School Days: Residential Schools For the Handicapped

Your child is handicapped, whether blind or deaf or something else altogether. you want to educate your child, but what to do so that your child can still share common bonds with your other children or neighborhood kids? It’s not easy, but I’ve got some dirt on residential schools for the handicapped, blind mostly, and you’ll be a bit shocked.

The first things you should know about residential schools for blind or physically disabled kids is that they all sleep at the school if they are not day students. The schools often have special classes to help the disabled student in more inclusive manner, things like gym and reading being among the many things kids are excluded from in regular public schools and private schools. The thing to know is that expectations of these children can vary from school to school, but today’s blind children are not often taught Braille. Look carefully for names like “Sight Saving School” when selecting your child’s residential school if that is your choice. A sight saving institution does not allow the child to adjust to blindness, and the name alone can throw you off. One Michigan schoolteacher, we’ll call her Kathy Miller, went to a “Sight Saving” school in Illinois and was told she was a nobody and didn’t need special skills. Kathy, however, and her parents knew better. They decided against the residential school altogether and now she is successfully employed as a schoolteacher for regular kids.

The next thing you should know about your potential choice of residential school? Look at the history of the school, and do some intense Googling if necessary. Talk to others about their experience at the school. If you look at the history of both Florida and Alabama schools for blind children, you’ll be shocked, and I would say a bit sick by the end of the paragraph. If you dig deep, you’ll find that the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind has a colorful history as recorded in the National Federation of the Blind’s infamous book, well more famous work, Walking Alone and Marching Together. Remember that kids at residential schools also live together in dormitory settings? Well, this could make it more fun for predatory staff to march in and molest your children. R. J. Sandefur remembers the horrors of that time. I remember sitting in calls with him, and as a longtime buddy of mine, Sandefur has told me loads about the school. He and Governor Staten and Volly Nelson (not his name at the time of enrollment) all had to witness the events that took place during their student tenure. The first thing that Sandefur remembers was the frequent begging of school officials to parents that urged them to ask their children if they’d been touched, “below the waist. Sometimes the people would ask if we got touched in the pee pee.” This was not the only thing. Sandefur also remembers events surrounding the death of a nine-year-old student, Jennifer Driggers. What the school might not have wanted you to know was that the book Walking Alone and Marching Together contains not only clips from the papers about Driggers’ death, but there is ample record of her staff’s comment sheets, filled out each day. The staff wrote very dark and biased commentary about Driggers, and if Sandefur and others had seen the sheets, one would know why they are shaken by their end. Christi Edelmann died at age 10 in the infirmary. She was injured, and yet Edelmann was not given proper supervision at the school. After the deaths of Driggers and Edelmann, it was then discovered that FSDB was not following general public fire code laws and other problems arose.

While FSDB has since improved its image, there is still a long way to go.

The next thing a parents must ask about is the curriculum. IS your child’s textbook at either the feeder public high school or the residential school up to date? What about Braille books and their availability for the blind kids? Is there still current abuse? What about the teacher quality? Read the entire handbook from front to back, and go over the credit requirements to graduate with your high school student. Is the health education worth your time? Here’s something to take into consideration. Trenton had a health class at the Colorado School in the Colorado Springs area. CSDB now does not have a health class, no sex education either. What does this mean? Your teenager’s expectations for herself could be too low and she could face more abuse from men she does not want.

So what is the health requirement at a residential school? Aaron Reed, a former student at the Kentucky School for the Blind, long associated with its musical traditions, remembers taking a child development class. Reed and the other students had to use a fake baby, okay, but the fake baby is not truly the way to teach child development. Anyone ever told these Kentucky children that babies drool and poop? What about other messy things? The fake baby does not make a mess. … For real. Though it does teach some rudimentary care skills, if the school kids wanted more study of this skill, they should then be encouraged to volunteer at daycare or childcare facilities.

The next thing I bring here might shock you, but Florida’s handbook says you’re required to take a … *gasp* marriage education. What is that? Marriage education is supposed to tell your student to abstain until marriage, perfectly in line with the Florida Conservative governing body and all, but the kind of class we’re talking about is seriously a bad one. Marriage education is a joke, and it could lead to sheltering and your child being told that blind spouses aren’t appropriate. Trenton and I are a good pair, and we work together, on occasion having arguments, but still, we work together. A sighted male is often encouraged to marry a blind female, given the misconception and misogyny of schools like this.

How does your school feel about Muslim dress? For the Muslim parents of disabled students, you must ask the school to exempt your student, your male or female one, from a no head covering rule at most of these places. Islamic students could face discrimination, and the same would go for LGBTQ students. Is residential schooling truly the right thing? Really do some digging, and then give me the answer. I would not use a residential school because of the faraway location, the risk of abuse, and the mind numbing educational curriculum at said school.

School Days: Private School and the Realities Behind It

Ah, school days, you get the children up for school, put them in the car, and off you go. Some of your children will ride a yellow bus that pulls up to your driveway or the street cul-de-sac once a day. Or twice if you count the bus returning. But something in your mind tells you that your child could do better. Most public schoolkids are reading out of date history books that are falling apart and the pages fall out. Most public schools are throwing away music and not even requiring it, and that should be the case. Most public schools in the United States do not offer a vocational education, often dubbed “Public school’s neglected stepchild.” Okay, so then what? What alternatives do you truly see as a parent of a student? What are the first things that come to mind?

You want a world class education for your child, but what education is available in your area? Suppose you go to a church with an attached private education school. AS the Christian you are, you feel that God is not at public school. Well, in a way you are correct, but at the same time, what is worth doing to limit your child’s perception of things in this world?

Is that $2000 plus price tag really worth the effort? In this post, I’m going to take you inside my own personal experiences with private school and explain why it is not the best choice, and I will attempt to interweave this experience with scholarly work from a couple different places.

The first thing I noticed about St. Teresa’s School was its size. When I attended, the school was only one small building attached to the property of the church, St. Teresa Catholic. The building did not have an accessible look to it, and you would have to navigate up and down a largely echoed stairwell to get to your upper grade level classroom. Quaint, right? It reminded me of Matilda’s school as described by Roald Dahl’s masterwork, with the “top form” classrooms above Matilda and the other smaller kids on the bottom. But St. Teresa’s School is anything but something like Crunchem Hall Primary. There are a few differences.

For one, the American private school charges Catholic parish families a price of $1500 in estimated tuition costs, and the price is higher for anyone else. This is a basic scream of religious discrimination. Offering Catholic church members discounts would make any federal funding get poopooed. In other words, all fed money would go down the drain. What is odd about this is that President George W. Bush wanted to fund faith based schools, and Florida wanted to use public school money for schools like St. Teresa, but this was found unconstitutional.

The next thing about St. Teresa that any parent should take notice of is the way students are dressed. I described the dress code in all its austerity, but in case you missed it, here’s a simplified breakdown of what is and isn’t allowed for each gender student.

For me, and other females besides, the younger grades had to wear a jumper that had a skirt thing that tapered off at the knee, STS printed on the left side. The higher grades had an awful looking primitive skirt, and both are puke plaid blue and white color. The females did not receive long pants until a good number of years after the school was founded, and it happened that I was in seventh grade at that point. By this time, girls were probably chilling out, literally, in their prescribed dress clothes.

Females were not allowed decorative shoes or high heels,, and all such shoes had to have no higher than half an inch in the heel. All dress shoes for girls had to be Oxfords, black or white, and lace up. And the shoe brand or logo could not be any larger than a quarter.

The male students had some other requirements. On top of being forced to cut their hair short, a sexist move on the school’s part, the male students wore long pants and the standard issue shirt, were required a belt, and had to tuck in their shirts. No jewelry except Catholic approved cross symbols was allowed for the males. Females could wear no nail polish, something I forgot to add. Any infraction of the dress code was grounds for punishment, so you had to follow it.

The thing about the students that might floor you was the requirement that every so often, they attend mass and holy services. This can intimidate Muslim students as they despise the principles of some religious groups. A Catholic education is just one of a few different ways a parent can shelter the prospective student.

To enter as a student at St. Teresa and schools like it, the student prospect must pass a test to determine grade placement, and then books are bought. For the typical blind person, a book must be transcribed, but without public money to support, some of you parents might not be able to do this. When I attended, the same old story was heard: books never arrived on time, math book included. Bogus study classes were instituted, including the most mind numbing subjects such as morality and “new creation”, which supposedly teaches someone about the puberty years, the changes a person goes through, pregnancy, etc., but the largest problem is the lack of centrality and neutrality when it comes to birth control.

The same is true of Jewish, Islamic, or any other religious private school. If you are paying $1500 or more a month to send your child to school, then get nickel and dimed to death for uniform expenses and books, and then comes the mind numbing subjects, then what is the justification for sending your child to a school like that?

According to Brian Crosby, author of Smart Kids, Bad Schools: Thirty-Eight Ways to Save America’s Future, private schools are no viable option. Crosby explains that a child may be a child, and being a parent means you want what’s best for your child, but in truth, Crosby is correct to say that as adults, we can’t choose where to work in theory. We can’t choose what is available to us for a job. Private schools are also able to expel students for stupid things, and one being a man with long hair, and recently one fired an openly gay Catholic music teacher. This isn’t a good environment for any child who is handicapped or has a different sexual preference.

When I graduated in eighth grade from this school, there was a chorus of monotony as we did a few different ceremonial rituals, one of which was a torch and rose ceremony. Roses, as it is always the case, are the most expensive flower on the market, and all the roses are taken to the student’s home upon completion of the torch and rose ceremony. When I got my rose, I took it home, but personally, roses being pretty aren’t the reason I don’t often beg my fiance for them. It is the fact that the cut flowers waste volume in the garbage and get ground up in your local landfill. It’s worse when you think about where the flowers come from.

Ever thought about where the candles came from as well? Wax and paraffin based candles and torches are dangerous, and should be handled with care. Thankfully, the school’s candle and rose ceremony hasn’t had much danger, but I only pray that people handle the costs of such a thing better.

Every graduation can’t be complete without a cap and gown. I’ll confess that I looked great in my STS cap and gown, but any form of the garb is expensive, and inner city parents already struggle to do basics. What can be done to help them pay for this?

The yearbook is always a school tradition at all educational institutions. My yearbooks, sadly, were in print. All the books are print, no consideration for the blind child who cannot read the funny and sometimes amusing scribbles that appear on the pages of the yearbook. My favorite comment in a book came from high school, and it was weird. “Have a tubular senior year, dude.” Okay, can I move to California? I’ll have more tubular experiences over there. I can only imagine what the author of this comment was really thinking about.

One of the problems of private education is the complete lack of services for the disabled in many of these schools. St. Teresa School had no wheelchair access in its old building, though they did build a new one. The old building is still being used for the younger children, however, the school is not able to accommodate the wheelchair bound students, and if there were any accommodating factors, there would be a better environment that truly aligns with God’s word, teaching that all are welcome to come to the water and rest in his holy place. However, the school’s lack of good and sound disability friendly architecture has ruled for many years, making it unsuitable for handicapped children.

The school also lacks services that could support those on the autism spectrum. More and more children and adults are living with ASD disorders which can irritate even the most patient Irish nuns. When I attended STS, we had a fine principal, Sister Vera Whalen, and then a petite old lady nun called Kathleen OBrien. Sister Kathleen, as she was affectionately called, would probably have made a good teacher for autistic kids, but did she receive training in this type of child education? No.

Crosby also points at private educators as being not qualified to teach. St. Teresa has enough qualified teachers, but there is more to the requirements than is needed. My mom had to take a course on the education in religious studies for the purpose of St. Teresa School’s requirement that all the teachers who are working there have some certificate to teach religion. Religion is not something taught in regular public education.

