I’m Working with Legal Shield: Here’s Why

Dear All,
I guess it all started with my buddy Ben J. Bloomgren, but I totally didn’t believe him. Like you, average American who believes in work for a jerkish boss and boring office cafe fare, I believed that I’d get a job after university studies, but I was wrong. I cannot imagine my life today though without the enriching experiences college did indeed bring. However, I was in legal trouble due to a pair of obtrusive and obstinate family members who decided to declare that I was incapacitated of almost all rights, including that of marriage and family coherence with a unit I establish, the right to own property such as a house, and the right to sign a document. Well, documents have to be signed. My parents wanted me declared incompetent not for guidance as I falsely believed at seventeen and an ignorant half year later, they had arranged for me to become a house pet of a daughter who would not receive her rights at eighteen. They did this in retaliation against me for seeing boys, seeing non Catholic boys at this. My school crushes were all not Catholic, and the last school crush I ever had was a black Protestant male. He was originally from the Caribbean, and some of you readers know him by name, so I won’t mention it.
It occurred to me while my buddy Ulysses was staying with Trenton and I while going to Gala Choruses that there was a contact she knew by the name of Michael. Michael in turn got me on the phone, flagged me down, and just yesterday, Trenton and I went to a presentation about the legal plans. The Legal Shield plans we’ll be using are pretty simple. They’re individual, and I may add ID theft if necessary because I might have had identity issues here on the Internet. I applied for a QVC card only to have my stuff sent to me with a note saying “Recipient is deceased.” What?! Had I had Legal Shield identity theft protection, all this wouldn’t have been such a worry.
So the legal thing will be our insurance for legal matters, no matter how trivial. But the big questions bugging me are how can an attorney with Legal Shield in Florida help me get rid of the damned incapacitation? I know the steps, but there are questions: can I have a doctor in Colorado be a privy witneess to an exam for me instead of one in Florida? I’m concerned as well as the rest of the world about Zika virus, all that hyperactive weirdness is somehow true. But I don’t want my child to be microcephalic, suffer seizures, severe handicaps, and die. The big problem with Florida will also be that I might have to spend an enormous amount of money on a plane trip just to see a doctor. This is unreal. I believe the docs and psych testers at previous locations were real shitheads, sorry but true. They didn’t understand the terminology of blindness, collected bad collateral, and used the word of my ex versus my own word. All of the test results in collateral were all “She’s incompetent and pushy” and “We don’t like her.” The tone I’m getting from these test results shows a psychologist’s unwillingness to learn how to spell the word Braille, which I had to eg her to do. Then, she had to change terms and definitions because they were all wrong. But all in all, the test results were rigged for incompetence and unjust labeling on the person in question, me. Obviously, these people weren’t seeing me on a long term basis and don’t know me. BPD being the final diagnosis does not fly because of the tone of the collateral and the people’s choices in talking to my psychological tester. My ex did not speak favorably, but let’s face it, because Trenton and I want to be married sooner, we’re facing legal complications. The simplest way we felt we could get rid of them was Legal Shield.
Legal Shield protects you and your entire group of eight dependant children or adults, 26 years and younger, but when they turn 26 or so, it is advised they get their own plan. The kids will be safeguarded from those illegal and unfair racial profiling at school, but I don’t want my child’s academic record bristling with suspension for bogus reasons other than, “She was a foul mouthed n—– in all sorts of ways, promoting hip hop and rap in my music or English classes.” This is just an example of what a teacher could suspend my child for. Therefore, my children must stay a course at homeschool. Homeschooling would provide my children, biracial and progeny of disabled parents, with safe and secure walls on which they can paint their emotions, but to balance things out, I’ll probably send them to camps and trainning for a profession such as music or dance or sport if they so choose. They can choose based on their potential.
It is vital we as a family choose Legal Shield, and best of all, if you like the company, then yeah! Let’s do business. Did you know that you can make thousands of dollars based on how many people you recruit to this company? You can recruit like crazy, or not do it at all. But being an associate with the business means you can change people’s lives.
I may not be able to sell healthcare products with Plexus Worldwide, so here’s the deal. Legal Shield will get my life back, and I hope to God my children have better lives than I had. I can almost picture my little daughter sitting on my lap, begging me to read her a book. I read the book, look up at her and then she asks, “Will the cops take me away?” I assure her, “No, sweetie, they won’t. Not on my watch.” Then she says, “But they shot Andre down the street from us.” “They’ll never shoot a girl. And if they do, then they’ll pay a handsome fine for it. I assure you that if any cop or lawman harasses us at home, we’ll have all the guns we need to keep the family safe.”
My daughter says, “Thanks, Mommy.” Then, all I’d do is explain in basic terms to her that “We have legal insurance.” She’d realize we got it before she was born. Then, I’d sing a little song to her like I would do usually, then close and lock her bedroom door, then go to my husband in bed, then there would be a safe house. I hope that that little vignette really is true for us, and that Trenton and myself and our children are protected.
I chose Legal Shield because for God’s sake I cannot afford an attorney. All the Brevard firms are charging me without realizing my income situation. Government won’t help, so yeah, I hope the whole incapacitation case goes to trial, results in a criminal probe, and yep, you can guess the rest of what I’m thinking. That is why I chose Legal Shield.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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