Letter to Hilary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

I know it’s strange that you would dare stare at this, but if you come across this letter posted here on my website, denverqueen.com, I would like to inform you that yes, I do not stand with the GOP. My parents do. Some guy I know called Bill does. Too many of my Christian friends do. But I don’t.

Hilary, you do not realize how important a win for you is to me. It’s my whole life. As I was born blind, I could have had nothing. My family could have easily chosen to abandon me so easily because they seriously can’t handle a disabled child. But dear Hilary, I know your daughter now has a healthy and bouncing baby boy, a treasure she would kiss and play with regardless of whether the boy develops autistic tendencies or not. I trust you, Hilary,  because let’s face it. You and I have the same parts, no joke. I totally get how it would make you feel if someone said you belonged “in jail.” This is not political campaigning. This is truly shaming because of your gender and because Christian white males are becoming no more than a pile of misogynistic creeps who’d like nothing better than to not only throw you around like a rag doll, but to have the “noble” right to sexually assault their spouses, call us women lesser cuts of meat, etc. Let me just turn the tables on the bad boys. Would you like to know a secret, Hilary?

First off, Donald Trump is a lesser cut of meat than me, and you ask why. Well, I don’t watch pictures of myself over and over again. I enjoy playing my music, but don’t think I want to do it to make people pay me for ticket sales. Yes, I need money, but I just want people to realize I put my heart and soul into the music. Trump, for the love of all things holy, is a lesser cut of steak to me because he thinks he’s all that. And he probably never grew up watching the Nickolodeon sitcom style kids’ comedy show either.

Rush Limbaugh is also somebody you oughta know I would do anything to see off the air. The guy made brazen and nasty comments about free birth control. But really, Hilary, he has no idea. Rush doesn’t care that my fiance Trenton and I are simply not going to have kids at this present time, maybe later, but then he didn’t realize that the women taking birth control don’t just do it for pregnancy prevention, they do it for health and medical things like regulating periods. And this misogynistic thought of “do not have sex until you’re ready for kids”, that is so Bill. I can’t tell you how many Bills, not your Bill of course, but so many guys just don’t get it. Some women just want to have fun, right? But then we have medical issues, and don’t tell me Christian owned businesses should tell me not to take something contraceptive.

Even my buddy Blake agrees. Blake is Christian, too, but for heaven’s sake, Blake would have never gotten me pregnant if it wasn’t healthy. Sex isn’t about babies only, it’s a bonding mechanism, and what the Bill and Teds of this world don’t know could hurt their chances of staying on this planet. The misogyny has gotta stop. Some women don’t have vaginas and uteruses, and some women don’t have good ovaries, and if they wish to have sex, let them. If we wish to be able to bond with someone we care about, a kiss, an embrace, and by God that all out bed session is all fine and dandy. But Hilary, I am honest. As long as you keep your husband in check, hey, it’ll be entertaining to watch as you make this country great again.

Donald wants a wall? Well, Hilary, I want a rainbow. Meaning I want people of all colors living together, enjoying each other’s food and culture. Hilary, I miss the days when schools taught us how to say “I like you” in Spanish. I literally break into tears thinking about how “me gusta” from Sesame Street just doesn’t sound the same anymore, all that if Trump built a wall. He wants to ban and deport Mexicans, but then what? My caregiver, a lady of middle age with a few kids, one being pregnant and she’ll be Grandma soon, this woman is so strong and amazing … and Mexican. This lady cooked the best darn Spanish videllos ever, and don’t get me so happy about the enchiladas.

Donald wants to ban Muslims. But I just want to praise God in any way I please. Donald obviously has not read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book, Heretic. Three sets of Muslims, and Medina Muslims are the ones to blame for all of our recent Terror attacks. Hilary, your buddy Huma Abedin is Muslim, right? So please, if Donald even mentions this again, let’s make HIM the victim of some female misogyny. LEt him wear a veil and get beaten a few times, and give him no hope of having love. Arrange his marriage to one of those Slovenian girls but let the girls have their way with him. I have a secret longing to see guys like Donald feel our pain, the collective pain of harem wives and many prostitutes and so many modern teenage girls slut shamed in school. Need I say more?

But above all, Hilary, I want you to better the lives of those with disabilities. I am blind, I love my blind boyfriend, we want to be married. And yet, we can’t find jobs. My wish in life is to wake up in a world where I can get a job not because I’m blind, or because my name sounds funny, or because I’m pale as a ghost or black as a pile of ash, or because my hair is brown, red, or blonde, forget the way I talk or walk. Who cares. I’d rather get a job because I can do what the job description entails. But I’d like to take it a step forward: I want guys like fifteen-year-old Ivan Soto permanently banned from the polling places on Election Day if he even so much as trolls my blog. Ivan wrote horrible things about me, you, my fiance, mentally ill people, etc. And don’t tell me white people contribute more to society. Honestly, black folks have done more. Who invented peanuts and crop rotation? Who invented ice cream? Who did all this? Black people. And what white people have done is horrendous.

Hilary, I’m sure your family is progressive, but the general history and background of Caucasian Americans is abysmal. Old Chris Columbus, the guy who sailed in 1492, killed so many because they don’t look like you. His unsanitary sailors and seamen brought not only the bad days for the Arawak Tano people, but they brought so many microscopic armies of diseases that killed off so many kinds of people. My native Florida suffered bunches. Let’s not forget that the Ais, the Timucua, Tequesta, and many other tribes were decimated to extinction. Thanks in large part to Caucasians, they all went out of the list of persons to admire, and then some. And Caucasian have a large problem with stealing, and white privilege is making it seem more real. This kind of privilege allows the history to look darker, and the people have actually done a lot of “landlifting”, as I might call shoplifting other people’s land. Ever seen Chelsea fight with your son? See when Chelsea sat down and then the boy walks up to her demanding her place on the sofa? That’s a smaller scale situation of sorts that if taken into a larger perspective, that’s what white people did to black folks, First Nations, many others. I deplore and condemn Andrew Jackson for his misdeeds, he knew in his dead self what was coming to him. He’s off the $20 in favor of Harriet (Araminta) Tubman, born to Ben and “Old Rit” Ross, known also as Harriet Ross. Ben was Mrs. Tubman’s dad, and he was great. I always thought Tubman had it all right when she freed everybody, and as is written in her epitaph on her stone: “I neb’er run de train off de tracks, and I never lost a passenger.” No kidding.

But if Trump gets the trophy, we’ll all crash. And he’ll lose all the passengers, and I am counting on you. Please read this blog. You don’t know how much I do care about this country’s future. Do something better.

While Donald wants a wall, I want a rainbow. Many rainbows. While Donald wants to ban gay marriage, I want him to feel the love and realize what pain he’d cause if I couldn’t marry because I’m either disabled or gay. What ever.

Just win for me, okay? Do you get it? HEar me out. I love you, and kiss the grandbaby for me. And all of us.

And do give Chelsea and the son in law a hug. Your family owes it to you, and all of us.


Beth Taurasi,

Denver, Colorado

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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