The Islamic school system also lacks qualified teachers in some areas. The teachers are not chosen because they are board certified educators or have credentials in the chosen subject matter. It becomes a question of piety. Ayaan Hirsi Ali fondly remembers her days at Muslim Girls Secondary School, a place in Kenya where she and her sister Haweya attended. Both the girls were given the usual boring subjects like literature, math, and science, but my ex could probably laugh at the things the biology lessons talked about. Because the school lacked a lot and left the sexual and mating parts out of all the things taught, including the science curriculum, Hirsi Ali was left to be a curious child. When her mother did not approve of the science she learned dealing with evolution, the abuse got worse in her home. Hirsi Ali writes that her mother just scolded her when she said humans were descended from apes. Her mother, Asha Artan Umar, said that Allah created humans period. There was no mention of apes, and she said racist things about the Kenyan people, but she glorified Muslims. The same could not be said when Ayaan and Haweya went to their Muslim school.

All the Muslim students were required to wear a headscarf as is proper in the religion. Christian girls also attended, however Ayaan’s Islamic classmates were encouraged to impose conversion on the Christians. Is that education?

What Ayaan later recalls in her book Infidel will leave you wondering, is this truly right for my child! Ayaan says that a new teacher arrived at Muslim Girls to teach the Islamic studies class. Gone was the instruction on battles, history, and religious good stuff, but here was the era of indoctrination. A lady called Aziza came from the coast of Yemen or something, had been trained by the Saudi government, and here she was, all dressed in black. She questioned the girls’ lives, and even though the girls were allowed to ask and get answers about things of Islamic nature, Ayaan says Sister Aziza did not encourage forward thinking. Her book Heretic is a true example of how Islam will be facing reformation or transformation of its principles, including how it educates its children.

This may not be an American example. However, Islamic and all other parents should take note that sheltering your child is not an option. Crosby’s statement regarding teacher quality rings true. Teachers such as Mrs. P. Hutniek probably got better qualifications than even the most pious Saudi Muslim teachers. Mrs. Hutniek used to encourage stimulating and thought provoking discussions, encouraged all her students to search their souls and ask the question of whether things like cloning, surrogate motherhood, and other scientific breakthroughs were indeed ethical. Mrs. Hutniek had a large amount of hair and like me, she had a larger than life presence. I’ll never forget her.

Of course, the best teachers I’ve had were ones in public schools. My favorite teacher so far was my second grade one, a lady I have not spoken to for years. Behind her, I am trying to decide whether Mary Ann Shaka comes next. But the thing is that both teachers and others in the public sector seemed to have had better credentials, opened the door for more, and even encouraged conversation.

I’d like to pick on a couple high school teachers. I have a buddy, well, many of them, who attended classes under the instruction of Jennifer D. Thomas, the best English teacher on the planet. She is board certified to teach English, and teaching is her passion. She is a grammar fanatic, and with her credentials, she also teaches beginning and intermediate lit classes in her current location. She has moved a bit west, but she still enjoys herself. I took a good bit from her class, ultimately seeing that she had more engaging topics to fill the class with than someone with no class management skill.

I had a couple other great teachers, both of whom taught history. My history teachers by far were really good at making the lectures more relatable and fun. I’m trying to remember who taught me the best. In high school, it’s hard to say that teachers are bad when they’ve done their own work. But my favorite teacher across the subjects has got to have been Coach Ronsival in Algebra II. He was awesome, and his catch phrase was “Remember your P’s and Q’s.” Well? He also has credentials, teaches wrestling as well, and most of the sports coaches are like that. Could I add Siridge to the list? She taught geometry. She said once she’d sing your theorems to you in order to get you to learn them. And her jokes? Awesome.

The memories wouldn’t be here if I attended the infamous MCC, Melbourne Central Catholic High School. On top of austere dress, the students do not have a bus to take them to school, and my mother finally had her brain turned on when she told me I could not have gone. So we went with Titusville High.

I graduated THS in 2005 having done so with honors, but not without my share of memory that is still guiding the decision I want to talk about in my next post. Private education is truly not what your $2000 plus is worth, whether Catholic or Muslim or Jewish or what have you. When you do choose a private school for a child with ASD or disability of any sort, do your homework. Are the teachers qualified to teach? Can your child navigate the building? Does the staff have a colorful record for any of the people in it?

Thank you for your time.

How to DriveSomeone with Disabilities Crazy

Dear Readers,

As it stands, I was recently accused, blatantly accused, of not having permission to talk about subjects, violating trust and privacy, and just plain being bad. At 29 years old, my opinions, writing, and all the things I have to say are now being labeled “disturbed” and “invalid” even if it is a word of praise or warning and even if I’m framing situations that could happen. One Facebook user in particular is begging to talk to me about said things in question, but I have a few words for a lot of other individuals. There are many ways that you can derail a person’s psychological state of mind, and here’s how. If you are someone who has previously done stuff with me, or has previously seen me around, read this and try to understand why all of what I’m about to write is above un American. First of all, my First Amendment Rights are frequently encroached upon due to my disability and that is the first line of things you can do to drive someone like me over the edge.

Step 1. Tell your disabled adult subject that nothing they say matters, that their opinions and love of another person is disturbed, even if it is a good thing. This has happened in repeated patterns. I can’t tell you how many times the Backstreet Boys and my fandom of such people was frequently targeted as an obsession or something rather disturbing. While I wanted to be a singer, enjoyed listening to boy band music, and struggled to find out who I was as a teenager with disability, my brothers were lavished over the top with a seemingly equally disturbing obsession. I am repulsed by the thought that my parents fed my brothers’ obsession with Pokemon by handing them cards of Machamp and other of the anime characters right in front of me. Just what kind of family encroaches upon their disabled member’s rights to an opinion? My family did. I could not be honest about my parents’ brazen attempt to punish out all the traits they did not want me to have in my personality. Unfortunately, professional teachers and others in the schools did not care and would not care because my parents were successful in telling the schoolteachers I was a disturbed individual. Subtle cues might have told you that this was way off. First, there are many teenage girls at this point who like One Direction, and they don’t get written off as disturbed demons who only want to meet boy bands. My parents, in an ill fated attempt to force me to like sports, deal with their stressful and cold air in the living room, and tell me what I did was invalid, basically encroached in all sorts of ways on my First Amendment rights just because they felt it necessary. How do you explain a parental couple who even bothers to raise a special needs child when they are still sitting on their big plush sofa watching football and stock car racing and NOT saying a word! They would never engage in any meaningful family dialogue about anything worth saying or talking about. The only things we would discuss as a family, and it was barely anything by the time I was ten or so, was sports, details about sports, automobile racing which is too risky at all, and we don’t wanna hear any more talk about the Backstreet Boys, this opinion you have, or that opinion you have. I was frequently called out by my father and mother, and punishment was unfairly used. If my parents claim American citizenship, there is something to be said of us having opinions. If we were Chinese, I would be taught family respect, sure, but then there would be an added problem. My family, if we were born and bred Chinese, would likely force me to respect a government that frequently hates baby girls and puts blind boys and girls at risk in poor and unsanitary schools for the blind. Please read the Barefoot Lawyer. In this book, a blind man is telling a story about China, and it’s a shocking and muddy truth you barely could recognize. China’s people are banned from multiple Internet sites like Facebook, and instead, they have QQ and Gadu Gadu and other sites that are highly censored and monitored. Don’t even get me started on North Korea and the secrecy behind how they try and make their people into puppets for Kim Jong Un. I’ll shut up now, but America! If you are American and reading this, you should remember probably one day in your school days when you recited or memorized the preamble of the Constitution. How was your country founded? And what was banned from the old colonial places? If you were a colonist, you would have been required to practically call the king of taxation without representation a God in human form. You would be required to pay taxes to Britain in those days, and you had to be an Anglican. Today, you can be anything, Shinto, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, whatever. You could be Bohemian in your viewpoints, and the best thing is that you’re not gonna get shot or thrown in jail for writing that Muslims are evil if that’s your opinion. But I do beg to differ because of experience and observing the Islamic communities. Muslims are not evil all the way through. The Medina ones are, but according to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now, there are three sets of Muslims but there’s just one Islam. Her kinds of Muslims have to do with what brand of the stage of Islam they practice. Is it okay for someone to shoot Ms. Hirsi Ali because she wrote so scathingly about Islamic countries? No. In America, she has all the rights in the world to say what she says, and people are not backing her up because they are more often being apologetic. Okay, apologists for Terrorists are not a good thing, but Ayaan is no douchebag. She was on a Bill Maher show, and his name appears on a list of ten douchebags according to Watch Mojo. I have scanned lots of the ten things Watch Mojo puts together, and no surprise, the head of Duck Dynasty also appeared there. Should we tell Mr. Robertson that his opinion isn’t valid? Of course no, but to suggest that homosexuals should suffer or that any persons under Phil Robertson’s shit list are worthy of being hurt and attacked is pure bull. now, I was accused of violating privacy. I was flatly denied my right to free speech. Let me give you two examples of free speech and just plain attacking someone. I was not attacking this person, no, I was not. I never meant to do that, and all I am seeing in my mind is the pattern of disregard for what I have to say.

Step 2. Tell the person in question that you are being harassed by him/her. Here’s an example of harassment. Fifteen-year-old Ivan Soto was caught six times trolling my blog. This blog was targeted on a post having to do with the intricacies of welfare and food safety. It is a perfectly valid need for both myself and Trenton, safe foods to eat and drink and cook with, but this little fly on the wall flew around my blog and posted gross profanity, violating my right to even survive. Ivan’s comments may sound unbelievable, but when his last comment showed 50 plus uses of the word “fuck”, and then to top it off, the words bitch and cunt and all that, this young boy truly began to come off as a threat to me. Nobody calls any woman in my book a bitch. The word “cunt” is commonly used in the United Kingdom or Australia about as much as we’d use the f word. The word “cunt”, however, did appear in a previous comment, which initially got me wondering if it was a foreign guy in New Zealand who got jealous of me because I am or was just beginning a relationship with Trenton. We’re still together.

The other example which is not harassment is this. My buddy Blake and I were dating at one point, not sure what prompted this comment on my post back in the day, but I received a really brazen comment that stated that I was no more grown up than I was as a teenager. A TVI I have worked with and no longer speak to stated, and to a strange person she does not know in person, that I was “chasing boys” like I “always did” back in high school. Back then, Blake was upset and infuriated by these comments. He might have been so furious that he agreed when I proposed to him. Blake and I broke up in October, but the comment and its aftermath still remain. I was openly accused of harassing or stalking Blake when clearly, he was in a relationship with me. I was flatly and blatantly accused of being pushy, but guess what? If you are told that nothing you do or say is valid, then what choice do you have? Sit there and let the world pass you by? Never thought so.

Step 3. Take away the person’s civil rights. If you’re tired of the adult or child with a disability having disturbing things to say in your mind, take away their civil rights. But you must have a real and not a fabricated story to give the court. My parents managed a sob story for the court. In this story, I was severely emotionally “handicapped” and needed to be taken care of. I honestly blame my parents’ empty and hollow interpretation of the world for the decisions that followed. They got this so they could just be powerful. Well? Those are the things that you fcan do to drive me over the edge. Note to readers and others who say they don’t like waht I have to say: I will not ask or have to ask permission for anything in life. A listener who asks me who gave permission to talk about another person on a live video feed is beyond treacherous because in America, all the talk of permitting someone all the time is a farse. I’m disabled, female, and proud, and having to have permission to talk and have opinions is not American and culturally empty and void. So if you are willing to continue to give me or my fiance nightmares and anxiety about what you say or do over live feeds, over the phone, etc, keep up the good or bad work, but if you are an American, then read the constitution of your country. Respect all opinions and as mine does not contain hateful language, then at least respect what I have to offer. Thank you for your attempts to sabotage American freedoms, especially mine, and no thanks, I won’t listen or believe a word anyone says.

