Eulogy for the N Word: A History of Pain, Abuse, and Discrimination in the American South and Our Nation

Dear Readers,

In light of the comments of Ivan the Terrible, sworn demonic Russian Mexican czar of badness, and his order that my “nigger boyfriend” go live with “whatever gang he came from” and “rob the local deli”, I’d like to educate the younger ones a bit about how awful that sounded, how absolutely abusive and downright evil that was. And it starts with a single file of slave ships.

When Columbus’s storied voyage came to an end, and when he discovered our North and South America, an idea popped into the heads of European settlers and gentry at the time that Africans could be used as slave labor. Africans themselves treated the slaves better than we did, and the way Africans treated slaves was anything but chattel and property to the point of abuse. Africans generally had the know-how about cattle and farming and working with the crops we needed to survive, but their slaves were part of the family. Maids, nannies, cooks, and other house servants in African nobility were never treated half as badly as the cotton plantation house servants of later times. In our nation, we have been found guilty of turning people into dogs, turning the ones with different colors into wretched alien life forms on Earth that could only do one thing, work for the master. We are continuously guilty of sparring with each other on the subject of race profiling in police stops, and more than two thirds of our incarcerated felons and others are African American or black descent or Asians and Latinos. Not all white people have escaped the prison grip though.

With the advent of our settling the Americas, Caucasians felt it necessary to enslave Africans because they were Africans. Sadly, the man responsible for the best biological classification system, Carolus Linnaeus, still had a black and white bias and used the ability to make progress happen as a deal breaker. The classification of humans denoted that Africans were of a different species, and were deemed as stupid and had little mind for learning. We know this is not true.

Not all whites are so bright either. Humans are just as diverse as anything else, color or otherwise. In the days of slavery, it became apparent that Africans were trying to escape too much, so the Southern masters tried banning literacy, but Africans still read and wrote. Harriet Jacobs was a prominent figure in those days, and she was taught to read and spell, on the premonition that she would be a house maid or child’s nurse. However, Jacobs was more than meets the eye. Her owners were extremely abusive, the one she calls Dr. Flint being a rapist and her mistress being as cold as ever. It became apparent that slavery was corrupting families, and as Jacobs would later write, the Slave’s New Year’s Day was no exception. Housemaids and nursemaids had no easier a job than field hands. Harriet Tubman, the famed founder of the Underground Railroad, a network of safe places where fugitives could find freedom, was made to entertain her master or her hiring out guy, the man who supervised her labors. Tubman had two chances to be a house slave, and she was at one point forced to work at a nursery as a nanny at only seven. She had to rock the baby back and forth and clean Miss Susan’s house, but the ladies were not of fair quality and they would abuse the girl. Miss Susan’s husband could have raped Harriet and gotten her pregnant in this situation.

Harriet eventually acquiesced for a time to being a field slave, working with cotton and planting and picking things. However, it became apparent that this was wearing her out. She found out her sisters and other families were being sold South and torn up, and to be “sold south” as they used to call it was no walk in the park. Slaves sold Southbound were often put in very cruel hands. Because of so many uprisings, patrol squadrons “patterollers” as the slaves would call them, they’d wander among the fields and they’d force them to work. Slaves had a faster resilience though than the masters expected.

Thanks to leaders in the black neighborhoods and plantations of the time, African spiritual music came to being. The Transatlantic trade in slaves brought huge changes to American musical forms, including the very invention of jazz and the playing of a banjo, whose very name was derived from West African lore.

However, the African people have learned to endure many hardships. They have lacked education but yearn to be respected. Today’s black youth face gang rates of a disproportionately high rate, however, if you give a black man the chance, he will work his butt off for you white or otherwise. If you teach the same black person to play the drums, piano, flute, anything for that matter, something wonderful happens. However, we must never forget that not all robberies are done by black groups of youth who are disenfranchised. Kahili is 31 years old, and as such, is not a known youth gangster. Kahili fits well with refined black or African noblemen, but does not like the Urban culture that is frequently imposed upon him. He doesn’t let it happen.

Because of recent acquittals and killings of black boys in the news, our little friend Ivan must not have really understood the nature of African American culture. Africans are naturally a lot stronger than whites, who are more likely to spend their days raising spoiled kids, worry too much about finances, and expect their daughters to marry rich assholes who don’t care about the woman’s feelings. There are traces of the Southern planter lifestyle everywhere down there, and I have a classic example.

