We Are Who We Are

Dear Readers,

For some reason, I’m going to go nuts and compose this to Kesha’s We Are Who We Are. I’d like to dedicate this to everyone who’s been reading my blog. I have to inform Facebook users about this later, but … here goes.


We Are Who We Are, to the song of the same name …


Hot and modified, that’s the way you feeling, petrified

At the fact that I’m a sexified lady also known as Denver Queen.

You should read this blog, otherwise you just a crazy frog

And if you don’t like it, home dawg, might as well just sit upon a log.

Anybody that gets drunk,

If you think this site is junk,

Then close up that metal trunk,

And get out of here, you hunks.


You think I”m just a bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum.

Well, guess what? Dude, you’re dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb,

You’re gonna look so glum, glum, glum, glum, glum, glum,

Dude, listen to this song: I am who I am.

We’re tearing it apart, part, part, part, part, part.

Like all the web is ours, ours, ours, ours, ours, ours,

Yeah I’m a superstar, star, star, star, star, star,

Just listen to this song: we are who we are.


DJ, turn it up, it’s about damn time we live it up,

Like the dudes who think I’m serious gotta listen to this song and Us,

DJ, blast it now, teach every little guy just how

To not get my boyfriend into little fights, and turn off them stupid classy lights!

If your name is Jason O.,

Or you think I’m just so so,

Or you are successful and,

You think you are oh so grand, (chorus)



You really oughta go, go, go, go, go, go,

You read this, answer’s no, no, no, no, no, no,

Your comments gotta go, go, go, go, go, go,

You’re really really low, and I am who I am.

Guess what? I’m gonna sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing.

I’m gonna wear some bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling.

Your cell will barely ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring,

And you will get a sting, and we are who we are.

The Suspect in a Game of Who’s the Best: The Profile of the Man Responsible for the Vulgarities On This Site

Hello readers,
I’d like to ask you all to do a favor for me. I’ve had to make changes in the way comments are done on this page, all for reasons I’m about to cover.

I came across Successful Blind Man while browsing through email of all things and saw that his comments were laced with vulgar wording, abusive language, and offensive and slanderous content. All of this was done against myself, my buddy Blake, and Kahili, whose name should never have been revealed in such an unkind way. This man has the following characteristics, so you all follow along and see who this is:

The man is a Facebook and Twitter user although doubtful if he’s following me on either.

This person knew or knows about my past with Blake and uses Blake’s first and last name as his own when commenting on my stuff.

This guy uses disposable emails while commenting, thus the new setup, and his email user domain names are too graphic and vulgar to share here.

He has been known to use the word “blink” in a vulgar and slangy fashion. He did so with me in the last comment.

He dragged Kahili into the fray by mentioning that we are going to starve because of food stamps and get our kids taken away, etc etc.

This man is not my most recent ex, Joey, he is someone else for sure.

This man overuses the words “fuck” “shit” “ass” every other word pattern in a sentence. Who is this!

This guy snooped and spied on me and my boyfriend while we had ordinary trips out and about, and complained about that to me in a really aggressive and vulgar style.

This man also had access to election materials, touting Trump as God, and stating that he will make you work. Who does that!

If anyone on WordPress or any of the sharing pages has any information that could assist in getting this man permanently deleted from the Internet, please contact me upon reading this post, in other words, immediately.

Thank you.

P.S. Any leads outside the U.S. will not be accepted. This man resides in the United States, but any foreign people who know something about him should contact me, but I know he is not a foreign man. He has knowledge of American citizen civics and law, so that narrows it down!

