While We Watch Hilary and Donald Play Like Children, …

To be honest, folks, I have three words to say to the man who wants to “lock her up.” Knock it off. The Dems and Republicans are fighting like kids, so knock it off, dawgs. Anyhow, I’ve got a better idea. My thoughts are that I could become the most powerful woman in 2024. Maybe I could, and there are a few issues I’d like to bring to the public eye.

First off, I am champion of disability civil and equal rights. This means that under the Madame President Matthews, you will see a very increased attitude change. I think society needs to have a big old attitude adjustment, and we don’t need old Janet’s hammer for it. What we need in our society is a positively worded “Everybody can become disabled from diseases or accidents, so affordable care for all should be a big entitlement.” As I use affordable, yet some time it can be labeled “strict” care, I know what needs to change. Gabby Giffords, who still struggles to speak, would need some form of care. Someone tried to disable, no, kill Gabby in an assassination attempt gone horribly wrong. Ms. Giffords should know how it feels to have to obey care things and all that, just as I do. And I would have to be clear. All care for disabled adults and children who are foster care clients should be affordable and usable by the client with all their needs met. Liability would be completely outlawed, and automobile insurers would be required by law to cover the disabled person in their car.

Wow. That’s a lot to add to a disability platform. But there’s more. Braille literacy would be the law to teach in all settings, least restrictive setting and most appropriate and optimal setting would be the best for all special education students. One thing I would then outlaw is corporal punishment in school. It is harmful for autistic children, as this diagnosis is so on the rise, I’d have to be absolutely serious about making it illegal for teachers to traumatize their students. Above all, there would be some things I’d have to be very careful to regulate as well.

With genetic modifications, I am not sure this is safe to do for blind folks. I can see where some doctors would insist on enhancing and making it possible for humans to live triple the Aflick limit. But no, I honestly would have to regulate genetic engineering of people if it gets out of control. One thing I’d ban is designing babies before they are born. I’d then only allow exceptions to this if the woman does carry a bad gene that would affect a specific type of kid, i.e. a carrier of ALD. ALD boys go through hell, then die at ten. Maybe if genetic modifiers are legal for these cases and only these types of cases, I’d be more open to that. However, aborting a blind child because of Leber’s Amorosis would be illegal on all nine months or when the defect is found. A parent might ask why they are being forced to keep a blind child. Blind children would be given all opportunities to succeed in all aspects of life. And that’s fine.

As for bioelectronics, they’d need to be tightly regulated so we don’t have a sighted Superman or worse, a sighted Joker taking out the blind Batman every single day. Here’s what I’d do. Most electronic things would be allowed, except a vibrator or things that could be used for torture but controlled by the person’s mind. If a mobster or someone we hate wanted to use a torture device on someone, that would be illegal, especially in the biological electronics whereby the device is controlled by the human mind.

For another thing, I wouldn’t be so bad with cars on the road, but I’d be funding research grants to get more self driving cars on the road. I would have to invent ways for the bioelectronics to be integrated into other things for paralyzed persons. Like, it was mentioned in a book how a paralyzed woman controlled a robotic arm with her thoughts, got herself a drink, then yes, she was good to go. But noninvasive techniques would be the thing to do things with. I would outlaw invasive tech so that we can further think about invasive things as obsolete. However, cochlear implants would be the exception as many hard of hearing folks get these and can use them successfully. Otherwise, if it’s an implant that makes your stomach glow, it’s banned. Period.

Another thing I’d consider is use of bioelectronic weaponry in the fight against ISIS. Or IS, as Ayaan calls the group also known as Isil. The Islamic State won’t be able to use bioelectronic weaponry against us, ever. We’d be using home and military weapons together. Well, I mean like home tech and military weapons together.

What I’d like to see in our progress is something like the skullcaps, but maybe a little cortical stimulation headset thingy. And the headset would go inside your ear, and it would allow you to control things like your Bradley attack vehicle, your guns mounted around you, and all the parts and things to a fighter jet. We’d have mental power beyond Isis’s capabilities. Imagine this example:

Private Jessica Leigh Banaghan is out there in a large Bradley style attack tank with guns and things all around her. She’s patrolling for the night in a desert area of Kuwait, and suddenly, she gets a strange feeling in her brain. She can sense, not just see, but sense an Isis militant group coming toward her … She then stuns the guys dead with a gun, she didn’t even have to pick it up. She stealthily climbs down after the guys are presumed dead, then she turns on her radio, speaking to her other soldiers through voice, code and stuff. Then, it’s back on the vehicle, back to roaming around the desert, looking for more things to do. She is not wearing a veil, the proper dress required of Kuwaiti and other Middle Eastern citizens. Instead, she’s wearing long pants, a flowing shirt, and all that over body armor. Next, she communicates by cortical waves back and forth between her troops, and as she is an officer in the army, she gives commands through mind to mind contact. Next, the troops run out, ambush the Isis camp she has just located, and thus a few women and girls are saved from becoming their next … meal.

This is the kind of military research we should truly be doing, not just “Kill all Muslims.” We should be advancing weaponry and integrating biotechnology into our weapons as well. It’s getting there, but we have a long way to go.

There will be more in Part II of my platform but first, have a sip of beer and behave yourselves, guys.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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