No Bill, No Break: Republicans Are Completely Blinded By Politics and Themselves

Dear Readers,
Imagine if you were in a large building and suddenly, a gunman walked in. Imagine the next day’s paper: “A gunman walked into a —— in —–, —— and killed —– people.” This kind of sentence has gone on for quite a while:
A gunman walked into Norris Hall at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, killing 32 innocents. The same thing happened in Columbine with two teenage gunmen killing a number of teachers and students. The same scenario repeats itself with different motives in places like Fort Hood, Texas, where a Muslim psychiatrist named Hassan killed  few folks claiming he was on the wrong side the whole time; Chattanooga, Tennessee, where a psychotic terrorist killed a sailor or two standing guard no less; San Bernardino, California, where a husband and wife team killed a few people at a small party being held at Christmastime, with the motie being that Muslims should kill non Muslims; in New Mexico; in Atlanta, Georgia; in Cleveland, Ohio; and finally, Orlando, Florida, where at a gay nightclub called the Pulse, the largest mass shooting in history took place when a Muslim gunman walked in to a club with heavy guns and armor piercing ammunition, killing 49 people, including a policeman in Orlando’s OPD.
Why is this sentence so long? Because gun violence is too damn much My boyfriend comes from a large demographic of persons particularly prone to gun violence. I would never want him to live homeless because of this country’s apparent obsession with guns. Period.
I will not name any victims from recent mass shootings, but I will name the closest shooting that is particularly close to my heart. Chad Tucker, aged 20, of Camp Verde, Arizona, gunned down in a single handed shooting by a mentally unstable girlfriend, and that shooting destroyed a number of things, and a relationship, an caused the mother to grieve in largely inappropriate ways. It is imperative that this government consider gun legislation that puts the gun owner who gunned down this young man to justice, and thousands more victims could soon follow. There is more to the story of gun violence in this country. See more below.
Congress and politicians do not seem to give a damn if lives are cut short. Congress only cares about their plush lives, their personal vendettas against blind folks, and Republicans in particular aren’t African American, just as my boyfriend is.
How many Chad Tuckers will die in the next six months? And how many widows will these gunmen bring? How many more mothers and families of these young lives will be forced to lose their loved ones and move on so horrifically that they either go to Rehab, destroy themselves, or go to Capitol Hill? I have a message to all those idows an families of gun violence victims: you are not alone. I know the pain you are feeling, and I will not stop writing until gun violence is eradicated!
I’m serious. Congress will get no break unless a bill is passed. I won’t stand back and watch Republicans ban Muslims, ban blind persons and ban peace. Trump would likely kill and encourage hate and bigotry against anyone who doesn’t like Trump and his selfish asshole stuff!
We must vote Clinton, and we will put an end to gun violence once and for all. Anyone who is known to be a drug or violent offender should never buy a gun. Background and fingerprint checks should always follow a gun purchase. Period. Is that too much to ask? Think about

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “No Bill, No Break: Republicans Are Completely Blinded By Politics and Themselves”

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    1. See the comment, and kiss your internet goodbye!!! You disrespectful little bulky little child. I hope your mother gives you a big fat spanking for what you did. I am not going to be that stupid and throw racist slurs at you because I found out who you are. You’re even, Ivan the Terrible Mexican kid right? Yeah. Well since you called my boyfriend a nigger, let me tell you something. There are a lot of Mexicans like you who have families illegally crossing the border of this country but am I going to sit there and make comments about that and ban an entire race of people because I called them rapists and drug lords? Son, you’re not even old enough to vote! Mark this post is not about you, it is about gun control. Goodbye.


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