The Prose Ballad of Ivan the Terrible Teenage Freak: How the War was Finally and For the Moment Won

Dear Readers,

So it all started with a comment. One little comment, and the guy left no traceable evidence of who he was, so I thought he was just a mean adult man who was after me because of my job situation. But after investigating the matter deeply, I find it very clear a few things about this male commentator are true. He used disposable email addresses through a coding program script as described by a young man I spoke with earlier this week on Facebook Messenger. This teenage boy, as he’d turn out to be, is Mexican by ethnic origin and possibly a white boy by race. Since he is a young and disgruntled Latino on the wrong side, I need to remind you all that Dump, a.k.a. Trump, will not win the Latino Mexican vote. Ivan’s family being Mexican, he should have been more informed about his own people’s plight. Let’s just say that Mexicans are crossing illegally because the country they come from is dangerous. Same goes for Guatemala and other South and Central American countries. I sat beside Edith Sanchez, a young Venezuelan girl on a schoolbus on the way back and forth from high school, and her country is in ruins because of Hugo Chavez, and that man equates Americans like George W. Bush with Satan. My dad once said he would not allow the drivers in his family to go to Sitco Gas Stations because of Venezuelan oil reserves and Chavez’s rude comments. Well? If Ivan had been more educated, perhaps he would be more willing to help Mexican children and adults fleeing their homeland to learn English, give the young ones their immunizations if able, build houses for Habitat for Humanity or something. Men are generally better at power building stuff than women in those organizations. Samaritan’s Purse would never let me build but they’d have me sweeping and doing drudgery that a woman is supposedly fit to do, evidence of gender bias.

Ivan’s commentary about me, Blake, and Kahili was more than biased against himself, that is he being visually handicapped/impaired. A recent Twitter conversation between Ivan, Katherine Moss of Wilmington, MA, and a young one called Jack Swagger reveals that he is definitely responsible for the nasty comments on the blog.

First of all, the first comment I called out. Ivan has no taste in music, never learned high cultural stuff, and is uneducated in all things except hacking people’s accounts and making viruses or evil code for malicious purposes. Ivan’s disposable email client was used for all malicious purpose. He also used Blake’s name for the sole purpose of desecrating what was our relationship which I always seemed to have worried about in my blog.

One thing that struck me about Ivan’s recent and final comment, so we hope, was his use of the N word. He called Kahili a nigger. Let me explain in detail who and what this is about.


The term “nigger” is a word that is full of negative and evil energy. It reminds us that African flesh and blood and bones went into the making of White Southern homes and families like the Owens family, namely the ex that I truly despise. Ivan being Mexican, he should probably look deeper inside himself. Rigoberta Menchu was a Native Mexican born girl who was treated like scum because she was indigenous, and many Mexicans, both Mestizo and white, they’re all treated like scum. What was Ivan’s purpose here treating his own blood and kind like scum!

Back to the n word. Kahili has ancestry in the Slave plantations, and those kind of places weren’t great. The white masters raped their female slaves so they could defile them. Sometimes the females got pregnant, which then the master would hail as more goods for the slave market. Ivan does not know the terrible way a black man was treated. Has he ever thought to read Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacobs? She wrote under the pseudonym of Linda Brent, and then used fake aliases for a lot of folks. Molly Horneblow was her grandma, and she was sold at auction and she made the masters realize their fault in doing so. Molly was a strong woman as many black women are. Kahili’s mom particularly is a strong and hell bent lady who just doesn’t let you forget what you’re doing. The mother and Kahili and I are on better terms, but she’s a good person all together.

Ivan will never understand the inferior position that Kahili’s people faced, including having to address the whites as “Yes, Mass’r” and “No, Mass’r.” He will never address his elders properly, and feel the pain of having to call every white woman “Miss” so and so, even little girls. Kahili would have had to call his slave mistress “Miss” or “Ma’am” or “Mistress” or something similar. His mistress would claim ownership and priority over his own father, to which he would never belong. Harriet’s brother was downright stunned because when his father called to him, and then Mistress, he ran to Father, and the Master killed the poor black slave and laid him in a simple ramshackle grave beside his dead wife. Ivan will never feel the pain and sorrow of the little slave boy who is told that he is not a man, yet he is a piece of property and will work his ass off till he’s dead. Ivan will never know the force with which Master would whip the black man, even with an overseer there. Ivan will never know.

But it gets better, or worse. Ivan will never see signs that say “white” and “colored” as described in Martin Luther King’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail. Ivan Soto will never understand that there was a time that in Mexico and the U.S. alike, color was a means to hit someone. To suggest Kahili live on the street and listen to “shitty” music and rob a bank is a disgrace. Ivan doesn’t know that his own ethnic people are starving worse than I am, walking for miles in the heat of desert sun, all that just to give the children a better chance at life. Ivan’s parents, mind you, are probably trying to give their dear little prick of a son a good life, but Ivan is indeed being a prick and not realizing that he could have been denied the computer, or in back time, the pen. Ivan would be denied basic inalienable rights not because he is blind, but due to his ethnicity and race. Blindness of course would put him at a further disadvantage in Mexico. Mexicans with blindness are routinely denied educations and free lives, meaning free from war, drug smuggling, coyotes, kidnapping for drug money, fear of a drug lord out there. What he doesn’t know about Dump is that he called his entire race and ethnic group rapists and drug lords. Ivan is an ungrateful and spoiled brat who doesn’t know the pain that it took to get most of America free. We’re working on stopping deportations of Latino immigrants because lots of the places in Latin America are flooded with drug lords and cartel heads who would kidnap. Or use kids like Ivan for soldiers. FARC, the rebel group in Columbia, is finally disarming itself, but in places like Mexico and Trinidad and Jamaica, Ivan could face many obstacles that could narrow down to his death at a young age. A family in his blood Mexico once did a mass to make their blind baby son die! Is that obvious that Ivan’s eyes are more blind than I am? Yes. I may be blinded physically, but at least I use my head and learn. I have read countless books on ethnic discrimination and disability advocacy and rights, and Native American tribes are now taking control of sacred lands. Blake’s tribal representation is three different ones. His mother, god bless her, was called a word I dare not write here, but it was a slur uttered against Native women. Blake’s dear mom should know what I’m saying, she saw it written on her property once, but I may be wrong. People do this to Jews, Catholics, Irish anythings, blacks, folks who aren’t white, Anglo Saxon Protestant. Thus I will not vote for a white Anglo Saxon prick! One named Donald Dump! Who has no clue that one of his victims is the young commentator whose heritage Donald doesn’t know what to think of.

Ivan has since been reported for harassment on Twitter, and his IP was published in my previous writing. If you truly care about your people and ethnic minority groups, do something with that. Thank you all for your support.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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