client to the Caribbean for a university degree! Unless that degree proves useful, that should never have happened. Favorites are another problem in the DVR sphere. I was not invited to any meetings in which I was given any sort of praise. No praise was given for my job skills, and they were so picky about my dress, appearance, and things that were rightfully not to be brought up. Bedsores on my body should indicate something wrong with my apartment but I was ashamed. I couldn’t say I had bedbugs at the time, and I wasn’t sure. Therefore, I had a disastrous report written about me in my firsst “trial work experience program.” I’m done with “appropriate workplace behaviors” being emphasized and my constant judgment and criticism for my outspoken nature could never land me a job. I’m not working in corporate America, not ever.
Therefore, the guardianship is not justified. I will not put up with bullshit from scam artists, con artists, and other types of people. Therefore, I want my readers to know that since I’ve seen what Legal Shield can do for me so far, and they advised me on the money issue, I will not tolerate trolling. Here’s what trolling looks like: Ivan Soto, age 16. If anyone writes in my blog like he did, your comment will be spread out there for all readers to see, profanity and all. And if you’re under eighteen and choose this route, I promise your parents will be getting a phone call. All I say are promises, not threats, and for the safety of my readers, please refrain from diluting or dismissing my frustrations as I’ve had quite enough. Every dollar counts, and the last thing I need a while later is a criminal case against me or my love.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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