The Party? Or the Party?

Imagine living in a world where he Ministry of Truth, Minitru; the Ministry of Love, Miniluv; and the Ministry of Plenty, miniplenty; and finally, Ministry of Peace, Minipax; all ruled the world. It’s important to note that all of the ministries here could be the following: miniwar, minihate, minipoor, and minifib. Why mini fib? I want to say minilie, but then again, this is a world much like what will become of this nation if we don’t get out and vote. On one end of the ring, we have a vicious narcissistic psychopath who calls the girl in the corner here a vicious criminal. The guy is inexperienced and should never get public office. Otherwise, what’s next? Should ew read the Book of Donald instead of the Bible? Are you gonna throw your hymn books aside for songs in praise of this monster? Are we gonna bow to him like he’s a king? We’re a Democracy, and y the tone of things, we sure don’t act like one. We’re not doing what we’re supposed to, only stirring hate and bigotry around the bowl of America we’ve put ourselves in. We’ve allowed a fifteen or sixteen year old to dictate what life is like, go work for the man that is, and we’ve allowed the most ignorant and incompetent people to dictate who is competent to make decisions for themselves. It’s all a big mistake, and we must acknowledge how big this mistake has gotten. The mistake could lead to the five year plan, the ten year plan, and all of Orwellian nightmarish socialism could come true. Who’s the President gonna be known as? The Donald? Big Don? Who knows? We need Democratic elections, people who consider the right and responsibility of women who actually give a crap about life. Women are usually the smarter sex, no deate, so I’d get out and vote. Of course, Prop 8 in California and laws like it are unconstitutional for the same reason that Loving v. Virginia was found in favor of the interracial Richard and Mildred Loving, and with a twist. Big Don, as I’d like to call him, will try and disproportionately ban all things people fought for, including gays and disabled individuals, and he will shack us all in group homes. Surveillance speakers may pop up in however many years. If we repeat the pattern of what the Donald wants, we could end up in dire crisis, more Orwellian and part Huxleyan. Orwellian in surveillance and perhaps dminished rights for women and minorities, perhaps we will end up almost paralleling the book’s climax. Anyone thought up the Thought Police? Sounds paranoid, but we’re getting close. Look at the many times the recent bombing suspects in our nation have been called into question because of tattlers and others, but that’s just the beginning. Marriages will be regulated by the government. We will not be allowed the eople we care for, which includes sweethearts. For God’s sake, we can’t afford this. We will also have passed the Huxleyan mark by overuse of sex and booze as a means to control the population. The government already controls by really subtle psychological persuasion what it wants you to believe. We could be chemically brainwashed by the same government, and Huxley’s fable has some truth to it. While we don’t have rockets and planes, while we don’t make people in factory assembly lines in bottles with beds of peritoneum, we will come darn close. Perhaps surrogacy will replace the joy of having a baby. Whatever it is, the defective babies will be thrown back to the hills. This isn’t America. So here’s a hint on how to reverse the problem: get your sorry fat butt off that couch, quit watching CNN, Fox, and any news network, quit trying to tell me what to do, put down your stylus, pen, or tablet, and if you’re eligible, go vote. Vote in the polling places, and put the stickers on your shirts. Vote. Darn it, get out and vote and tell the government you’re voting in and out of office, we do not want to worship a regime, we want an America based on democratic values and based on scientifically approved studies. Gay people will adopt kids. Surrogate moms will be used more often. People with disabilities will be the leaders of the next generation. I will marry the man I want, not the one the government approves of. He is sitting by me now, watching Twit. In some ways, he’s watching Twig. This Week in Google. Anyway, all my rants I hope are gonna wake up the people who it means this much to them, so if you care about this country, get off your bottom and vote.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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