Surprise, note to those who probably weren’t paying attention

First, I’d like to apologize and center a few things. THis one’s aimed at someone who called me while I was busy, sadly, with two friends who came in from out of state. First, Theresa, if you have a problem with something I wrote, let me ask you a few questions. First off, do you realize you’re living on a highly coveted spot in Florida? Well, … ??? Maybe you do. Ocean property anywhere whether it be Florida or California is highly expensive and valuable, spending thousands of dollars being the norm for someone on such property. I am not heavily surprised anyone has any problem with anything I happen to write. However, here’s another thought provoking argument question: who in a list of people numbering ten as a sample would you guess would covet or die for a property on the beach? Everybody! And who wouldn’t want to get away in the SOuth Beach area? Well, who wouldn’t.

Florida attracts some pretty cool stuff, including theme parks, sunny days, and unfortunately those criminal masterminds in guardianship fraud and sex offenses against kids! Let’s just say that there is a time and place to do everything, and Theresa, some people just don’t know where to stop when it comes to their desperation for stuff. I do apologize if you felt offended, but please take this seriously. You’re aging well, I suppose, but when you reach a possible 90 years old, there are obvious vulnerabilities that all people of this age must remember and take full account of. You will probably never face this, but most of the people in this age bracket become very delicate. My great grandmother, Rose Gravina, sadly did. Her memory failed, and as so many other dlerly folks’ memory fails, you will not be shocked when a friend or a peer mate forgets your name by this time. Sometimes, though, anyone scrupulous enough to take money and things and who is so desperate can try and pull out weaknesses. Let’s try a few examples, shall we?

If you turn 90 or something, please live that long okay?, you might run into a simple home improvement charlatan who might try to trip you up with a scammy promo for his business. This happens so often I don’t know what else to say. The center of the post with your name on it, however, exposes something much less known in Florida. While you’re hanging around with your dogs and family and not realizing that this problem exists, many elders in Florida face the possibility that a strange guardian or a scrupulous family guardian approaches them, gains control, and steals the bank account they own, the assets, and a possible oceanside estate! Please be careful what happens to all the stuff you own, and somebody please be careful not to let anyone have access to your wallet!

SEcond, Theresa, I was attempting to expose the statewide problem of isolation in the guardianships that many elders may face. You and someone in your family might face this, given a few stories I’ve seen, and the stories could multiply. Ever wonder what could happen if it is impossible for your aged parents to live at home? Or is it possible for your aging family to live at home? Well? Okay. So if it’s possible for you to stay home, then it should be your decision alone with the help of a highly credentialed doctor. If you do develop a bone or muscle condition that prohibits you from holding steady in the bath, doing basic cooking, etc., then should you really have a nursing facility at the top of your list? Not all nursing facilities are good, but not all are bad either. For example, I visited a long dead Nana Taurasi at an excellent nursing facility, and they even allowed privacy for the couple when her husband was alive. Nana and Papa Taurasi at least had the decency as given to them by nursing home staff, and they as far as I know were not abused or mistreated. The nursing home abuse, however, could be caught on tape and nobody does anything about it. In Florida nursing homes, it is widely believed that your family member, friends, siblings, anyone you know, or even yourself, could fall victim to horrible abuse by people who don’t qualify to work at such a place. What do you want to do with your golden years?

Not just Thersa, but other people should be looking carefully at the golden years of their life. How do you want to end your life? While we can’t tell or ask God or what have you to end our lives a certain way, we can if possible make a clear and conscious decision about where we want to end up in our lives. For example, I want to die in peace in a place that I made a decision about living in. I want to end my life having done something to change the way people act toward others, and I’d like to clean up something that needs to be cleaned up. In my golden years, I want my children and grandchildren around, no nursing facility at all, and if Trenton’s gone, I’d like to make sure that he has purchased life insurance and other things to ensure that both his and my assets, estate, funeral expenses, etc., all are paid for and covered. When I’m in my golden years, I don’t think Florida will be a good place to retire, on top of it being mosquito infested, and we all have had bug bites bigger than a seed, but it could mean scrupulous professionals acting as a guardian stealing my monetary assets. My family could be told never to see me again, and Theresa,  you really should ask yourself, is it truly necessary that in my golden years, I should never see my children and so on? Wrong, it isn’t. If Trenton were as old as I was in a certain given point in time, I’d want us to be able to enjoy ourselves, hang out, retire for goodness sakes. But there’s one thing that can be left firmly out of the picture: guardians, nursing homes, and certain aging services. Is the concept of guardianship necessary? It could put you, me, or anyone in the vulnerability box. Have any of you readers checked out a website that screams guardianship abuse? There was a case involving a tourist, yes, a tourist in the Florida Keys, and because she had a brain injury, she was declared incapacitated, but was it really necessary? I don’t think you know just how vulnerable every person in Florida is to guardianship abuse and corruption. There have been multiple cases that National ASsociation to Stop Guardianship Abuse have been highlighting in recent decades. One of those cases, the one involving the tourist from the Keys, is a clear reminder that to exaggerate permanent injury when it isn’t permanent is bad. Second, the lady healed up and could have done all the things the incapacitation order said she was permanently unable to do. What this scrupulous judge, lawyers, and guardian all did was steal the woman’s rights, money, and time. The reason I used your example here, all this, was to point out that even the strongest persons in Florida are vulnerable, even you are. We’re all vulnerable. So here’s something to think about: I’d like to ask all readers to please realize that though you may think I am the absolute queen of “inappropriate” writings, this is not true. Real life examples bring the picture together, and using fake names is only going to make things a bit … fake.

Let’s try and analyze the reason I’m exposing Florida’s corrupt guardianship system. I am facing, Theresa, a possible traumatic moment. My fiance is having nightmares, distressing dreams, what ever you call those, about me being forcibly taken back. This is not only traumatic if it happens, it’s an invasion of mine and Trenton’s civil right to privacy, living together, and crosses the line. My parents might have felt this was in my best interest, but Theresa, you do not know Trenton’s family from Adam. I apologize for not having gotten to you on the phone, and to anyone I might have offended, take a deeper look at how you might have felt that way. Theresa, you should be able to age gracefully without a scrupulous adult, and lucky you have a great and supportive family. That isn’t the case for all Floridians with age stuff and disabilities. Those who are in the late period of their lives and don’t have the outstanding awareness of disability or the supports you got in your career should be making a mark in the exposure of the corruption of Florida’s supposed attempt to “help” elders. You’ve gotta realize that someone you know, someone in the list of people you have taught, touched, or spoken to, including myself, is vulnerable. The only way to fix things like this is to bring to fruition the issues that lie underneath.

Family guardians in Florida have not all been known for abuse. But this particular expose is something you should be thinking deeply about. How would you like it if someone like a police officer walked into your house and said, you’re coming with us, and then told your significant other that he was “under arrest” for perjury? What about a situation where he is harassed by my father? We’re currently screening all calls on our home phone line, and have blocked people we don’t feel will give us any good vibes. My parentws believe I”m still seventeen, but Theresa, yeah, I’m old. You’re a really old person, not seventeen. At least you aren’t staring at my hideous acne coated face in high school right now. You should truly be staring at a picture on the wall of something better understood. Perhaps it is time to see the error in my parents’ ways. Not only did they attempt to worm their way into someone’s life without permission, but they’re attempting to cause a serious trauma to both of us. Trenton would be barred from contact with me, I can’t say the same for you. You found your happy match, and you will stay with said match, and your family approves and there’s almost nothing to be afraid of. No heated arguments that lead to throwing glass and other things. And I imagine though you clean up thousands of messy patches of floor and lawn, you don’t have to worry as much about sticky situations with a family member who constantly tries to put unreasonable requirements in your life. Your sibs probably have more success, and it comes mostly with more supports. I seriously want to bring to the fruition the largest scandal Florida has faced, and Satellite Beach, Melbourne, and other ocean front places in Brevard as well as delray Beach, Miami Dade, and other spots just aren’t attracting good vibes with all of us who want to take things seriously.

While Florida government has been outstanding in most areas in fending off sexual assaults on children in passing of the Jessica Lunceford Law, and while there is a good parole system and other bits and pieces of mind, one must now look to the rest of the general public and address the scrupulous ways we earn money. I’m luckty I have gone off on telemarketing schemes who try to call me, but when I turn eighty or so, then what? Trenton is peacefully snoring next to me as I write this, and I can’t imagine life without him. Theresa, with all the great memories we’ve had, and the squabbles, go figure, it does not shock me that you are offended by anything I write. Message to those who are associated with the recent cases with my parents, I won’t be picking up any phone calls from either of them. It’s one thing to try to mess up my life, my stuff, my personal private intimate portions and such like, but it’s another when any family member attempts to mess up another person’s life by using me as a bargaining chip or jail bait. Trent gets these feelings that trauma will occur, and I will be switching mental health providers due to the last one excluding Trenton for lack of consumership. We need couple counseling services, something my last provider lacked. Plus I might get more frequent treatments, and with a fully employed member of the team, a doctor of psychology with a license, not a residency student. No question about the lady’s credentials either. We will also be litigating the state for something, but we will be receiving guidance from both a legal team and a counselor. I’m fighting to stay with Trenton, and I refuse to think that any third party can step in. If this happened, my life would end there. I don’t want to end my life in an empty bed, in the arms of Hell’s angels, or anyone rather who is bad, or in a lonely state of mind. Look about the state. It’s packed with all those mindless idiotic actions, and we’re just beginning to dig through the surface. Please feel free to address this situation with yourself only, but I have the freedom of speech to expose the future and the current corrupted structure of Florida’s failing guardianship system. If you think I’m not the change the nation needs to get folks to leave elderly folks’ bank accounts and lives alone, then you’ve got the wrong website to read. You may at this point want to skip all entries on this blog and fastforward to fluffy genres of reading that may not be the greatest, or in Theresa’s case, why not skip ahead to the next step? Feel free to ralk, but if you are taking too much uffense to something, odds are you’re not understanding. You do live on a much highly valued piece of Florida, and someone likely is thinking about a sunny day in Florida. Period. If you’d like to try something cheaper, readers, I’m told a few places could top the list. Now, before I break my guts writing this defense of how I exposed the corruption of Florida’s guardian laws, I better talk to Trenton right now. We’re going to close some doors here, so if calling me in the middle of a visit with guests is acceptable, well, I can’t do that. I have my life. And if you think I’m not sorry or have no consideration for you whatsoever, you’re wrong. Theresa, the purpose of my exposes, informative things, and the other things I’ve written, is to share some ideas and possible solutions and note observations to readers about all kinds of stuff. For instance, I was shocked to learn that Eggland’s Best is still not cage free with their eggs and chickens. Therefore, I find it appalling that the treatment of these birds is what it is, and like anyone else, I’m spreading the word! But to take umbridge with anything so simple as the important work this blog is here for is a doorway to trouble. Next time you wish to speak with me, do so in a more positive mindset and try a more casual topic. And do not let me caatch myself speaking with you without my fiance there because we’ve both been through enough. Thank you for the time and patience with reading this, and I hope you learn something important. I will be sending links to all recent stories, but one organization to look up is a Florida based organization called the Americans Against the Abuse of Probate Guardianship, AAAPG, run by a Sam Sugar, and it really goes ballistic with how one person control of another person’s life is bad for the state. I’m in Colorado, so I want absolutely nobody in Florida to muddy up my whole life. AGain, thank you for taking the time to realize what I’m trying to say without screaming, “Censorship.”

Why I Will Not Send my Child to Public or Private K-12 Schools: A Message to Teachers and Schools

This is a post aimed at all parents, teachers, and schools. My educational background is far from pretty. So here’s the kicker when it comes to schools: I will not be sending my future children to public or private schools. You guys might think I’m crazy, but there is a better alternative if done right to public schools who don’t use positive behavioral supports, something Titusville High School failed miserably at when I went there. There is another alternative to a private school price tag that leaves the parent in the dark as to the education of the child. The biggest issue I have with parochial schools is the gross inaccuracy of sexual maturation issues. The “morality” classes are mind numbing. The whole idea of religious education is pointless. Religion does not need a school to share its message with a child or children at all. Catholic education has been hailed as one of the best alternatives to schools in the public sector, but I beg to differ because there are varying sizes of the schools, but most of these schools discriminate against children with disabilities, children of color such as those of African American heritage, and those with seemingly annoying behavior habits like those actually experiencing symptoms of Autism. Private and public schools have both become a broken “behemoth” as some may put it when it comes to raising children. It is obvious that my experiences play a big role in my education decision. So why not public schools, then, you may ask. Let me begin then.