Thank you for your help

A Modest Proposal As Inspired by Jonathan Swift

The Irish writer Jonathan Swift wrote a very funny satirical piece in which he proposed the selling and distribution of infant flesh to the rich diners. He was pretty explicit about the parts of the person that are the best, and when roasted, how the thing would taste. For some reason, with the Irish rivalry of Catholic and Protestant came this proposal, which was mainly aimed at Catholic women who kept having kids. Well, I find that ridiculous at any rate, but I have a proposal for dealing with people like the Fake Blog Guy, the man who keeps commenting nasty stuff about Kahili and me. Here’s how the proposal would work:

The premise I base this proposal on is pretty straightforward. I find it hilarious that nobody seems to know how to behave, and bad behavior in elementary school leads oftentimes to a criminal record, stuff like rape and theft are common. I knew a fellow named Brothers, who was a big fat bully and always picked on me and other people. He got me into trouble in the fourth grade, and as a result of his prowess in bad behavior, Brothers has probably been to jail multiple times, has been on parole, and has probably violated parole a billion times. Do you guys want to do the math on how much the chemicals for lethal executions cost? nobody will support this, but I do believe this new method might be viable for one reason: the subjects of this proposal are convicted felons, constantly violent parolees, criminals, people who don’t get it. This is another thing.

I find it stupid that people who kill and think violent thoughts are allowed to go about living on this planet and yet we have starving kids, starving parents, starving people who could benefit from further food assistance.

Most of the time, the radical Muslim population being among the worst of the worst, like that shooter in Orlando, they are not brought in to a tough enough position. First of all, I think the best thing to do with guys like these is … getting closer.

The justice system would have to be modified to accommodate the proposal. This is how it should be:

For those who are convicted of the following crimes, they should be slaughtered humanely and processed into ground meats and other things, and you heard me right. First of all, it is said that conspecific flesh is so good for animals who eat it. Consider the snake who eats a defective or dud egg. The mother snake will swallow a dead baby in her mouth that has not been able to hatch, and she can still maintain her health and wellness. Now, consider our race. We have starving kids in the Congo, starving kids here as well in America, kids who really need food to eat. Why not give the kids more volumes of the meat I am suggesting? Convicts like the ones who commit serious crime are not exactly going to be missed, so … why not reuse the flesh so that it is recycled yet again in the soil of our planet?

In order for the people to be eligible, they must be male, 26 years old or older, and have committed three of the following types of crime three times in consecutive months or years or whatever: rape; grand theft; murder; cyber related bullying or crime; sexual assault on minors; whatever child molestation is called in the United States territory or state you’re in; child abuse; dependent adult abuse; nursing home or elder abuse; tax fraud; tax evasion; or consipiracy to comit any of the above crimes. Imagine all the figures after having slaughtered at least a six hundred pound convict and feeding his conspecific meat to the weary human race who really needs it. We wouldn’t have as many starving people, and there wouldn’t be so much as a hint that a family is starving. Thieves would be discouraged if they knew they’d be eaten by innocent people, including their victims. Might I add that this might deter identity thieves?

There is only one way I would like to see this administered. I would consider the criminals in the death chamber. All you would want the executioners to do is simply lift the hilt of the dagger up and … bang. The dagger would quickly slit the person just the way the Hasidim do when they’re slaughtering cattle. I would like to see the convicts either get this or death by a stun gun like the conventional cattle and other livestock would get.

While I know some of you might think this is crazy, I do have my reservations about such a proposal. First of all, eating a family member would be illegal for all people. I know it sounds weird to do this, but the only people who would be actually slaughtered are the ones who follow the likes of Omar Mateen and other criminal tresspassers, shooters, cyberbullies, and people who commit harassment and are adjudicated, so eating innocent people would not be allowed. We would with this proposal in place be able to really amp up our justice system. Perhaps it would make judges a bit more leary of prescribing death to any criminals. I know that almost nobody would think this a good idea. However, if we really think about it, punishing a bad guy whose brain was useless and moronic and who could have performed a demonic chore of slaughtering innocents would greatly increase the distribution volume of food for the poor. If you’d like to make a comment, please use a legitimate email address and Facebook or Twitter. Please do not use profanity or obscenities when making your comment. If on WordPress alone, your comment must be that of a signed in Word Press user or else you may use Facebook or Twitter to comment.

New setup for comments. Please read.

