Cross Platform Monitoring Solutions for your Wise Trolling Teen: Net Nanny to the Rescue

Dear Parents,

Have you ever wondered how you could watch your child’s account on Facebook and how you could report bullying if your child feels he/she is being threatened by someone else? Do you want to teach your teen a lesson or two about what cyber bullying actually is? Is your teenage son trolling others, targeting protected groups? What about if your young adolescent daughter wants to sext (send sexual messages in a text based messenger app or website like Facebook Messenger or over a cell phone) rather than do her homework? Is your daughter attacking people you don’t even want to know or is she doing this to kill someone else?

Have we got a solution or two. Net Nanny Social is a reasonably priced cloud based dashboard right on the web, configured and connected with your email address. For $19 and some change, parents of socially active online kids can spy on them, monitoring their moves, their friends’ photos and posts, and protect particular vulnerable kids against harassment or stalking. Here’s what the overview is about Net Nanny Social.

First, parents must purchase a license for $19.99, then they must enter it in to the Net Nanny Social main page, then sign up for an account. The account must be linked to a legitimate email and has to be password locked. When you finally get your account set, which shouldn’t take much, the thing to do next is simple.

Using the dashboard, add a child’s social networking account, which can be a Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, or Tumblr. Please follow the instructions on the Net Nanny site, and watch the fun begin.

The real fun is when an alert pops up in your email inbox. For you real inefficient email users, an email address must be legitimate, and is made of the following parts:

The first part is a unique ID or username, then an at sign follows. The next part being called the domain names the originator of the email provider, i.e. Comcast, Yahoo, and Gmail. Gmail is by Google, but it is a specific free email service with powerful features and apps that can be used to fully control your world. Other providers like Hotmail or Yahoo don’t have as many features, but all email providers usually come with chat like programs the way Yahoo Messenger might be connected to your Yahoo screen or user ID. Gmail includes a full Google account, all the bells and whistles of a suite of things including Google drive, a cloud storage area for documents and files; Google Sheets, something akin to Microsoft Excel or a spreadsheet program on other devices; Google Slides, similar to Power Point that does the presentations you might use to present a topic or concept; Google Docs, the editor where you write a document and convert it into another document format if desired; and Google Photos, a picture album organizer for photos and video that you can organize by Date, Folder, etc. Chat programs are about to get a boost and a total run through with Allo and Duo, both powered by your Gmail address and connected to Android. Gmail currently houses Google Plus, also watchable by Net Nanny Social, a social media site dedicated to your Google account. Plus users can create circles, circles running the gamut of family to just acquaintances. It’s like having the onion analogy all connected to your Gmail..

Plus is amazingly useful because you can associate lots of posts with different circles, partially the way Facebook does things. Except for the lack of circles, Facebook is a widely popular platform on which these posts pop up sometimes. With Google Plus, you can add and overlap circles, and you can add companies and communities to your feed. The communities feeds have pictures and text posts like Facebook’s groups.

Google Hangouts is a voice and message chat client based in your Google account as well. It also is embedded in your Plus if you use it.

just about the entire Facebook platform is riddled with all kinds of material, including nudes, dick pics, racist and foul language, grooming, threats, stalking, and more. It can be a great place for your teenager to learn, but when misused, it can become a suicide haven so that bullying results in killing of people by their own hand.

Facebook is probably the most comprehensive social network I am on. It allows people to share and interact with media and text like never before. Google Plus may ask about +1 material, stuff you like. Facebook takes a simpler approach, the “like” button. Again, Facebook runs your page on a legitimate email and password, also a phone number if desired. Facebook Mobile also houses a pin portion which is optional. The pin can only be 4 digits and must be known to the user while logging in if this is chosen..

With billions of Facebook users, your teenager might have possibilities to meet people around the globe. I have friends on Facebook from a wide variety of areas in the world, including Australia, Norway, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, better known as the former Soviet bloc. I have a couple friends who are blind in some far off places in Asia and I have Somali born friends who are related to my funny ex, who travels around sometimes. Facebook can allow a user to check in, and when you hit a button, the friends on your page can view you on a map. Google Plus has no such real feature as it were, but if you have Android usability, Google Now can be configured along with location tracking on an Android compatible phone such as a Samsung Galaxy j7 or a Nexus 5x.