In my preschool years, my mother was unable to find a school that would integrate me as a blind child. Even earlier in life, my mother could not enroll me in daycare. Oftentimes, children are placed in daycare early because of the two parent work schedules. Many parents of color I knew even ran daycares out of home or put their kids in daycare. The biggest issue I have with daycare is the assembly line nature of the beast. Kids are placed in a reasonable row and fed one at a time. Many Christian commentators have scoffed at this idea that large numbers of babies and toddlers could go on without the parent around. But studies have shown over and over that children raised responsibly by their parents in the best and most nurturing environment always thrive more so than the chaotic daycare environments often hailed as the best. IF I had it my way, I’d want to stay at home until my child turns 4. But then, what? Preschool could be a problem. In recent years, it is found that 6% of preschool students are suspended from school. Imagine that, four-year-olds told to stay home from school! Not only does this have a negative consequence for a child, especially children of color and those with special needs, but it has grave impact on the parent who must work to obtain funds to buy basic things like food and cleaning supplies, the house mortgage, and hot and cold running water! It comes as no surprise that any kid in Detroit may have more than his share of problems. If he is black, a child in the Detroit area can expect parental dysfunction at all stages of his young life, accompanied by school suspension putting his mother in an anxious fit because she has to go to work to get paid, and for her, staying home is taboo for fear the boss could write her a pink slip. There are alternatives to suspension, but are they really being used? Inner city schools also have lost music education, which can play a big role in a child’s behavior and focus on other subjects. Thankfully, I never had the problems of today’s kids, but today’s kids have more to worry about. If I talk to a four year old kid today, he might not recognize songs like Hot Cross Buns, the great American anthems like Battle Hymn of the Republic, any number of basic Christmas carols, or even the ethnic favorites such as those found in Eastern Europe, songs like Rat Tat Tat. Then you have more. Kids won’t recognize the basic songs that we sang yesteryear. It is even worse that they can’t recite the pledge of allegiance. While the Pledge is now devoid of any godly references, being that Atheists can sue for “under God”, children are not taught about God at all in school. Even talking about the good things of Jesus can render a teacher pale, and the child will get a detention. You parents’ eyebrows may be going up by now, but this is real.

Public schools also have lots of issues with children who have special needs and children of color. Take your white children, for instance. How likely is your super beautiful blonde daughter or your strapping young brown haired son to be mistreated by bullies? If the boy or girl has appropriate gender specific likes and interests, that helps right? Well, suppose your strapping young son is caught calling another young man a “faggot.” What punishment does he get? A simple suspension may occur but I don’t think that’s enough to stop the behavior. If that were my son, I wouldn’t let him go back to school until he learned a few things about children who are gay or lesbian. The boy would be required to write an essay about children who are beginning that journey and then apologize to the boy he was hurting. But schools don’t care about this. If my truly mysterious cameras showed up at schools today, a young black boy may also receive a harsher sentence. All because he is black. Trenton and I will not put up with civil misguidance in schools like this, including black to white preference or special treatment for white students.

What about your blonde daughter? Yes, you prize her for her cheerleading abilities. You just love it when she does her makeup for selfies on sites like Yikyak, Qik, and Twitter. But is it right when your daughter tells another girl, one who is black or has autism, that she is a slut? If your blonde haired beauty says that the girl next to her is a slut, [plans to kill her or get her to commit suicide, then what should you as parent be thinking? Don’t think that you can pull a Sarah Ashley Grills teaming with the lady who inspired Megan Myer to kill herself over a MySpace guy. IF your daughter calls girls slut, acts manipulative, and excludes persons with disabilities and repeatedly disregards other people, she should be expelled from school, right? Well, if that was my daughter, I’d have to take her to counseling, and if that isn’t the worst thing, I’d get her screened and treated for narcissism. The narcissism in children is stunningly large enough for me to wonder if it is truly safe to send a child of color or mixed background to a school like this.

Bullying as I’ve mentioned is a huge problem. When I was in fourth grade, Jerelle Brothers, a black child in Imperial Estates Elementary School and one of my grade classmates, would torment and deceive and just plain destroy the stuff I’d wanted to do. Jerelle was frequently disciplined by our teacher again and again, and not shockingly, Mr. Brothers is serving time and or may be on parole on rape charges. Brothers may be facing even more difficult challenges due to not only the disconnect that the schools he attended provided or didn’t, but because of his race, Brothers is likely to face discrimination even by parole officers. How to stop this? Simple. Do not let your colored child in a school that teaches that it’s okay to discriminate. And keep the guys like Brothers off your child’s friend list. I am not sure where Brothers is, but the last bits of information I heard had to do with Mr. Brothers’ convictions on rape and theft, petty crime. It doesn’t shock me that guys like him, and later some of Titusville’s colored football stars, have faced petty convictions on crimes like larseny, grand theft auto, and rape. I must say that the worst sentence was handed down to Muhammad DeReese, a star quarterback in Titusville who is currently working to improve his life through wrestling. Great but what about the image that puts on? DeReese was a QB for my high school’s football team while I attended, and two years after I graduated, he graduated. DeReese failed drug tests, however, and it does not surprise me that sports culture in a public school is to blame. DeReese thank God is doing better, but there are many times you see guys like kicker Pete Oliver told they can’t walk the graduation stage. Oliver was told not to walk and for no good reason. Him being black only made the THS faculty raise the eyebrows of Jim Crow on him. A buddy of mine, Joshua Mack, a grade classmate in AP Literature in the tenth grade, suffered some pretty stupid stuff. Mack, a software engineer who currently holds a job and lives on his own in Florida, is a frequent critic of racism, no kidding! In his high school career, he was given unreasonably harsh punishment for innocent acts that could be seen as bad. This guy really didn’t need it, and it is stories like Joshua’s that prove that the public school climate may never change unless we show them. Black students are not the only ones facing discrimination in schools, as a report suggests.

A young girl in Florida who had autism or similar disabilities was slapped in the face once by a teacher. Does this statement bother you? If it doesn’t, you have to be pretty sick. As a person with a disability, I was struck dumb by how violent some teachers can be toward someone who has autistic behavior symptoms. There was a young boy whose grandmother pulled him from school due to him having been paddled by someone. Videotapes again and again will show your child lying face down while someone could be cuffing or paddling him or her. Sometimes the autistic child is purposefully overwhelmed with bad sounds, all this to hurt and traumatize this child. Disabled children face such disproportionately high rates of school discipline and suspension that it would not shock me if the majority of you reading this decide not to send your child to public school.

Another huge kicker about public schools is the outdated text materials the schools are often stuck with. While history and news is always changing, your child’s textbooks could still be dated 1995, 1985, or … gasp … 1975! Could this be true? Well, history should be learned, but not from outdated copyright texts. Since the most recent books in school were distributed and published, your child is likely to miss important events in history such as 9/11, the Iraq War, and the Arab Spring. All of these historic events I’ve been privy to. The Arab Spring was a shock because Qaddafi was always the ruler of Libya, but to see the shift in power was pretty amazing. But will my child get to read about it? Likely not in public sector schools due to lack of funds for better textbooks with more recent copyright dates. Is it worth teaching history with a textbook then? Maybe it should be done with more interactive history modules instead.

While federal funding is low in schools, your teen could be given grossly inaccurate information in the private sector. How many of you guys can afford a Catholic education for your child? My parents did, and they paid heavily for it. Catholics receive discounts for being Catholics as far as tuition payments go. But Catholics in school do not see a lot of disconnect in this system.

First, the Diocese, which is like a Protestant district, but that’s the Catholic word for it, controls all the aspects of the life in that diocese. For instance, in the Diocese of Orlando, the bishop assigned will control what happens in all of its schools, which include St. Teresa School in Titusville, Divine Mercy Catholic, and more importantly for the teens, Melbourne Central Catholic. All of these schools are not regulated by government agencies, just a bishop who does not likely know what it is like to be a teacher or student at said school. Bishop Norbert Dorsey, for example, was bishop at the Orlando diocese while I attended St. Teresa’s School. He had control of all the aspects of education and curriculum at St. Teresa’s School, which also included our Christmas pageant. The school could not have a really stellar pageant one year, all because the Bishop had something to say about the Millennium and such, Jubilee year etc. What ridiculous reasons to tone down the school’s pageant, telling us what musical instruments to use and what songs to sing. The Bishop also has control of other things, but the principal at the school answers to him. Sister Vera Whalen, retired principal of the school, could not just do things because she wanted to. all activities Sister Vera wanted to do had to have final seal of approval of the Diocese if it had to do with something educational. While Sister Vera did have some level of authority about NUT days, no uniform today that is, she could not introduce new curriculum that could get her at odds with the Bishop and the Diocesan authority. She was only following instructions and yes, she did have her principal’s rights, like she could suspend or detain students, introduce new festive occasions, but her role at the school is limited. No private parochial school answers to the DOE, the Department of Education. Leaves you thinking what could happen if your child, a child of color or a disabled child, was bullied at school?

Sister Vera had all the evidence, for instance, to expel some students in my grade for bullying a friend. However, she did not do this. Could it have been family payoffs? We don’t know. My buddy Angelika Bunge, who has been a buddy of mine for years, suffered at that school. Because the school board does not answer to St. Teresa’s School, her mother, a woman of good intentions, probably had no other option. Floria, Angelika’s mom, pulled her from the school because of bullies. To some, it could mean the bullies win, but would someone do this to a black child? Easily, I’m sure. With no government oversight, the prospects for a child of color, aside from the out of range price tag, are worse. If Sister Vera had a black student in her class, she may not be aware of the bullying as much. Was she ever aware that African American students face significantly more discipline issues at public schools? Sister Vera probably had no problems with this, but I remember a young black girl who attempted school at St. Teresa, probably graduated. Chelsea Irish later became a clarinet player in the high school band, but was it truly safe for her? One can only guess. Bullying and suspension is worse even for students with LGBTQIA issues, and Sister Vera, having a Catholic doctrine to uphold, has all authority to suspend or expel students for being gay. She can if she wanted to. She could have done this, and things like this have happened. But that’s just the beginning.

Private schools like St. Teresa have an austere and sexist dress code policy. Let’s start with the prescribed uniforms: for female students, in the lower grades they wear a pinafore jumper with STS printed on the left side. The skirt and material for the pinafore jumper is beyond ugly, and does not come off as acceptable in public, even to the eyes of students themselves. In the upper grades, females have skirts to wear. The skirts are a blue plaid as the pinafores are, but worse, they are extremely primitive in look and nature. All female students in all grades have shorts, and for the winter, they have pants. The students are also issued physical education clothing, which includes a pair of shorts with a band inside that is obvious. The elastic feels like it’s a bit weird on the inside. The shirt the students wear to gym class has a picture of the school mascot, a knight, and the lettering that tells you where the stuff is from. The students who attend physical education are required to wear these things, and then you must wear an austere and plain pair of sneakers. But that’s not the only regulation on females. The uniforms are expensive, so I oftentimes wore used uniforms. The females are required to wear the dressy pinafores or skirts to Friday and other masses that the students attend. The students must wear an Oxford dress shoe in either black or white, as I remember well. The Oxford brand of shoe, for one, is expensive and inaccessible to some inner urban families, so read and do your homework when buying these type of shoes for your child. All shoes for all students can’t have any decoration on them, and worse, must not have brand or logo marks bigger than a quarter. If that screams austerity, I don’t know what else does.

