What Technology Did You Dream Of?

Imagine what life would be like. You are a kid in 1999 or 1997, and you thought to yourself, how would you like it if the kid on the other end of the phone line could actually see you as you talked to them? Call it a videophone service or hardware, but more than ten years later, we’ve imagined, dreamt, and invented this technology.
I once dreamt that one day, however, a blind person would be issued a driver’s license or be able to own a self driving vehicle. Why? Because of the inconveniences of living in an urban area–the kids would not get to play in peace; too many dangerous thugs or criminals; and homeless sneaks and other types who would rather take full advantage of our children while in travel or at home–a self-driving vehicle would really bring hope to us.
I imagine me and Trenton packing our bags, and imagine telling the kids, “Get in the car! Let’s go on a road trip, yall.” No having to wait in line for train tickets, no having to worry about strangers giving us the public look up and down, none of that. We would be in a private motorcar of our very own, one that does the driving, and we make conscious decisions about where to direct the car based on traffic conditions, and when a toll road is detected, the car would stop, open a power window, or whatever it is, and you could toss a coin out the window. However much the toll roads are, you’d pay for them with a pass. In Florida, for instance, they have an e-pass that gets you through tolls without having to stop for a nominal fee. Also, when your smart vehicle sees passese and mountain highways, it would warn you and stuff. As we live inn mountainous landscape or near a mountain range in Colorado, Trenton and I would have to use a lot of weirdness and quick wit and good judgment calls to make a road trip through the mountains fun. Imagine a world where the car is electric or hydrogen powered instead of gas powered. No more air pollutants anymore! Now let’s add something: the electric cars buzzing by would actually make noise, buzzing by like old formula 1 racecars, but tons softer, but yet still detectable by blind pedestrians. Trenton and I would use our newfound freedom to take the kids to places in the U.S. we could not previously go to on vacation due to transit concerns. Or perhaps the world. We’d go to a place in Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica, or even Mexico to see historic places, then go to NYC to see Broadway plays and theater stuff. We’d go from city to town, and depending on where we go, we could stop at hydrogen fueling stations and pump the hydrogen fuel into our vehicle, maybe charge it up at an outlet near the hotel. And may I add we’d put car security and antitheft devices and leave nothing in our car so that thieves can’t break in and steal things. We could live essentially anywhere we could find a house, not be confined to urban areas, and the kids would still get the peace and quiet they need to grow and laugh. And learn as well, yes, they’d learn. With the advent of a blind driving license, I would be able to be a real citizen of this country, so my call to the future Presidents and government officials of the contry, please make it possible for blind people to live outside urban areas and not depend on others for transportation.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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