Hello all. Readers, I have to inform you all that I have decided to set it up so that only those who are signed in users of WordPress with a valid email or username may leave a comment. I have had absolutely enough and have had it up to here being the top of my head with comments with a lot of profanity and the obscenity-laced emails are absolute this respect for women. Our blind guy who is been writing for riffic things about me in an email or in any email for that matter using my ex boyfriends name is not allowed to do so right now. I will only allow comments from signed and users of WordPress or if you are on Facebook or Twitter, you make comment from Facebook or Twitter. Thankfully, my dear fan Kyle Cogan is safe. I will not give out his email but I will tell you right now at least I was a good boy and got a WordPress account. He is a nice guy and has a WordPress and all of his comments at least are very good and informative. Keep the good comments going, but because of what’s happened, I am going to make this clear. You are not supposed to comment on my WordPress activity unless number one. Space is limited. But you may not comment unless you are assigned in WordPress user. Number 2 you cannot comment unless you are on my friends list on Facebook or Twitter. If you are not on Twitter or Facebook and are not my friend, forget it. Anyway, sorry to inform you readers but I also wanted to let you know where this comment was. The comment was located on a post having to do with animals and had nothing to do with the jobs in the content he was writing about. Please keep the comments to Topic in your comment you should not be writing about stuff that is not what the post is about. For instance, if I’m writing about Star Trek, I expect you to comment about Star Trek by the means I specify here. I don’t want to hear any comments about Apple or Windows or the fact that my hair is green. I am sorry to do this but because of the bad mouthing that I’ve received, this is how it’s going to be for a while. Please get used to it.

Obvious Signs That Family Is A Real Danger: I Witnessed This

Hello Readers,
I call my dad to express my thoughts on the Orlando massacre, and sadly, the conversation went downhill. First of all, if you are a parent or relative and you’re reading this, take note. I’m not taking down the post I am writing at this point, whoever reads this post needs to read this all the way through, word by word, all of the entire thing. First of all, people don’t know how to think before they act these days, so let me explain what must happen in order for this dangerous family to be put to rest:
First, the guardianship must go. Kahili is not willing to give up for the safety of the guardian or family involved. Secondly, there is no thought about this.
When the guardianship was originally drafted by my parents and the manipulated court of law, I was never in anyone’s thoughts. There was no thought to how this would be a detriment to me and other people, including Kahili. We are currently considering marriage because not only do we love each other, but the church I attended and other churches refuse him membership ecause of a perceived offense to evangelical bias toward married couples who are healthy and sighted. Guardianship has been too much to bear, so anyone caught reading this who has ever played the worst games of inferiority with me must eat their words. Who’s writing this? Who’s Beth Taurasi? Well, I’ve got some news for you all: there ain’t no Beth Taurasi here.
This reminds me what hapens when Satsu went through when she was sold to a pleasure pimmp. Her name was changed to Yukio, and she was given to men at all hours for sexual purposes. When little Chiyo Sakamoto went to find her older beautiful sister, they id “We don’t have any Satsu here.” Well, I’m gonna just say this, “We don’t have any Beth Taurasi here.” I will be respelling my name and changing things around, but any family member or relative who actively seeks me out for any reason, including any profounded legal reason, I want these folks arrested and charged with trespassing, and my name is not to pass these people’s lips. It is with a heavy heart that I have to do this because nobody knows how to think before they act.
And the Orlando club massacre is a classic episode of a guy who refused to think about the impact of his actions on others. Omar did not think that his rash killings would affect not only him and his wives and family, but it affected fifty or more innocent civilizized folks. Omar’s actions were only based on hate or some form of discriminating behavior toward a protected class of human beings.

Nobody thought of what their actions would bring about when Plessy V. Ferguson spoke ill of black and white seated beside one another on a rail car. So it was with buses in Alabama, and Rosa Parks saw the ill witted idiots and how they did NOT think. This whole book of America is composed of people who can’t think about their actions and how they impact others. It all started when in 1492, an Italian sailor contracted by Spain stole a few Arawak natives and used them at all hours for slavery. What impact did his voyage have? Loads. The voyage made it impossible for some native tribes to survive, and European settlers targeted Africans for slaves, and do you guys want to know how many times on a smaller scale we don’t think about how our actions impact others?