Female students are also regulated in the jewelry and auxiliary accessories they can wear. They cannot wear most types of earrings and that includes those that dangle. A lot of females would find this stupid. They cannot wear any offensive symbols, but then the Diocese and principal could tell you a rainbow is a sexually offensive symbol, right? Okay, but that puts LGBT students at risk. Okay, there’s more.

Male students do not have pinafore jumpers or skirts, but must wear pants, the standard issue white polo shirt with STS on it, and a belt. Male students cannot have hair below the neckline. Does that scream discrimination against religion? Oh my.

Male students are forbidden from wearing jewelry and earrings are a no no. If this screams sexism, well, it is. There are African male students who may want their hair long. What is so distracting about basic dread locks or braids for male students? Heck, I think it’s unique to them, so why cut the students’ hair length in your dress code? Now, it is obvious that STS has such a sexist and austere dress code, but for all students, there is to be worn a white polo as I mentioned before. It is a collared shirt with short sleeves, STS printed on the left portion of the upper side near the child’s left shoulder. But white shirts can get dirty easily, so not all of us are going to really wear that to school.

The biggest issue with Catholic education I have is the inaccuracy of sex education. Ever had that talk when you were growing up about the birds and the bees? Well, Catholic schools are doing it now. Again, St. Teresa’s School. They are teaching second graders the word “ovary” in a stage of life where they should really be singing the bone song. Remember, the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the shin bone, etc. All those bones are important, and some songs about basic anatomy are lost on some of us, but why are second graders learning about their genitalia? They should be curious, but it should not be written in stone that these children will be indoctrinated to remain abstinent until marriage when they should be playing and being kids for real. Most of the inaccuracies in sex education at parochial schools numbs your mind. The basic rule of thumb at STS and other schools like it is, “Do not teach your daughter that it’s okay to take birth control.” The maxim is that birth control can “hurt a woman’s body chemistry” as directly quoted from an old “New Creation” book I studied. What is New Creation class anyway? It is a joke. You learn how to interact, and the whole concept of morality is stupid and does not allow the child to think forward for himself. He is told how to date, what is love, marriage. Oh my. I don’t want my thirteen-year-old daughter to learn all this yet, or if she does, I’d rather teach by example. Trenton and I exchange a lot of affection, for instance, and intimate activity is as it should be always kept private. We don’t parade around naked or what have you in front of anyone, even children. Your child should know that love is marriage, marriage is love. You can’t really have a successful marriage that benefits both partners if the purpose wasn’t because you loved the other and you both cared for each other. But to put this stuff in a textbook just boggles my mind.

So what choice am I making? This is something you all should be asking.

My children will likely benefit from a customized curriculum in home school. While people might scoff at me for this, here are my reasons for choosing homeschool for any child.

For one, there won’t be bad kids and bullying in the school. It’s right in my home, so the kids won’t bully another child. The second reason is because there is no school discipline or racial disconnect. My fiance being black, my kids will likely be mixed race, so a public or private school would not benefit a mixed family. Thirdly, I could enchant my children with field trips. This is missing from a lot of school days, and public schools in grade nine through twelve will not take students on trips due to budget and paperwork issues. In home schooling, the parents have control over what and where the child can go. If I take my kid to the bank to learn about currency value, for instance, she might remember that a dime is worth ten pennies even more than she could remember it while sitting in that boring four walled classroom. Watching Mommy and Daddy distribute the money to bills would teach the kids about the importance of paying for what you want, paying your bills and stuff. When I show my child the basics of microbiology, I think it would be best to take her to a hospital lab while I might do a blood test. While the lab tech draws the blood, I could then explain while the child watches that the technician is taking out a blood sample. When a child asks questions, things like this can really be of benefit. While I get my blood drawn, for instance, I would allow my kid to ask the technician, “What’s in Mommy’s blood you’re looking for?” The scientist could then explain the microbes and chemical levels the test is looking for. I would be pretty adventurous and take a child in a high school level to a lab that has microscopes so they can learn about bacteria as well. Oftentimes, I was excluded from microbiology lessons in science class in the four walled classroom, but why not let my child watch the stuff being done? What do you think the benefits would be?

And if you think I’m crazy, there is more I would do as well. To teach literature, I’d sit with my child and we’d actually read books. How many of your schools are teaching books like Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Wuthering Heights, Twelve Years a Slave? Solomon Northup’s memoir would be a great educational text especially for mixed and black students because they are currently not learning where they came from. I would go further, and just imagine the ideas I’d put together. We could take a family trip to Ghana, a hotspot for African American emigres, and we’d look at slave castle sites. Imagine what might happen if the child saw the site right before her eyes versus just reading and watching lame footage on a video screen in … yep, the four walled classroom? Imagine what could really be happening as your child visits Southern museums. Here’s an interesting prospect: suppose you took a visit to Mount Vernon, now a museum, in Virginia. I did. And I learned what the clothing and lifestyle of the Prerevolutionary War era people really was like. I got to place a wooden yoke on my shoulders, and it was hard to imagine a ten ton bucket on each end of the wooden bar. This was the slaves’ work. Then, I got to wear women’s colonial clothing. Imagine just seeing it in a textbook versus actually touching and putting on the clothes. Now, the string tied pockets, the primitive and laced up stays, and the different styles of skirt and dress are more alive in my mind as I recall. I want this for my children, and believe me, I don’t want my daughter to actually try on a corset unless she dares. But I did get to feel a piece of wire that shows the circumference of eighteen inches around, the ideal waist size for women in that time.

We may not be able to take our kids back in time or visit any of the places mentioned above, but watching real live movies also helps. It would be hard to watch Twelve Years a Slave with a younger child, but if we do not truly educate our high schoolers in this subject material, then what would be their fate? Many public and private schools have bylaws in their districts and other regulations banning movies with bad words. This could make all the learning insipid. I don’t agree with Sister Vera and staff at St. Teresa School banning Mythbusters in school at all. My mother taught and still teaches science at the school, and Mythbusters would be a great way to teach the scientific method. I mean, it starts with a question, and the Myth Busters have a job, to figure out if it actually does come to fruition. But not in the eyes of staff. My mother was told not to show these videos in school due to bad language. Go figure. Unfortunately, that leaves my mother with limited options to enchant her students with real live looks at science. She is forced to use textbooks and lame ass experiments and can’t show her children bigger pictures. It’s not only my mom, but many other teachers who find themselves in hot water over films.

With home school, there would be no hot water. I would have control and decide if my child should or shouldn’t see Myth Busters as a means to teach science. Children will eventually hear bad words, but don’t let them say it. That’s the trick. So banning good shows like Myth Busters was the worst choice any school could make.

If anything, home school would also mean the child can do schoolwork in her pajamas if we’re not anywhere special. Homeschool would also open doors for musical training on the independent sector. We could do much more with home schooling, and the curriculum could be religious or secular. But does Christianity truly have to be in a book? The best teachers are not your textbook or workbook exercises. The best teaching tools are experiences and people and places that impact us the most. Thus why I am making this statement and the decision should truly be mine what happens to my child’s education.

Florida’s Guardianship System is Broken Beyond Repair

Readers who live in Florida and have disabled family members should read this with caution. It is with a heavy burden on my back that I’m writing this, and a recent article in the Palm Beach Post tells us that Florida’s guardianship system is broken and corrupt beyond repair. There have been many stories printed on the web, stories involving elderly and vulnerable adults put through a guardianship with someone who is a predator or an abuser. Jenny Hatch was forcibly located in a group home because of her intellectual disabilities, and the guardianship was thrown out because her wishes were not met, yet my family in Florida is probably among predatory family guardians. The biggest issue facing Floridians with disabilities and those aged ones is the possibility that your family member or someone you know could swindle you out of so much to pay for their plush lives, attorney fees, etc. I owe nothing to my parents, yet they feel they are entitled to put me in an inferior position, forcing me to bend to their will. They use opportunities such as training at Colorado Center for the Blind to try and put on a happy face, but when I get there, they put tons of demands and conditions on my being there: get a job, only receive $200 a month, do as they ask, etc. Is this what adult life is supposed to be? How do Floridians and others with disabilities cope with parents like this? Is it obvious that they are abusing me? Yes. It is.

First and foremost, they denied having done any wrongdoing in my childhood. But it is apparent that they did. Damaged. That’s how it feels and not even my fiance is able to validate my feelings and listen without writing it off as repetitive. It is absolutely mind boggling that anyone’s life could be this way. I’m almost 30 and my parents think they have the authority to drop like a hat and make me come home. Well, think about it. Titusville has no bus system except on South Street, nothing for blind people to do and when the shuttle program shut down, guess what? No more KSC (Kennedy Space Center) jobs would be open at all for blind engineers and those in the aerospace industry. It is abysmal to live in Titusville at present. There is no social hangouts for teens that used to be there. I can remember a mall that had stores like Claire’s and JC Penny. Guess what? That mall is gone. So is Cindy’s Christmas shop, so is Dave’s Orange Julius stand, so is all the stuff kids used to do. Barrel of Fun, the arcade that children poured into long ago, has been gone a while. But the worst thing about it is that there is no hope of a blind person finding a meaningful job in a place like that. Miami and Orlando by far are overtaking places like Titusville, and Melbourne and Palm Bay are the only other viable living places in Brevard County to date that a blind person could try. But I know for a fact that both Melbourne and Palm Bay are located around beachside areas, making the property in these spots expensive. Theresa Bradley herself lives in Satellite Beach, an oceanside location, and think about how many bills she pays per month. Not including dog food and equipment, as she is caring for seven golden retrievers, some of them are show dogs, Theresa may be looking at upwards of $500 or more worth of bills to pay on her house and yard alone. Theresa does not work in a high demand job, meaning technology or engineering or computer science. Therefore, she is paid a teacher’s salary. Will Theresa retire with enough money for her property? This is a question all elderly Floridians should be asking.

But due to the expense of living by the sea, Theresa will also face another possibility. She and her husband Bob are happy together, dogs and all, but what will happen when a nice lady shows up and claims that “you need help with your retirement?” Theresa may have a tough choice to make if the prices skyrocket. Case in point, Florida’s Brevard County is not a viable option for blind people on a budget. Most of the low income or section 8 housing options are located in rough places, and the seaside locations are astronomically expensive. With Theresa’s and Bob’s incomes, lord knows what could happen.

With this in mind, Floridians who are elderly like Theresa should keep this handy. All the family of an elder Floridian should never let someone become a guardian for the elder. Theresa has had a rich life, her family having been aware of disability and blindness a lot. However, Theresa may face the possibility that someone scrupulous may want to steal her tropical home and the dogs and then throw her in a nursing home. This is not something I say with any joy at all, Theresa would know that. If she does find herself in that situation, she may end up overmedicated as so many victims of this kind are. She would be confused, Bob not being allowed to see her. A professional guardian overseeing the matter would drain Theresa’s bank account, foreclose her house, and a host of other problems could ensue.

This is what Florida has become. The professional guardianship industry has profited off the backs of elders and vulnerable persons living or having ties to Florida. My parents will probably profit from my misery if I go back, so let’s just say this much: anyone who think my parents are doing what is right should ask them, why is your daughter living in fear? They have couched the abuse in terms of a familial relationship, something that female sex offenders do so often. They couch the sexual abuse of young adolescent or preadolescent boys and girls in terms of a connection, relationship, familial devotion. There are a few composite sketches to check out, one of which is a female teacher mom, no, just a mom. Janice is the name of the sketch’s featured female here. She picked up on the needs of a victim, Shawn, age 15. The boy and her son Riley were best buddies. But then, something gravely wrong happened. When Janice sexually abused her victim, it is written that she excused herself from abuse charges by claiming that she treated Shawn like her sons. Okay, then how do you explain Janice kissing the boy in an adult intimate manner? How can you explain that thing Shawn did after Janice broke up with him at the restaurant? He tried to kill himself. Janice had no empathy for her victim, and so many predators don’t. You may be asking, how does this compare to your parents? Oh, okay, I’ll explain.