Jim Owens’s wife JoAnn and their daughter were descendants from plantation slaveholders, and this is not uncommon. JoAnn became a mother again, however, when her wild daughter gave birth to a disabled baby boy, Jason, and JoAnn raised him as his mom. Then, next came Amber, and the two children were raised in solid family values. The difference is that Amber seriously has a future, and as a woman at all, she looks to the brighter side of things. Jason’s lineage, however, has a long history of corruption. White Protestant males in the South have frequently been caught killing or raping black women slaves and later, throwing them around if they broke the rules. It is Jason and his kind that are often the sort that would flood police forces in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and the other Southeast states. In the movie, Selma, it is seen to it in some areas that the blacks are beaten up. Jimmy Lee Jackson was murdered by a white police officer who was probably getting away with it. What about disabled people? Maybe we wouldn’t face as much of it, but when Jimmy Lee Jackson died, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at his funeral as was depicted. Blacks are the focus of the film, but would a male like Jason take pleasure in the beating of such wonderful and strong people?

Jason’s blood relations have a significant role to play in the Civil Rights movement of the blacks. IF not for the abuse of the Caucasian families, blacks would not have been able to step forward and demand equality. Now, let’s fast forward.

Let’s look at Ivan for a second. The history of Mexico is just as jumbled and complicated as the one of the United States.

Ivan probably came from a well to do family of white Hispanic Mexican folks who took pride in their son. Ivan was born to be spoiled because a lot of these high and mighty ones would spoil the males. Back to Jason’s family. Amber, as a female, has a bit more freedom but is not spoiled because she is not making up stuff about people on the Internet and showing off recordings. By the same token, if Ivan had a sister, she would be restricted as is apparently befitting women in that family. The Sotos are descendants of a long and tumultuous history in Mexico that begins with the conquering of Moctezuma, or Montezuma the king of the Aztecs.

It all began with Cortes, the explorer who was fascinated with women and Indians in particular as they were classified back in the day. Indigenous slaves were offered to Hernan Cortes and his crew by a group of others, including Malinali Tenepal, a woman who Spaniards and Mexican children alike are frequently misinformed and not educated about. The slave girl known as Malinali was later baptized by the Spanish people as Marina, and she fell for Cortes. She became a close adviser to the man, and with her help, Montezuma and the Aztecs were made to leave and were conquered in Mexico. They say that Marina Tenepal was the true conqueror of Mexico because of her skill and wit with words and her knowledge of how the Aztecs work. First of all, their army and military tactics were badly in need of redoing, but the culture messed it up. Worse, they stole a Toltec god called Quetzlcotl from the pantheon of that people, and thought that Cortes was their god. That was a surefire way for his armies to get them bad.

Mexico does not end with just the Aztecs. There is more. Mexico became a Spanish speaking country as early as the Aztec conquest, but later on, we dealt with the Mayans. Mayans weren’t so bad, and their civilization and writing system was envied by the Spanish priests who wished they’d accept Christ. Oftentimes, Mayan script was burned during the conversion of the indigenous persons. Oftentimes, Mexican natives in Mexico and other parts of the Conquest block were used as baggage carriers and slaves as well. Aztecs did slavery too, and there was no exception to what brutality they would impose upon themselves and others they conquered. They’d use human sacrifices to Quetzlcotl and other gods as a means to deter or show the other persons in conquered bondage that they were the boss. What brutality!

Later on, Mexico and Spanish people would become responsible for the founding of states like Arizona and California. Baja California is a part of Mexico. Texas, another state founded by the same sort of person, came from a Spanish word Tejas meaning “friends” or “allies.” Many other states have Spanish roots to their names. So Mexicans have a strong tie to the U.S.

The history gets better. Santa Anna, general in charge of Texas lost the state in the battle of the storied Alamo. There’s an old saying that Texans and other Americans should remember the Alamo. The Americans did lose some lives there, but overall, Texas became annexed by America, and later its own state. It has a lone star on its state flag, hence its prominent nickname.