Many many times, when we put our grandma in a nursing home, when we throw out that disabled child, when we spank our son for playing video games, when we whip the disabled daughter because we only think that she downloaded that music, yes, I’m talking about Hilary Adams, and there is so much of this to go around. People, when you want to carry out something, think about three things:

  1. What am I doing? When Columbus was asked to find India, he knew what he was doing. But he was told to find some fantastic fountain of youth. So did the Spanish explorers who found the state of Florida and other states that fell under Mexican rule. Juan Ponce De Leon was searching for the isle of Bimini, but no, he found this other place, a place where so many hundreds of years later, we’d be today.
  2. 2. What impact will my actions have on others? I know it’s a difficult question, but Judge Adams was not thinking about what his impact would have on his own daughter, and the same goes for anyone who just wanted to take gold and minerals from the Mohawk tribe as well. Columbus’s voyage caused many millions of tribes to sicken and die off. Ponce de Leon’s voyages and the subsequent Spanish conquest of Florida would then lead to the deaths of many hundreds and thousands and millions more: Calusa, Tequesta, Timucua, Ais, Windover tribes people, just too many subgroups of people were badly impacted. The continuously unhygienic behavior of the Spanish led to the public demise of Native American Florida in the pre Columbian Era. Okay, on a smaller scale, Judge Adams lost his job because there was a camera recording the whole thing he did to his daughter. Smaller still, when your son or daughter might have stolen that toy another kid may be thinking about at a toy store. If your son stole the toy, what impact did his actions have? Well, another child who really would want the toy would not get that toy, especially if that particular item was the only one in stock. One more scenario. We often don’t know what impact our actions currently have on a modern country. The polygamous families in Mexico and other Cults in the Western half of this country continuously “bleed the beast.” I currently have about $168 in food stamps for myself and a blind boyfriend. How in Hell am I supposed to support my poor self and a boyfriend in economic uncertainty when these multifaceted polygamous cults like the Church of the Firstborn of Times, based in a little colony in Mexico, are stealing money and stamps by way of welfare fraud? Welfare fraud is a serious crime, and it cannot happen any longer. These folks are trained to follow the leader, not knowing what the leader’s impact has on others.
  3. 3. What impact if any does this action have on you? Well, you must put yourself last. Adams losing his job was an obvious bad impact for him and the rest of the parenting kind. He embarrassed himself in front of his daughter, and she outwitted him with that camera. Hilary has had a great impact on society as a whole with her coming out and speaking out and being herself. With her disability, she would be ten times more likely to face corporal punishment and male privilege among other forms of abuse, and one act of abuse caught on camera at least set Hilary on a better course of life. But for the dad, … oh no.

Now, I hope you all realize the other scenarios are quite straightforward. Columbus lied profusely about gold and God and glory when he went on the voyage. Because he failed to keep accurate record of his shipboard “adventure”, we children generations later did not learn about the correct and accurage way the voyage ended, what with Tano Arawaks being sold into slavery. The Arawaks were peaceful and awesome people who died out because of Columbus and thousands of tiny microscopic invaders. On a smaller scale, though your son, like in the toy example, might be happy because he doesn’t have to pay for the toy he shoplifts from the store, the only one in stock, I put the what impact does this have on others question above the question I’m analyzing now for a good reason. My parents, let’s analyze this question with them, they only thought of this question’s answer: peace of mind and money for them. They got guardianship because they had an overexaggerated and overborne “care” about the daughter they have no idea who they know. They don’t even know their own daughter. It’s like Eminem didn’t know his own daughter either, but my parents do not get it. When the guardianship came to mind, no thought was given to how it would impact me, and look here. I’m writing this in a blog entry.

With the Orlando shooting, Omar’s actions were simply put like this:

  1. I’m going to shoot up a nightclub full of men kissing on the street. I do not like gay people. Okay, I only wrote that because this is what Omar Mateen was thinking.
  2. 2. Omar did not think about what impact this action would have on others. But …

3. I can guess what went through that evil man’s head. He only thought of how it would benefit himself: fifty or so less non Muslim persons on this earth who disobey my laws of Islam, so said he. Now think, if we don’t learn to use our brains, we could have the same detrimental effects onn not only our friends, lovers, loved ones, relatives, and family, we could badly impact whole nations, races, and ourselves.

Recent Events in Orlando: Intolerance Has No Place in this Country

Hello, all.