It all began with moving to Titusville. My dad by now obtained a job working for the space industry. My mother and dad were both unaware and uneducated on the needs of blind children. Because they moved to Titusville, there were a few questions that had to be answered. None were answered. The questions were about how I’d thrive, gain and make friends who could be forever, that sort of thing. No thought of this came to mind, however, even then I had a few friends in the neighborhood. My mother, however, refused to allow me to go hang out with other people in the neighborhood. She might have been embarrassed by blindness and other issues she herself could not fix.

Later, not allowing me to attend a better school with disability services would render my education hopelessly wrongheaded yet I did get literary opportunities. St. Teresa School did not have adequate blindness services yet my parents, selfish in their quest to make all the children Catholic educated, chose this path. No thought was given to exclusion, possible alienation, etc., except that I would be blamed repeatedly for being a bad girl. Uniforms and austere dress code requirements were just the tip of the iceberg. Though there were a few good things, St. Teresa did not educate anyone accurately about sex and the consequences of having sex before marriage. It is like this in most backwoods Florida schools, the Conservative Republican governorship being the problem that it is. It continues to be so, even after Jeb Bush has left the building. Rick Scott does not care one way or the other about the accuracy and comprehension of health and sex information. Maturation issues should be discussed at home in an accurate terminology. At school, it should be a comprehensive education including contraceptives and condoms, but no, Florida kids are subjected to “abstinence until marriage” education, something that does not include accurate information. I am lucky I went to outstanding health educators in Denver who showed me options that are there to prevent pregnancy whenever you aren’t ready. Condoms are great, but think about the garbage volume and the latex’s impact on the environment and your sewer system. Birth control medications could mess up other medications, but of course, because my parents want me on high doses of dope and chemically unable to love and or have sex with my mate, they are having a hard time now that I’m transitioning care to another provider.

This guardianship has ultimately meant that my parents were intruding upon my medical privacy. Privacy and confidentiality is going the way of the dinosaurs. My parents’ thoughtless behavior toward me upon the award they received, the ability to mess me up as much as they want, is the biggest indicator that they are couching abuse in terms of their parent family connection. It is time to tell them the truth. They used this to commit crime after crime, making me miserable. They falsely imprisoned me in 2006 for wanting friends, then committed me to LaAmistad later on, then manipulated the program directors and counselors and staff because they paid the bills. Their insurance was the power grab they needed to keep me under their thumb. I couldn’t even get through college and had no friends, almost nothing to do except Sundays, and even when homework was bad in loads, I was often unable to travel to class because of lack of services. The services I received in my college years was hit or miss, unacceptable for a blind person. I came to Colorado, seeking independence and an end to the guardianship, but my parents would not give up. They are spewing this nonsense that the court finds me incompetent until I am employed. After countless tries, and after hearing about the employment of many blind people having been sacked from them due to employer attitude, poor at best, I am going to litigate the state of Florida with Trenton and his family’s help. My dad claims all this to Trenton, calling us one weekend and I basically have had it. I’m at the end of my rope, writing this entry because Trenton seems to not really be able to understand what it was like to be told what to do when you should be an adult. While in my twenties, I was grounded as though I were in my teens if the parents didn’t like something I said or did. Did they see the misery they put me through? I have a wonderful mate, and for the first time, I’m feeling I can turn to just one person, whether male or female, about my issues. Trenton and I have a close bond, and if anyone wishes to break it, there will be consequences. We have faced internal issues with food and the stamps not being enough to get us through a month and having to pay bills. I’ve personally been trolled by someone who read this blog claiming he wants to help, but at fifteen and without the maturity to see what bad writing he has, I can’t trust him. This troll was lacing my blog entries with attacks and profanity that ranged from calling me the C word to calling my Trenton the N word. And now he’s asleep. I guess I’m not valid because I can be taken away like an object. By having the guardianship, my parents have effectively turned me into an object, an infant, and all the suitors or mates or friends I have don’t matter. It’s all about what they can do and what they as the scrupulous predators they are want. They must look inside this issue and see the flaws in it. They are infringing on people’s right to marry me or befriend me, and they’ve done so many things to keep me isolated and alone. They wrote off advocacy and civil rights for blind people as the Beth being superior syndrome as it is. I’m not superior, I’m not having delusions of grandeur, and I’m no Queen. However, I will laugh my ass off wen all that was done to me gets justice. There’s no justification for abuse, only justice. Justice is blind. When my dad shuts off his cell and so does mom; when they are forced to foreclose their home; when they are living in the rough parts of Titusville; when they get gunned down in the De Leon neighborhood because they can’t afford a safe place; or when they are shown on TV dressed in prison garb, I will laugh my ass off so hard because they didn’t know all this would break or attempt to break their daughter. It is hard to say I’d miss them, but the misery and repeated unnecessary punishment for the reasons of censorship and not being able to understand the civil inferiority of their ways would get them all right. Every morning, they’d be roughed up by a corrections officer, told to shower for an allotted amount of time, then put to work at the yard or activities each day. This would be a very uneventful existence they’d endure for about twelve years. They would see that the mental pain and anguish I felt is translating to their physical misery. They’d no longer be allowed to have phone calls with each other or me or Trenton, their phone calls watched and carefully surveillanced by their corrections officer until the calls are completed. They would only be allowed to discuss small matters but the attorneys working for them would realize how insensitive and damning the charges are. Likely, I would push for an order not to allow them to appeal conviction or sentencing. I’d write a letter to the District Attorney’s office stating that I’d be afraid of retaliation for my pressing charges, so please don’t let them out. If they do come out, I’d tell the Parole board to put all the restrictions on them possible so they can’t retaliate and to keep me the top priority when considering terms for parole. Trenton is sweet, and I don’t want to see him on parole for something he never did. Trenton’s mother thank goodness is going to take care of this. It has harmed me forever having to go through this. I can’t say why but I just can’t talk to my family anymore. Few relatives if at all support me, and those that do may be manipulated by those that don’t. Frankly, I don’t care about the war that might happen or the other things that might ensue. Who cares.

Now I will have to get back to my regular day, so please read this carefully.

Time to Do The Time: A Phone Call with my Dad Exposed

Dear Readers,

It was a nerve wracking experience when a phone call came into our house phone and it was found to be my father. My energy flew out when I heard the ringer, and I asked Trenton to answer. He did, and my father cannot be trusted, and what he said to Trenton is anyone’s guess.

He basically likened my life with him as something that can be taken away, and said I was “on restriction”. He’d be happy to break that to any fiance, thus I’d have to tell the men I do decide to get close to. My father is conercing employment, medication management and use, and a certain financial status quo as a means to keep me incompetent. My father claimed he knew nothing about accessible cell phones and carriers offering more blind friendly options, but in his stubborn will, he went with Sprint to save only money in his personal pocketbook, never mind that I cannot use a simple flip phone without a voice or talking software to text and do other essentials besides. Never mind that at one time, Talks by Nuance Communications could be used with a Nokia phone, and if I even so much as mentioned accessing 411 and other sites and services or civil rights for blind and disabled people, my dad brushed it off as me being selfish and superior, keeping me belowdecks so his sons could be more successful and have what they want in material goods and services. The boys currently earn about $50,000 per year, I speculate more. The boys also drive, own and operate machinery that only sighted people can operate, and can rent wedding tuxes so they can marry rich Catholic brides. These men, Danny and Tommy Taurasi, must be made to pay the bill for what my parents have done. My parents claim again and again that family is “always there.” So what is the purpose of a family? Family is supposed to love and respect and guide their members who are growing up through the hard times, growing pains, puberty, all kinds of challenges, but add a disability to the mix, and it’s anybody’s guess what family becomes. Trenton’s family is loving and patient, and my dad claims Trenton’s mom was “wealthy enough” to purchase a Nokia phone equipped with Talks. The consequences couldn’t be more clear and all the stories becoming more disconnected. My father claims he’s struggling, so what is his priority? He is paying out guardianship fees, right? The filing fee for a guardianship in Florida, excluding those who are veterans, is about $300 or more every so often. Who knows what other hidden fees and things my parents are throwing out there? My parents were wealthy enough to afford a lawyer who could mess my whole life and prospects up. This lawyer, I will expose him later, but he was paid with my parents’ money. Because of the money and the phrase “money talks”, this lawyer instrumentally took away all my civil and unalienable rights that the Constitution clearly endows me with, and the Preamble says clearly that I should have a right to opinions, all of which falls under First Amendment. My First Amendment rights were violated many times, including when I did a fan club for a favored professor in college, when I wrote a personal email about my concerns to friends, when I spoke my opinion to a good friend. I have been routinely accused of “plotting to escape” with other people I’ve spoken to. I have had my rights routinely violated even when I had a personal complaint to file. I have been coerced to go to hospital and counseling services, some of which were being manipulated by my parents’ money. Now, let’s talk lawyers.

Richard Staddler represented the worst of the worst in a guardianship case like nobody saw before. Staddler’s rates may not be the best for poor people, but he was paid handsomely to find fabricated and overexaggerated evidence to prove incapacity, and this evidence should have been written off as that of incompetent neophites. Another name to remember would be Gisele P. Ubau, a psychological test evaluator with Brevard County Schools. Ubau administered a battery of tests that did not address the real problem: the parents were routinely abusing their powers and as a disabled female, were subjecting me to cruel and unusual emotional and psychological abuse and hardship. Ms. Ubau’s testing results were unfounded, 80% likely Asperger’s Syndrome (now known as high functioning autism.) It is nothing more than an unscientific speculation. I was also diagnosed with Border Line Personality, which is too often a way to label and throw it all over me. My fiance, Trenton, is attempting to help me with all the stuff I’m going through, and we have a relationship that I am no longer at liberty to talk about with my own family. My father should but he shouldnt’ve asked Trenton about sex, and that is invasion of intimate privacy and such. I don’t want my father in the bedroom. I don’t want him in my house.

I don’t want him anywhere. Who knows what he’ll face if he violates what I’m planning.

Trent and I will have to call a law firm very soon, and we must be clear: my parents and Staddler are walking on ice, thin ice, and if Staddler and my parents even so much as attempt to subvert what Trenton and I have planned, I will have their heads. This will not be revealed until the order is served.

