What Politicians Are Not Doing Correctly

Remember the bygone days of your school’s student counsel elections? What was the purpose of this era of student government? Do they have any voice at all? Well, let’s just say that running for student government positions teaches basics about civics and American democracy, but there’s something to be said of today’s 2016 Presidential election campaigning etiquette. There is none.

From Trump being called a racist to Clinton being told she’s a vicious criminal, this is not real campaigning. Especially on the side of Trump, we also have a case of academic dishonesty. Let’s say Hilary is more qualified because for one, she’s not attacking her opponent with this much nastiness, yet Donald Trump is starting to make me wonder if he even tried going into student associations for civic thinking. Student government has rules and regulations concerning campaigning. For instance, Rory Rowan, former SGA class of 2005 officer, and I ran. I lost, but there was no blabbing off about Rory’s achievements, but above all, Mr. Rowan did not attack me on any weak points and make them look like I wasn’t qualified to run because of blindness, for instance. Attacking an opponent’s disability should never be allowed, either in adult campaigning or in student governing bodies, not at all.

Real political campaigns should include why you are best fit to run and do the things you want without having to attack your opponent. For instance, here’s a sample campaign speech you could try for your next civic election in school or in your corporation or any place. Hilary, if only you could use a sample like this one to teach Trump how to be a political campaign master. But no, he chose to attack you and call you a vicious criminal. Now, let’s try two samples. Sample 1 is a good sample you can use and I’ll leave some things blank in both samples. But the second one is something of an example of what never to do or say in your campaign.


Sample 1: Civic elections for a position of office in something, with positive only viewpoints

Hello. My name is (name) and I’m running for (office) of (organization). I am best fit to run and be in this position because I have learned how to work with a board in the past. I have many credentials that include Junior and National Honors Society, governing bodies in my middle school, and among other things, I was a representative in my high school, and was able to form good bonds with the community. (You can use this section to name all honors and awards you’ve won, things you’ve done to make you qualified, things you’ll do for your organization.)

As President pro tem of the Honor Society, I was able to clean up most of the town’s dirtiest places, make the community stronger again, and plant good flora and fauna around our offices. As (office running for), I will … (here, tell the audience what you will do. Make a draft of your campaign promises. Let’s try and be civil here.)

I will encourage my constituents to be one with each other, and we will keep our town clean. I will make every effort to make all places in the town disability friendly. Thank you for your time and consideration, and vote me for (office running for.)


Sample 2. The campaign speech you don’t want to be caught with.

This sample contains things you should never say in your campaign speech whether you wrote this or you’re a speechwriter writing for Trump or Clinton. Please pay attention.

I won’t actually write much template work here, but there are things you can’t say. Among them are:

My opponent is a criminal with a record for hard time and bad crime. If you’re a juvenile reading this, never ever ever talk about your opponent if he or she was in juvenile hall. It is absolutely awful.

My opponent is incompetent because she is blind, and blind people are … I left the ellipses there because some of you might think attacking a blind person is okay. But it’s not. Attacking an opponent for his or their congenital disability is absolutely off limits. If Hilary herself was disabled, what then would make this campaign fun? Well, Trump would attack her disability, mocking and making fun of her the same as he did with the reporter. This is Donald Trump, someone you don’t want in the White House.

My opponent is retarded or any bad word associated with race, disability, or religious slurs. Do not ever call a Muslim student a “towel head” or a Catholic something worse. When running against someone with disability, do not use the forbidden R word. Censorship anyone? No, it’s called civilized campaign stuff. And we’ve forgotten it.

Now, let’s see if Clinton will beat Trump, and if Trump thinks he’s qualified, then where are the manners of either candidate? Just wait, Trump will attempt to sue Clinton for winning against him, but you know what? She will have won fair and square. I hope she does because nobody, I repeat nobody, should ever attack anyone while doing a civilized political campaign because of a person’s records and so on. Trump could try to have Clinton arrested, but sadly, the made up jibberish the GOP wants you to believe is called not being civil. None of my friends are paying much attention to an election. I’d be happy to run a campaign of civil political good times with my buddy Joey, but bear in mind, I would not go after race, religion, or any other things. I would simply say the following, using sample 1:

Hello, my name is Beth Taurasi. I am running for President of the National Federation of the Blind, and as president of said organization, I feel it is time for a major overhaul. As the President, it would be my obligation to open the public eyes to the reality of current living conditions for blind people, including students and unemployed professionals alike. As the President, I feel that a male candidate for this same position is only living the dream of old timers who are unaware of the living conditions of today’s young blind people. There are thousands of blind people who could benefit from better housing and a meaningful job, but so many employers are not listening to us because of the past presidencies of males, males who are rich, successful, and altogether religious and uneducated on the matter of what it is like to live in this time period. While I’m not completely attacking these folks, it is an obvious disconnect for the ones who could elect a male president, or someone who is so much older than I am. There are many more blind young people and children to think about, and Mr. Oldman isn’t thinking of the unemployed young folks. Not at all.


If perhaps my buddy Joey was not my opponent, suppose he was vice president. Whoa. Even if he ran against me, I would not be attacked. I suppose he’d uphold things, but then put his own spin on some subjects. It’s about bringing out the things you have, not what your opponent does not have.

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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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