This is the second time or so in a couple months I’ve written about a shooting in this country. The reasoning for the shooting is the absolute worst I’ve ever thought, and the worst thing is, it was done by a Muslim who was supposedly American born. He was radicalized, and hurled radical Islamic statements when cornered by police. He used armor piercing ammo, and had been a cop and security guard. You can’t trust anyone. This was a classic case in a single day that I’ll never remember if I try not to.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a frequent opponent of radical Islam might say this was the work of a Medina Muslim, and it was indeed. Her book HEretic illustrates that Medina Muslims are the terrorists, not the peaceful ones like Muhammad Ali, the boxer who recently died of complications with Parkinson’s. For every Muhammad Ali we see in the world, there are a thousand of these bad guys who go around shooting fifty people dead. There is no excuse for someone to go out and do this in the name of being a good Muslim, and being offended by men kissing in public? That is just a sore excuse to go kill innocents? Let me explain for a few lines.

First of all, Afghans of this nature have a cold side. A lot of these Muslims will always be the ones arranging marriages for daughters under eighteen, and most of this benefits sexual predators. Second, men in the more peaceable Arab nations are known to kiss and hold each other in brotherly ways. Middle Eastern families have been known to do other forms of affection with wives, sure, but both Qu’Ranic and Biblical texts encourage affection between spouses, family members, etc., including bachelors and brothers. What kind of excuse is all this! Also, remember for those of you who visit Europe and other countries around the world, affection is strongly encouraged between those who have an attachment to one another. Let’s take German etiquette for an example. There are a lot of details about German affections and etiquette that have to do with when and where to and whom to kiss. European families are known to give each other kisses on both cheeks, not just a quick peck on one. Ugh. It is apparent that Hispanic families are also affectionate, and their definition of family is pretty straightforward. My buddy Jessie’s family is really awesome. His sister will give affection in the form of the usual, kisses and hugs, and Hispanic men in general are known to kiss even in public, and in their own country. I’m sorry, but America will not bend to the wishes of Radical Muslim terrorists. This Afghan hound of Evil will never walk the earth again without having realized what he’s done. Ugh.

Even in some Asian countries, affection is more lax. I’m not kidding. America should be ashamed of itself. It should be ashamed of the way it goes without affection in the Asiatic Radicals and Caucasian families. Some Caucasians are simply unable to see that the lack of true affection is the cause of shootings and massacres like this. For every kiss a man gives another, why should we have to worry any longer!

Exploiting Animals:Why We Do It and How to Stop It

Dear Readers,

If you could interview a horse, what would it say? WHat about a dog in a puppy mill? I’ve covered a general mistreatment of animals in our circle, but we also have a different problem. The way rodeo wild horses are depicted in Flicka brings to light that animals are exploited every day, including cows and horses and other livestock. We must above all things respect the animals in our holdings. So here’s what we see so far:

Animals such as horses and cattle are used for food. Yes, that same Flicka your son or daughter is riding could become a meat pack for your friend’s dog. Does that scare you? Scares me a lot.

Next thing, cattle are gravely mistreated if in the wrong hands. I’ve heard of Africans treating cows better than we Americans do, which is sad. Cows know what’s going to happen in a crammed factory setting, so stunning and killing the cow isn’t a good idea in front of her other herdmates. So we should at least find common ground with cows and horses.

Dogs are commonly consumed in China, but we Americans find eating Rover isn’t a good thing. Imagine all these chow chow and sharpeis all being consumed at your Chinese food chains. Nope. Not for me.

ANd cats aren’t immune to exploitation. Black ones are commonly banned or put down around Halloween, and superstition is pseudoscience, so why bother! Black cats to my knowledge are just as nice as the whiter house kittens we see at ASPCA. So go figure.

What ways can we change the treatment of animals?