Within a Florida Statutes Chapter 744, regarding guardianship, there is a provision that says you can ask for a court appointed monitor. I have conditions for the monitor. They cannot know either myself or the parents or anyone in the case. They must follow the statutes to the letter, and additionally, must be able to show awareness of folks with disabilities, defining all disability tools and terms correctly and being able to do further research on matters of guardianship and disability related abuse. They must have some degree of competency in mental health psychology, and they must not overexaggerate in diagnosing me or Trenton as incompetent to care for one or both of us. The monitor must be able to listen to both sides, but I highly recommend the monitor bring this message to the court: the process of termination is economically a burden, finding a job and keeping said job is also a burden, all requirements for restoration of capacity that my parents want are a burden and will cause undue hardship on myself and Trenton, and may cause physical and mental trauma for both of us. Trenton is a guy who can feel stuff so much that even earlier today, he had been experiencing stomach issues, his body tensed up a lot. He has cried, had headaches, you name it. Trenton needs to be able to stop worrying, but external sources are making it hard. He should not be taking medications for these symptoms, and they don’t address the root of the problem. My father is allowing me to be here, but he really should know that it’s not his life. He never slept beside Trenton day and night, he never cried and felt Trenton’s pain. My father and mother are looking at a restraining order and a class action lawsuit here. We don’t know yet, but this is a serious matter that could mean traumatic occurrences for Trenton and me. I could become a vessel, a shell of a zombie if you may wonder. I could be placed on high doses of haldol, other kinds of restraint medication, and then placed in a group home setting. They could beg the courts to get me a hystarectomy for no reason, citing promiscuity. I will not have any sexual details revealed in court, and it is not in the best interest of my parents to even have this order of guardianship. I’d like to see if a monitor could be appointed to perhaps listen, and recommend a restraining order or no travel or contact orders. One step toward me, and there will be a high and stringent jail sentence. 12 years in prison for each person, all to be spent in separate pennitentiary facilities within the state of Florida, unless the proper security and screenings cannot be provided as would be in the next bit of the order. My father and mother will be banned from writing each other, letters being the only way you can privately write anyone. Phone calls will be monitored, and any attempt at subversion of decrees not to speak about me or the case will mean disruption of the phone call. My father can only speak to corrections officers and wardens and staff as well as in some cases, other inmates, and so this will be for my mother as well. My parents will be told when to rise, when to set, when to shower, when to get out of the shower, all activities will be carefully monitored as mine were. They won’t be allowed to contact any but their own elderly parents. My father and mother will be so severely limited in contact with each other, they will be ordered not to plot an escape. They will also not be allowed to plot countersuits. Because they threaten the very core of my relationship with anyone, flaunting coercive requirements and flaring like fire about their ability to chemically alter things, they will experience what it’s like to be doped up in prison. No, it’s not Ivan’s method of shocking a person to shut them up. They will be told how to behave, will be addressing their wardens and CO’s in the prescribed manner, and both will be wearing a uniform. No, not the kind of uniform for a parochial school amount of time. They will be wearing different colored jumpsuits all day and night. I remember watching men get booked at the Jolette Prison in Chicago, and they are all dressed in orange jumpsuits. Jolette, as an example, has specific doctrines and requirements that all prisoners must abide by. I know there are frequent reports of prison rape, and it’s rare for me to say someone could go to federal pen or something and not be asked to engage in sexual activity, but both MOm and Dad will experience what it’s like to have no voice at all. We are currently facing a huge prison reform crisis. We have 2/3 black and 1/3 white and other races incarcerated. I don’t want Trenton in prison or punished for a crime called love. It is time for the real criminals to settle in the cells of the pens. We really must take all the nonviolent weed users out of jail and forget about them being punished. This guardianship thing is going to be something that won’t go unpunished. I want Staddler disbarred and revoked of all license to practice law in Florida, and any attempts to practice law again will earn him jail time and any appropriate auxiliary stuff. As for the prisoner thing, it is really important that the parents when they do get there be closely watched. They will be banned from reading any stories and blogs and paper articles about my case. Their mugshots will be plastered all over the news, this blog, and social media. If my parents pull a David Swet and whoever else escaped prison, I will make sure the WESH and other Florida news networks get as much information as possible so that the escapees will be humiliated and return to prison. For that, they will be properly charged as is procedure with escaping. They will probably get twelve years added, but here’s the kicker.

Every prisoner gets a thing called parole or probation. Both parents could be given a chance for parole and go before the board if they serve about 3/5 or more of their prison sentence. If the parole board acknowledges that Mom and Dad’s behavior in prison was that of a model inmate or better, then the parole will begin. The conditions, and I will have say in this, will be that they will not have any contact with disabled or elderly persons found incompetent in their family. This includes all members who are deemed helpless, like having a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia, any member with aftershocks of effects of a stroke that affects memory or brain function, or any elder member of the family that does not have their own house. Grammy, for instance, would be okay because she is competent and has not had a stroke, does not have medical diagnoses of dementia or Alzheimer’s, and is not physically disabled at all. Same with Grandpa. My mother’s mother could go under the “not okay” list because if her bone density gets worse, she’ll need a wheelchair. In this case, my mother would be ordered to stay away from her mom. It is for the safety of all vulnerable members of the family that this should be ordered.

I would order them also, as part of their parole, to have no dealings or contact with disability service providers, not volunteer with such organizations, and not visit any websites or places where disability is mentioned. Part of this long process of parole might also need to include strict visitation restrictions. They may not take visitors at their home past three p.m. Eastern each day. They may not travel outside the house for pleasure activities such as a get together with a friend, a Baptism, etc. They will be ordered to wear an ankle monitor or similar equipment to keep them a thousand feet away from all disabled residents of their town, disability service agencies, schools, playgrounds, any number of places that a disabled or vulnerable person could happen to congregate. They will be asked to check in with a parole officer frequently, and if they are found to be in violation of parole, all proper protocol will then be followed. I mean, sex predators get ankle monitors in Florida, and thanks to Mark Lunceford, the father of the deceased Jessica Lunceford, we have that. But should this be in place for predatory and vile guardians? I suppose so. With an ankle monitor, both parents will be ordered to do things under supervision. My father will go to work a certain number of hours a day. He will not be allowed under any circumstances to skip meetings with parole officers and counselors as ordered. Trust me, I should be a judge, huh? Imagine my mom. She’d be sitting at home, but there will be tracking software on all gadgets in the home. As part of parole, both my parents will not be allowed to surf the Internet for any ways to subvert or expedite parole, and just for safety’s sake, they will not be allowed to read websites about guardianship. All email correspondences should probably go under the radar. I will be in constant communication if necessary not with them, but with a corrections officer and later, the parole board and parole officers so I can keep both Trenton and me safe. We must both be safe to live our lives, and it is time for abusers of persons with disabilities to be exposed and put to justice. Did I mention that justice is blind? Well, so am I. I am Justice, I am blind. Therefore, money bribes and all that paying the rich people off will only get my parents charged with unethical practice and corruption.

Letter to My adopted Fathehr and a Message for my Biological Father

Readers, have you ever had that parental relationship with your family flooded with resentment, where there was a possibility that even if you spoke up and said you didn’t like a decision they made, they didn’t care? This is the case for Mom and Dad Taurasi. They have been guilty of making many deeper bad decisions than they claim I made. Let’s just have this letter tell you what the decisions were and the impact they all had. Have you also been in a situation where you the college student was slept with by someone who later denied the resulting real live baby? There’s something for that one as well.


Dear Mr. Taurasi,

Throughout your life, you always have to make a decision about something. We all have choices to think of, and each situation is different. You remember that choice begins at toddler years and earlier. Your mother might have asked, “David, do you want the red cup or the blue cup?” Or she might say, “Do you want to wear a blue shirt or a white shirt with that new pair of pants?” Your dad might have asked, “David, do you want a toy airplane for Christmas or do you want a collection of matchbox cars?” Your brother and sisters also had to learn to make basic choices. Toddlers, however, do not make deep decisions based on thought. After all, they are tots and their brains do not develop or do things like an adult brain. When you got older, Dad, you were taught the value of what your choices have on you, those you make the decision for, and others you may have never met. Ever had that situation where Grandpa said, “David, go walk the dog please.” As a young teenager in school, flooded with homework, you could say you thought “No, I don’t wanna walk the dog. I have hours of study to do. I was also invited to a movie with a friend or to a burger stand with my buddies.” You were also asked to do other things, and presented with multitudes of choices. As a high school marching brass member, you had the choice to join. Grammy might have smiled and blushed proudly as you took your first blasted notes on your trumpet, and remembering how Danny practically reminded me of a dying cat the very first time he attempted a simple Mary Had a Little Lamb, your decisions about your playing should have come as no surprise. Remember, however, that Grammy and Grandpa, your parents, still had to bust the bank for your band uniform rental, your band pictures and formal senior portraits, and did you forget you had to make the biggest steps of your life besides? What, then, drove you to decide to then attend the University of Notre Dame? It might have sounded great on paper, but did you ever stop to think that the school cost too much, that it was in South Bend or that you would be sheltered and shielded from the cruelty of the real world? Well, Dad, listen up. It was your call on that, however, it probably did not open you up to the ideas I was exposed to because of Catholic teachings being the way they were at the time. You never saw the existence of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered, queer and ally individuals who currently populate the worled. To you, everybody must abide by traditional marriage rules. Marriage was between a man and a woman. But more so, marriage would later be defined as being between two sighted people of different gender identities. Did you ever stop and ask, well, what about those who are attracted to the same sex persons such as gay and lesbians? How about if I said transgender people exist? Would it ever cross your mind that Notre Dame disrespected your elected government officials due to faith based hogwash? Guess it never did because your family and the family after was Catholic from the cradle, and all you wanted was a faith shaping from childhood through college. Let’s just say you also developed a patriarchal attitude toward a woman who is blind.

Let me ask you something, is love blind? Why on Earth would you marry a woman with a child? You should probably have given it some deep thought. Is it desperate the way Mom wanted it? Oh, sure sounds like it to me. Many single moms of any time period will oftentimes make bad choices about the man they pick based on their desire to put a father in the child’s life. Aunt Cathy did it, so I would say Mom could have done worse. You two did unite in the parenting department, however, it is apparent that your union was a terrible choice for someone who is blind. Let me explain your decisions and why they were tantamount to terrible misdeeds.

First things first, what was really your wish? You wanted a sighted family, a sighted child. You desired for me to know that we live in a sighted world. Well, we live in a world that is not so much sighted, but filled to the brim with people who would not consider the blind in their access and purchase decisions. You included.

In my life, all you saw was a perfect Catholic daughter, but due to blindness, you saw more exploitative opportunities due to musical talent you saw while I played many pianos and other instruments. In your mind, I was the little curiosity shop. You could have sent me to a school for blind children, yes, but maybe you are glad you didn’t. Well, even if you wanted to, you could not have done it with a good conscience. Jennifer Driggers, age 9, died at the facility in Vaille Hall, the multiple handicaps dorm at the time. Christine Edelmann, age 10, died because of her head being in a plastic bag. She suffocated. There were also frequent reports of staff and students in inappropriate intimate postures. Robert J. Sandefur, graduate of a Baptist theological school and doctorate of pastoral studies at Andersenville Theological Seminary which btw is online, that guy went to FSDB during the dark times. He recalls frequent questioning by his parents, gentle if not a bit prodding for his sake, the question including, “Did anyone touch you on your pee pee?” It was needed but look at how backward the poor school has gotten!

Marriage education isn’t so much an educational joke as much as it is a reflection of your choice of the most backwoods part of the country imaginable! There is no comprehensive sex education class offered in most blind schools.

Trenton Matthews, my dear consort for a long while now, testified to me that health education was canceled in the school at Colorado Springs, where he is a graduate. Sadly, for you sighted cronies who believe blind schools are bad, not so much with CSDB. Trenton learned and had better luck with some friends, although getting himself into trouble as well, but hasn’t all of us done that?

What you decided upon, oh my abominable mistrusted father, was this: it started with my desire for a violin. Why oh why, must you have asked, why is my daughter wanting this? You had a wanton desire to send me to Catholic school just because you went there. Does that really mean anything? Let me explain why this decision was bad.

You should have been more investigative in your research into a school like St. Teresa’s School. It had ZERO special services, and you initially would have had to fight as you and Mom had had to do. On top of ZERO services for the blind, this school would not be a good place to learn about real issues affecting OUR nation, not Ireland, not Scotland, not any other place, we must learn about OUR national issues. Instead of a comprehensive health education for only puberty ridden middle schoolers, you have a school teaching second graders what the hell an ovary is. What the hell is this!

I would be glad to tell a young daughter of mine at that age the very very basics, like look, child, your father has a big fat … say it you little scallywag, penis. Do not blush or act all squeamish about it, it’s a damn word we all must learn. And it showed itself when the St. Teresa’s School kids were all gathered together and unable to read the passages about genitalia! How the hell do you cope! Middle schoolers at this stage in my book should be absolutely required to address words like “breast” and “penis” and “vagina” with all the formality of a medical student, and they should know this stuff by heart even when they’re young. Suppose my son comes home molested by a preschool teacher, Mr. Bob. I would ask a prospective son, “Where did Mr. Bob touch you?” If able, he would have to describe the proper wording for that thing between Mr. Bob’s legs, and without any giddy laughter, describe the pain and humiliation he felt at seeing or feeling Mr. Bob’s penis. Your schoolkids at St. Teresa’s were programmed for a marriage only track. Traditional marriage, I’m sad to report, is dead and gone. Face it.

