The Suspect in a Game of Who’s the Best: The Profile of the Man Responsible for the Vulgarities On This Site

Hello readers,
I’d like to ask you all to do a favor for me. I’ve had to make changes in the way comments are done on this page, all for reasons I’m about to cover.

I came across Successful Blind Man while browsing through email of all things and saw that his comments were laced with vulgar wording, abusive language, and offensive and slanderous content. All of this was done against myself, my buddy Blake, and Kahili, whose name should never have been revealed in such an unkind way. This man has the following characteristics, so you all follow along and see who this is:

The man is a Facebook and Twitter user although doubtful if he’s following me on either.

This person knew or knows about my past with Blake and uses Blake’s first and last name as his own when commenting on my stuff.

This guy uses disposable emails while commenting, thus the new setup, and his email user domain names are too graphic and vulgar to share here.

He has been known to use the word “blink” in a vulgar and slangy fashion. He did so with me in the last comment.

He dragged Kahili into the fray by mentioning that we are going to starve because of food stamps and get our kids taken away, etc etc.

This man is not my most recent ex, Joey, he is someone else for sure.

This man overuses the words “fuck” “shit” “ass” every other word pattern in a sentence. Who is this!

This guy snooped and spied on me and my boyfriend while we had ordinary trips out and about, and complained about that to me in a really aggressive and vulgar style.

This man also had access to election materials, touting Trump as God, and stating that he will make you work. Who does that!

If anyone on WordPress or any of the sharing pages has any information that could assist in getting this man permanently deleted from the Internet, please contact me upon reading this post, in other words, immediately.

Thank you.

P.S. Any leads outside the U.S. will not be accepted. This man resides in the United States, but any foreign people who know something about him should contact me, but I know he is not a foreign man. He has knowledge of American citizen civics and law, so that narrows it down!

Thank you for your help

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “The Suspect in a Game of Who’s the Best: The Profile of the Man Responsible for the Vulgarities On This Site”

  1. I hope you find the guy, It’s a shame when someone deliberately torments someone online thinking there are no repercussions or that it doesn’t matter because you usually can’t confront them face to face.


  2. Ma’am or sir, I didn’t get a clear name from your blog URL, but that’s exactly what I’m thinking. This is why I’m calling it a WordPress Warrant for this guy’s termination. I can’t wait to hear the bastard’s name and work information. Thank you for your thought, and for the rest of you readers, please if you have any information, please put it where it can be seen. Due to the vulgar comments, only WordPress signed in subscribers and users of the blog site can comment. So if you are a Facebook or Twitter user, any thought that is relevant to finding this guy is appreciated.


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