Mexicans who were of noble descent were known to keep indigenous Navajos and others as slaves in their houses. If you read Sing Down the Moon by Scott o’Dell, you’ll find that the main character, a young Navajo woman of sixteen, is enslaved for a time, but had she stayed, the Senor might have used her for pleasure or sex even before she could become old enough in mind to marry. In the book, Bright Morning eventually escapes with the help of Nehana, a Nez Perce, or Mimipu tribeswoman and goes back to her people and marries Tall Boy, a young warrior her parents picked out. She even liked Tall Boy, so it would work.

Mexicans have a long history of enslavement, rape, and conquest in the absolute absurd manner of stealing the land. However, today’s Mexican youth are while Catholic, displeased with their country’s status on the global stage. It is apparent that Spaniard Mexican youth and adults are facing the same plights as African Americans have faced and currently face now. Many Latino boys are migrant workers, some working in tomato fields, orange groves, and slaughterhouses. Mexican fathers and husbands are building our houses, cleaning our offices, and taking care of our bodies! Ivan is from a class of ungratefulness. He does not realize that his own people currently face drug dealers, coyotes, kidnappers, and worse, sex traffickers. His female Mexican relations are at high risk of sex trafficking, and some in South America if any are forced to work in the fields in fear of being beaten. Ivan is visually impaired so cannot truly understand or face the pain of his family and current people. If he is Mestizo, the Spaniard word for a mix of white Mexican Spaniard and indigenous together, he would still face a political and racial disadvantage. In Mexico, with dark skin comes a high cost. IF he were bred with Mayan blood in him, there might have been discrimination and lots of mistreatment. Remember Rigoberta Menchu? That woman got the Nobel Peace Prize for actually fighting for her people’s rights. Would Ivan do that? Given the temperament of his commentary, no. He is not able to discern that the plight of his own people is the same as Kahili’s.

If I were a judge of his situation, there are a few things I would recommend:

He should not listen to misinforming media broadcasts about Donald Dump. Ivan should be restricted from reading any newspapers if any, magazines, and use of the Internet. Because he is using foul language to describe everything from myself to Dump to the state of our country, this boy should be reeducated in a grammar school like that found in Texas or Louisiana. He could benefit highly from education in clean language, and must make an effort to tone down and completely end the use of the word “fuck” or “fucking.” He did this more than 22 times in one paragraph, I counted, and I stopped counting after seeing twenty five more. Ivan does not know how to treat people, so I would also recommend that he go live with other troubled teenagers, and stop complaining that I, Beth, use “his” taxpayer dollars to eat Taco Bell. To me, the taxpayer who works is obligated to make sure that everybody has a fair shake. However, SSI is almost the only way a blind person can live these days because of employer attitudinal barriers Ivan does not understand.

To vote, you must be eighteen, and Ivan being fifteen must wait three years. You must be a U.S. citizen, test and all, or by the laws of jus solis and jus sanguinis in order to perform your civic duty to vote. Ivan being Mexican born or however many generations faces a greater chance of discrimination in a lot of areas. I mean, how the hell is he gonna get through when he is accused of lying about U.S. citizenship? A lot of forms and applications for housing, jobs, and pets, and other stuff all ask for citizenship proof. Ivan being Mexican will likely face a host of problems understanding his people’s history and his own lot in life. Ivan will not understand the repercussions of his heinous actions of harassment on the Internet. He will not understand that Twitter archived the entire grunge match between him, Katherine, and Jack, two of my Twitter followers. Jack Swagger, also being 15, ineligible to vote, has a lot more smarts than this. Ivan is not trained as others are in the proper use of technology and media at home. He must promise not to make people look like losers and understand that if he does this, accountability must be dealt with. Why aren’t the Sotos taking away his PC, Mac, or phones and mobile devices? Why? Is that the commonsense thing all parents should do if their child is being a bully and throwing stereotypes around? Yes. But Senor and Senora Soto are not doing so, and this calls for immediate action.

This blog here is a great place for me to write, and I’ve lived through a lot of history lessons, and trust me, at least I use my head. As evidenced in the history of blacks and Mexicans, it is apparent that I have a brain, and I use my brain to understand how this stuff relates to each other. The human race, like Ivan Soto, has a lot of problems. We generally like to target something, whether it be people, cats, or dogs. History repeats this pattern again and again and again.

Thank you for reading.

The Queen

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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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