You also had a choice to try a more tolerant state for those with disabilities, and you claim that in high school, I had it all. Wrongo. My band director, we know who he is, did give me the opportunity to be in band, but Mr. Schwindt could not replace the emptiness that you yourself caused by not allowing me to form bonds and relationships outside your Catholic family group. You chose a backdrop to this thoughtless education that contained a backwoods Republican ultraconservative government who hated disabled people’s autonomous existence. Why oh why?

Your thought is only that of a tropical sunset on a beach. Well, given the choice of a day at a beach alone with no friends and only your filthy rich mantras around, and then a lifetime in blissful freedom with Trenton, I am choosing the latter due to your thoughtless task.

We’re closer than ever to deciphering why you can’t think. Your brain is corrupted so far with thoughts of yourself and the boys who make up three and the wife makes four. As the black lamb or ewe in this family, I was treated with more disrespect as the years rolled by. And you fail to ask who would marry or have anything with me besides friendship or a use relationship with exploitative qualities to it. This happened with you. You used me, your daughter, as a glass centerpiece to your other projects. You used my talent so you could just make me swallow the painful truth of your stupid decisions, including what I mention next.

When you got the guardianship, what went through your mind? Three words: I love you. Doesn’t sound like a love to me, but you do not know how to interpret love as it should be. Another three words in your mental screen: who’s the parent. Guess what? Now I am. I’m the one who does my own thing, and if you ever so much as tries to contest marriage based on ability to understand sex, consent to sex, etc., you will lose. I was labeled border line for no reason, and I’m becoming a lot worse off with MHCD and medications that have not arrived. I’m not going to take antipsychotic drugs that limit what you want limited. You had me on mood stabilizers, and you hate birth control, which is not just pregnancy prevention. St. Teresa’s school taught vehemently against birth controls in the form of pills and such, but they taught false and inaccurate information. Catholic schools teach kids only the doctrine, not real education. Education involves forward thinking. The guardianship was not a progressive thought in your mind, in fact it was a bad decision. Look who left and look what was stolen from me as a result of your forceful patriarchal crap toward women! Look at me, young … middle aged man, look here. You aren’t a real man. You made bad choices, but the guardianship took the cake for the worst choice ever. Trent and I are preparing a possible marriage and we’re not backing down, I’ve been informed. If you contest our marriage based on false evidence of “meltdowns” or older test scores that do not matter, you will lose. Fight our marriage, and you will lose yours. Deal?


Dear Mr. C.,

I am here to announce that you’re my dad. Right? Say it, young man. You’re the father of a blind woman. You slept with my mother, right? You knew she was a Catholic woman in a so educated Catholic family, so why on Earth did you two elope in a way like that? You tell me, what is it like to sleep with a pure virgin who later runs off with … your baby, yes, and marries a pile of rock? You deny my existence, and for this, you will pay dearly. I have paid dearly for life because of the disability I was born with, and I have also paid for having an illness or two. I’m forced to pay for my marriage to Trenton Matthews, and he is the only person who gives a crap. If you’re out there, you will do the following: write me a note of apology for your role in creating this mess. You denying my existence is dirty on your conscience, trust me. So to both Dave and Mr. C., you both need to do your homework. Denying my existence will cost Mr. C. his lifeblood and birthrights and all that, and as per the couple responsible for protesting against a simple act of love, you will lose. I am done with these parental figures, and this is the end of life itself.

Scammers 101: Who Are These Guys?

Hi, Readers. I’d like to ask some really funny questions. When’s the last time you got a call from that Indian computer quack claiming he could fix a pc? WHen did you last hear from the IRS threatening you with jail and such? When did you see a Craigslist ad for an apartment and did not suspect naything until you found weird and fishy things about the merchant?

I’ve been asked multitudes of times, Beth, is what you’re doing really a scam? I’d like to show you what real work looks like, and I’ll show you what scammers have in common.

First, if you have ever been approached to try Amway or Plexus Worldwide Inc., Potri, or Scentsy, you were indeed approached by a legitimate outfit for recruitment. What do all these companies have in common? They follow some of the principles of good marketing, sell a good product, and honesty is the best policy. Plexus, a company selling health and wellness products, has a money back refund policy for sixty days. Any honest work would include a money back guarantee. Airlines are the exception. With any tangible product or service, there should be a terms and conditions along with money back policy.

I’ve been to good honest places that charge you what you would paybased on a price scale, etc. Honest work is never deceiving. You’ll see just next.


There are many things honest companies like Plexus, Amway, and Potri will never do.

The most obvious signs you’ve been scammed or you’re looking at a scammer is when he mentions woman buying, but with all that he might know, the lady could have been trafficked.

The money a scammer often begs for is all based and played with in the U.S. or other honest foreign marketplaces. One giveaway about a scammer is the use of a money gram to complete pay. The payments made to honest markets do not include money gram and are not based in Lagos.

Scammers have no knowledge of the vital info about the so called place they’re calling from. But they won’t even name the area, so you know waht I’m saying. Next time you shop, be wary and shop wisely.

This One’s For the Blind Men: Divorce is Not an Option

First of all, readers, I’d like to thank my buddy Zaire for sharing this video. He showed this to his friends on Facebook, and it explains the value of blind and handicapped men.

Next, I want to talk a bit about something a BroadBlogs post says about divorce.

First, why do women often seek divorce? Well, what’s a man?

First, watch the video, and you will see that the definition of “man” has been messed up and misguided a lot.

Blind men can’t serve in the military, especially congenitally blind ones, even if they must register for the draft. No blind woman or man should have to fight in combat due to the current level of danger the current locations pose. Egypt or Libya or Iraq or some middle Eastern place would be dangerous to blind people and blind women. What girls like in a man may include this ability to do militaristic tasks.

However, blind men can’t do this. Women are in the sense seen as potential vessels for sex. Men are defined as confident and daring, aggressive and sexually prowling. Look at the media. How many times have you or a buddy seen a movie with the man on top? Or a man with a gun? How many times do women get battered?

the Broad Blog shows us obvious reasons why.

Disabled women more than ever are facing high rates of sexual abuse. Blind men are valueless in society not because they can’t work, but women are unable to relate. Watch Zaire’s video share. Many blind women are encouraged to let men take them for care reasons. I refuse to marry sighted because the sighted ones might force me to live somewhere away from friends, and then use their powers of manhood and superiority to abuse immensely. So what’s the best thing to do?

Counseling seems like a good choice, but for Trenton and I, we have a few things we want in someone who counsels. One, I want absolutely nothing to do with a church based counseling due to the perceptions the churches have had on blind couples in marriages. Biblical marriage is inappropriately biased for male benefit, and all the needs are about the men, not the women. It is very hard to find a Christian man who honestly believes that Christians aren’t perfect, and like I wrote previously, my former church, where I was looking forward to Baptism actually denied Trenton membership due to perceived sins, sex before marriage, and they went so far as to say we couldn’t live together. The average cost of a wedding with a hundred guests and eighteen bridal and groom attendants, including all attire for everyone, flowers, cake, and photographer, all this adds up to a whopping $10,000, and meanwhile Grace Community Church stands by and does nothing to give Trenton and I a solution to the problem. Separate and save? No. Because of blindness, the church says we have to marry sighted partners, and ability bias was present in Islamic masjid communities I was with as well. The brothers and sisters frequently said to my dear mentor, Elizabeth D., that “Beth should not marry Deq. The two of them should marry sighted partners.” Family support was zero, and Deq and I could not continue, thus I said, sorry, but I’m gone.

I will not let this happen to Trenton and I, but we must make things clear. Inappropriate male oriented bias is not allowed. For instance, no church or religious establishment at any point is going to tell Trenton to break the relationship due to mental health concerns of the bride to be. I would sue any church, temple, or mosque, or any religious establishment for even counseling ableist bias that favors Trenton’s partner being sighted or he being valueless. The video Zaire shared shows that Ray Charles had two different wives, but though he was famous, was still viewed as worthless due to blindness. Steve, the main attraction in the video, had lots of insights.

Women seeking a divorce should think about why they want it. First, has the husband been told to be a “man”? Blake had been told multiple times before we broke up to “man up” and leave Mom, and never did. While he misinterpreted biblical texts regarding parents and family honor, Blake also shows us that we have frequent occurrences

s in blind men and women of parental sheltering and bigotry toward those with disabilities as suitable partners for the men. Blake is a good guy, but the greatest issue and weakness is his family’s illegitimate bigotry toward me personally and due to my mental health history. I refuse to be victimized by misguided attempts to use the Bible as a big crutch or a cop-out when it comes to promises, integrity, and being there for a partner with a disabling condition. After Blake, I was drained twice over. Two and a half years went by without a marriage in the end, even when my parents refused to talk. Because of all the family and their misguidance, my parents are blocked. Cell phone calls will no longer be accepted. Blake will soon work and find a suitable partner, but before he even thinks about a relationship, he needs to do a few things:

Find a proper counselor, one with a LCSW and credentials in family counseling and therapy, some Christian influence, someone that can tell his mother that for one, she should never under any circumstance make choices about his relationships to the point where he is told never to speak to a person. Currently, she is and was in no real state to make these choices due to inappropriate grieving techniques I can’t discuss here.

Secondly, Blake must leave the home. If he can’t leave at all, he’ll end up in Trenton’s shoes, dating a girl in the Eastern Bloc and being alone most of the time, no work, no adventures. The kicker is he’ll be in a rural Arizona that does not accommodate blind people. Camp Verde is not sufficient enough to hire and maintain jobs for a blind person as evidenced in Blake’s job history, only three days after being hired he being fired. Safety and liabilities are no excuse to fire a blind person, and going through the Randolph Shepard act establishments may prove either flighty or successful depending on Blake’s ability to “man up” or perhaps a better way to say it, mature and leave the home. He has to go to work in these vending establishments, must procure transportation every morning and afternoon, must be able to count and calculate customer revenue, and must be able to fill out reports that detail gross profit, net profit, spending reports that talk about what he bought to make his products. He should be able to do these things, but not a lot of men in general understand even the most basic requests. Most men are asked to love their wives, but they beat them.

Most young boys are asked to respect their mothers and females in school, but the results are anything but. Blake is a rare diamond in the sand, and so Trenton is as well. However, Trenton and I are both victimized by society and the hyper crap of disability. I would not like a sighted partner due to the man and potential abuse occurring and being taken to remote locations for such abuse. Sighted men oftentimes have inappropriate male bias media called abuse porn that misguides and misdefines sex and intimacy. Blake swears that porn is bad, and he’s right. However, I wonder what making PornHub videos for blind people really means today. Are blind men even that way?

Well, let’s say that our little Ivan might perhaps be a potential porn hub visitor. I wonder if he will watch abuse porn on this site, but remember he is only a teenage boy. The sad truth is that most young men his age have seen sex abuse porn or other forms thereof by the time they were seven years of age! I’m not into porn, and thankfully neither is Trenton, but we must remember that a blind guy who is isolated a lot has to jack off sometimes, right? Well? Porn is bad, could be bad, even worse, well, it’s just not what you want.

For more on this, watch Hot Girls Wanted. Watch Tressa go blank as the movie progresses and she’s making abuse porn.

Porn simply hurts the girls.

Blake must find a partner unexposed or Christian and strong enough to teach their sons to stay away from porn videos. Where to find such a girl is anyone’s guess, but the churches are becoming more and more bigoted about LGBTQIA people, and I have a transgender woman friend who I admit is awesome. I’ve seen that blind community members have spread rumors about my so called prejudice against LGBT folks, but such rumors are false. I ate and talked for many hours or so with my transgendered friend, and I’ve talked with gay men who’ve come out, lesbian ladies and others in pride celebrations are my best friends in the cause of world peace. How sad is that, bigots? It’s not good, and I personally am smiling because the bigot who posted comments here is probably sick in the bathroom right now.

The best solutions to all problems involves talking, but with no friends, Trenton and I must do a premarital counseling.