Typing This On My Phone Keyboard: Samsung Recalls a Phone We All Wanted

Hello all,
Well, all you Android and Samsung peeps, the Note 7 is being recalled due to explosion and fire risk. I’m typing this on my phone keyboard, my K480, but the Samsung keyboard is not compatible with physical Bluetooth keyboards. Ugh. But this works well with my phone as long as I’m using the Google Keyboard. Therefore, I must place the blame on Samsung. Any case, I’m having a trip to the dollar store to get food.
And btw, we’re having some issues with our shopper being sick a lot, and she’s been sick a week. We would like it better if we had better supports and people who could help with picking out food that both of us can eat, and I have to keep us fed, but I’m not staying cooped up in the house. Period. And getting a sheltered work job is not a good idea because it would burn out the relationship I’ve built with this guy, trust me, it is not a good idea. I’ll be happy to spend all of anyone’s money on defeating and destroying internet trolls like Ivan S., age 16, whose money shouldn’t matter. Besides, a minor like that shouldn’t be paying taxes until he’s eighteen because well, it’s the American law.
I’m not kidding. I’m seriously wanting to make sure that we can get food from the store, but we don’t have any carry mechanisms except backpacks and messenger bags. Ugh. I want to have two weeks worth of food and drink, but what if the dollar store doesn’t offer help or the things we need? I’m not expecting much, but we shouldn’t have cooped up days to look forward to. I’ll have a crappy birthday because of the lack of support and a sick worker. She could have the flu for all I know, but I can’t tell anyone about it. We’ve got no money now almost and owe $40 for a bed. Ugh. This is getting stupid. We still need to buy toilet paper. I have a favor to ask the U.S. government right now. Give us twice what we’re worth because you can’t get us to work right? Because employers won’t hire, and there are trolls out there who might think this is a joke, but try filling out eight apps and they come back no. Try being a disabled female whose family abused her for years, psychological and verbal mostly, and tried to scare her fiance into not allowing her to marry him. This is a serious matter, and don’t punish us for being married. Churches will bar me and Trenton from membership in certain contexts because we’re unmarried, and a church is the best supports we can get at this point. Because of my family, we have none. His family is out east, and we need a shelter or home out east, somewhere where it’s just us and nobody else. Just us, kids, and pets. And a neighborhood where it’s safe to ride your bike around and play with other children on the street if you’re a kid, or it can be a big city, but we’d have to go to parks a lot to give the kids their daily activity. No Chucky E. Cheese’s. I don’t quite need all the crap we’re already getting. Anyhow, if there’s anyone in the Colorado area who reads this, please feel free to give us a pointer or two. The job I’m looking for may never come, and we still need to finance a wedding in another world. Ugh.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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