Dogs and cats seem easy enough, but think about working at your local ASPCA. If you are young, like under eighteen, consider volunteering at an animal rescue shelter. But if you’re older and still have that animal love bug biting you, then why not consider being a veterinarian or a humane officer with your local shelter or Humane Association or ASPCA? They need all the help they can get. Humane officers help with mistreated animals, and you’d be shocked what things dogs and cats go through. Some rural locations also have calves, horses, and other kinds of animals for rescue. The event of cock fighting also means rooster euthanizing must be performed. Dog fighting is prominent in some Southern areas, so pit bulls get a bad rap. Ever watched Pit Bulls and Parolees? Great show, and it has lots of stuff in there about pit bull pups and adults being rescued and brought to the new Via Lobos, the animal rescue center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tina is the head of the place and hires parolees to do the grunt work, and the dogs and parolees benefit. Trust me, even if you’ve done hard time, you can still work with animals. And some places are willing to let you volunteer there. Not always Via Lobos. Btw, that name is Spanish for “the wolves.” Dogs, of course, are descendants of wolves.

With horses, you should consider your location. If you have a heart for the equine folks, you could consider running out to your local ASPCA where horses can also be rescued and helped to better health. Some places rescue horses, and there are great horse organizations that can teach horse skills such as riding and tacking, grooming and feeding, cleaning, all that stuff. If you know horses front to back, consider a career as an equine vet. But if you don’t want to see blood and spay or neuter or incise horses and their bodies, consider being a humane officer or police officer again. Reasons may include that the Humane ASsociation is looking for more work, and work is always in need. If a horse is mistreated, it can stop trusting people. Ugh. And a horse that doesn’t trust people is not always going to recover. Race horses sometimes lose their lives racing. I’m not big on the racing industry, neither the dog or the horse racing industry are fit and proper things to support. Dog racing has become out of fashion in most places, and if you have a heart for formerly mistreated canines and equines in these arenas, Grey2k and other places in the rural parts of your neighborhood or community are good ways to start. Grey2k USA is an organization working to end the abusive greyhound racing industry. Greyhounds are just as bad off as race horses. The retired greyhound often wants you to pet him/her all day, something she/he has never enjoyed almost. The dogs have to course a mechanical bunny, which sometimes they don’t catch. Grey2k is hoping to end the entire practice of dog racing, but the question is what about our equine buddies? Horses are very strong and sturdy animals that could make good use as … well, friends and companions for autistic kids, mainly. Some horse breeds are great at carrying things like the Clydesdale is great at hauling a large load. Smaller ones can make long lasting guides for blind rancher folks. If you’re looking into helping the equine kind, I’d do a google search for horse rescue groups, and see what pops up. Does anyone think horse racing is bad? Some of the crazy animal rights orgs think so. But the thing is that the whole horse and dog racing thing is about gambling mostly and luck doesn’t always win.

Cows and bulls are both large and dangerous. Cowboys often get themselves hurt even trying to hold themselves for eight seconds on a bull. Well, bullshit. LIterally. The way bulls are aroused makes me angry. Why would someone do this to any creature? Imagine stabbing a six foot something guy in the balls and expecting him to hit a shorter person. This is definitely bad for the animals.

The way it all comes out, bulls are the victims in Spain as well. We need to come up with a better use for bulls, as freaking bulls! They need to at least be used for breeding with cows, which is the only thing they can do. Besides perhaps being mean, which is a primitive instinctual thing they have because they need to protect the females in the group, bulls have no real use. They’re just a pile of bull … shit. Bullshit, no kidding. I’ve never seen a bull do anything great.

Donkeys are smart, and they fall under the equine category.

But exploiting animals is bad, bad, and really bad. I can’t say further what we could try doing to circus animals. Don’t get me started on the baby tigers I signed a petition about on Change.org, the online petition site. Siegfried and Roy wanted the baby tigers trained for the amusement of highrolling rich assholes in a menagerie in Sin City. Go figure. Recently, dolphins and orcas have been put on the exploited list as well. Put yourselves in the animals’ shows … and shoes. Or hooves and feet for all I care. For those of you animal lovers out there, I hope to see you all at the shelters helping our earthly comrades in battle against development and destruction of habitats and lifestyles. You can always Google if not satisfied with what I say. But trust me, animals are the earthly things God put here before we “tamed” the land. We really didn’t. If you wanna know why, let’s see, watch Flicka and you’ll see what I am talking about. Well, better check out what Kahili is doing. He must be dreaming of coffee and coffee and … coffee and .. bacon. Ugh.