The NFB Now Has Its Head on Straight: Parenting Resolution and More

Well, readers, time for Beth to get freaky about resolutions and stuff. Guess the NFB finally gets it, and one thing I’m going to say is this. The NFB made itself look like some foolish rich tech toy makers, but this year’s resolution are a breath of fresh air. We finally have a parenting resolution on blind people’s fitness to parent, which mentions Buck V. Bell and the unwarranted and insulting ligislation against a young disabled mother. The NFB has a wide variety of social things, however, they must fight for. We must address the blind’s risk of being cybertrolled and bullied, all kids going through this today. Autonomous vehicle access is important, but how do you convince government officials who wear black ties, carry blinking eyes, and laze about playing with videos and Angry Birds on their phones, to even pay attention to the needs of constituents who suffer as much as the blind do? Apple does need to improve testing of its products, ad they’re now being shamed by companies developing for Android. My hope is that Apple is screwed over by developers because of the NFB attitude toward access. The wording of the resolution on parenting, particularly some of the adjectives describing Buck Versus Bell, that was all right and actually got the message across However, all the technology toys in the world isn’t gonna fix the rumor mill, people spreading lies about women in the community, and all the issues and problems surrounding social acceptance and abuse by family and parent kind. We must address child abuse cases involving blind women and children. We must address the justice system’s apathy toward blind rape victims, allowing the rapist or perpetrator to get off scott free because of the rape victim’s blindness, thus lawyers are saying that the victims are unable to ID the perpetrator. Do not think this is only happening in places like India. It happens in all countries in our world.

We also have to contend with emotionally abusive parenting by sighted individuals, ways to combat disability specific spouse and child abuse involving finances or civil liberties protections being denied, we have a  this, and the NFB is almost there. We’re looking at most of the resolutions and the NFB FINALLY adopted the ideas of the Parenting resolution. We finally are talking about the blind and disabled parents out there, and I want this adopted soon. The NFB should add to this resolution that sexual orientation and disability combined makes it so much harder for people to want to love and respect a person. If I were lesbian, blind, and mentally depressed in clinical sense, I could face almost disproportionately high risk of being attacked, abused, or otherwise called names and bullied. We’re not addressing even the most basic issues, still we don’t address those. Why is the World Wide Web still a priority? Is it more so than the lady who’s been raped and can’t afford her resulting baby? Is the priority truly supposed to be a woman who is blind and mentally shell shocked, or is it the latest gadgets we are complaining about? The National Federation of the BLind owes it to the general public to open the box and look inside. May I take all the tech toys away from the rich? We need to be putting tech in the hands of Africans, Americans in poverty, and all kinds of other people. However, the priority before a useless piece of chrome, plastic, metal, and wires, by God the priority is a person. Therefore, here is a list of resolutions the NFB, aside from parenting and fitness clubs and vets, should have developed.

There should have been a resolution to survey the damage that cyber trolling, bullying, or harassment does to our community’s cohesive nature. While sighted kids are faced with nude photo solicitation, mean comments about their bodies and sexual prowess, and false pretenses by predators who want them to have sex, blind children are probably at particular risk of being trolled and bullied. Part of it may be a self hatred daguerreotype. Meet Ivan, whose parents spoil him morning to night. He’s 15, and loves to play with his tech toys. I can’t tell you how many things they’ve bought him each year, but with the toys Ivan has in his box, he has composed malicious messages to me on WordPress, written maladaptive messages on Twitter, and used his toys for particularly evil purposes. As a juvenile, Ivan faces the possibility of going to Juvenile Detention if a crime is detected by local law enforcement. Ivan’s maladaptive behavior includes the excessive use of profanity, the excessive desire to tell me that I should “settle for less than your dreams”, and an intense desire to be superior due to his being a male in a rich household. As a young girl, my parents limited access to things on purpose. Ivan doesn’t know the injustice and downright discriminatory nature of a father who doesn’t want you to have full use of something including cell phones, the latest gadget from Apple, or anything that makes you happy. I ask repeatedly for some semblance of normalcy, but my father only responds apathetically with “You live in a sighted world.” No, we all live in a cruel and scummy world with people in it who are fond of targeting others’ differences, and it is the job of the people who care enough about difference to stake the targets out, shoot down the doers of cybertrolling and bullying.

The NFB’s biggest issue is social acceptance of blindness as pertaining to people wanting to be around them. People should learn that burdening others with misinformation is the worst thing to do when talking about blindness.

Anyhow, overall, we’re almost there, and we’re finally looking at real issues, but we still must realize what is truly going on.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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