Facebook works with the same stuff on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and if configured, you are informed of your teen’s whereabouts. If a teenager wises up to this, you may use other Net Nanny utilities to not permit him to go to that “drug keg party.” If you feel uncomfortable with your teenage daughter sexing around with a boy you dislike or you see is dangerous, Net Nanny will alert you to grooming behavior of this girl’s contact, to which your response can be anything from a small word to demanding by email that the child remove the contact from her social network.

I’m no teen parent, but I’ve been the victim of a bully and a troll. Cyber stalking and harassment is a large problem with social media consumers. To prevent cyber attacks and threats of harm to your child, please make yourself aware of the kinds of things that happen on social media.

The Secret Life of the American Teenage Girl is a book that has many sections and chapters that detail a look at a girl’s typical social media page. Net Nanny does not monitor sites like Qik and Yikyak, but the content of the chapters in the book should show you what people do.

Porn is a problem, and so are young men asking women for “nudes”. Boys sometimes send unsolicited pictures of their penis, a “dick pic” as it is commonly called. Girls who receive unsolicited dick pics may be offended in a wide variety of ways. Net Nanny social will pick up “dick photos” and other things. If your son has written, “Send nudes” in a message based on Facebook or Twitter to a girl, you or the daughter’s parents will be alerted to the content and shown a look at the post. It shows you a link, then you click the link, and do the actions as suggested such as removing the messages, erasing the nude photos, or purging your daughter’s photo collection that contains dick pics.

Nude selfies have become known as an act of texting called “sexting.” Sexting is highly unacceptable for teens, and if your son is sexting over messenger platforms like Facebook, you can be alerted by email or Android notification of your son’s actions. Depending on how frequent your child uses a computer or social media, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly summary reports for your account to be emailed to you. The reports cover things like the frequency of forbidden actions regarding vulgar words in a message, tasteless and violent photos, incidences of bullying, etc. With this report, you can talk with your teen about smarter Internet use. Other utilities by Net Nanny block and schedule online time, and if your teen is a bully, you may want to purchase for a reasonable price the main Net Nanny utility.

For $39 at the cheapest, excluding the social dashboard, Net Nanny’s software utility is usable for Android, Mac and PC. It is imperative that when you decide to use any of the parental software mentioned here, you must first discuss the reasons with your child or teen, and then you must decide what configurations based on your child’s habits work. Play with all the settings, and watch results in the report you will probably read.

As for those parents in other countries, Net Nanny probably does have multilingual support, but if you aren’t sure, do your homework. Net Nanny is only an example.

It is also imperative that if you’re a total dummy with a device or PC, you should try taking a computer class from a licensed IT professional in the field of technology. Go retrieve a dictionary of computer terms, learn the words you need to discuss the technological things, and when you are ready, learn the skills of typing, word processing, and charting. Children will likely know more than you, something you can’t stand as a parent right? Please consider a parenting class or workshop offered by Cyber Angels or similar groups that teach you how to control and protect your child’s reputation and habits. You don’t want that seventeen-year-old bully to spread sexy pics of your daughter all over the place. You probably have had it with your son’s frequent use of “fuck”, “fucking”, “bitch”, etc. to describe all manner of person in his life, including that female math teacher he dislikes. While I hated math as a subject, imagine what any of my teachers would think if they saw a loaded and vulgar comment about her. No professional deserves a twisted teen’s vulgar language, so let Net Nanny teach you the parent a lesson in the antics of a bully. IF your daughter feels nervous or awkward about something, which applies to all parents regardless of Net Nanny Social licensee or not, inform her that the lines are open. For particular cases, it may be necessary to enroll your teen daughter in counseling with a certified therapist, LCSW and MSW credited. I do not recommend just a licensed counselor from online degree programs, which miss the practical component of therapy. Learning to counsel a child or teen in person requires in person practicals, so research your therapist choices before you act.

Suppose your son has been trolling and bullying strange contacts and threatening a host of people. Counseling and therapy in this case may be court ordered if repercussions occur. With this in mind, it is important for you to absolutely push your child to be relaxed and do not talk about bad things. You want to act as open as possible with all your witnesses. The parents in this picture hidden in my box of shame did not monitor or talk about long hair, racial slurs, and other things. Strange, but I thought the cops were out there.

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