Whoever Reads This Post Should Be Comfortable with Disabled People In the Lead, Period, Or Else Don’t Bother Subscribing to this Blog

Hello, readers.

I recently was told that ACLU could not help with my case. Honestly, I was nervous while speaking to the lawyer. I won’t reveal exactly what, or who, she was, but this person suggests a couple of impossible things: get a part time job and demonstrate complete independence. But how? and What?

Let’s start with the bane of every disabled person’s existence. Employer attitude is not something easily changed. This person suggests I work with DVR, however they do not wish to work with me. They’ve canceled my case, but here’s the hard part: I was all right with it because they seriously confused me out the bat. So I said, okay, fine, I’m not working with you all anymore. They had me in sheltered places, working in enterprise facilities that did not befit the intellect I was looking for. Sadly, I cannot go to college with DVR. It’s strange, but a part time job would not fit here also because DVR’s idea of a job would either be silverware rolling, which lost a friend of mine money, or call center work, which would then mess up my whole life. DVR should think twice before putting blind people in the Arc call center. My buddy Art had issues with the DVR arrangement, and Arc did not appreciate this man’s many years of inside sales representative work on top of college in political science. This call center dehumanizes anyone who works there, and I’ve got friends who can back me up.

Thus why I do not work with DVR as suggested and why I cannot receive a part time job.

Another reason I can’t do the part time job is that my major in college, which I want to go back and attend, requires extra work outside the classroom. All music majors must, at all colleges I’ve looked at, study a principle instrument with a gifted professor, and I’ve had great teachers. The instrument teacher would likely ask that I practice two hours per day, but that’s not all. Practicals such as conducting are required for learning high school chorus skills. I would likely want to do elementary education in music, but I do believe middle and high school would do just fine if there wasn’t a job in elementary. If I do find a full time career as a teacher in an elementary school, and music being what I’d teach the children, then there are a few things I’d need: health benefits for both myself and my boyfriend and future children, a lot of money so we can get a better place, and people to at least hang out with or leave us alone. Period.

A part time job would not give us top rated doctors, and would disturb the practice time that I would desperately need as a musician on the principle instrument of the piano. We would love to do a business on the side, run a small sound production company, but Kahili and I have to be serious. We are not going to put up with travel to work. Kahili’s disabilities do require extra attention, something employers won’t take into account, so I have to be the bredwinner of the family. I will have to take maternity leave, and if Hilary has her way, we will always have that paid parental leave. I hope to become a Master teacher in the elementary music education. It would bring me oodles of joy to teach small children music, something nobody cared to do at all.

I’m sure there are prodigies in the sand hiding for me to find, right?

Now, all that job stuff I mentioned is seriously important, but the problem we also have here is a parent’s willingness to see what they’ve done. A guardian would likely put me in the hands of a predator upon his/her death. My father would likely not spend every penny in my name, but guess what? That is not gonna happen. Not with my parents, all because I’ve been the daughter for years. But my father, god forbid he ever read this, does not understand. He’s not gonna be around forever. Kahili will, at least for a long ass time.

My father has taken away the civil rights of a blind woman, all because of a selfish and evil plan he has concocted, all over a guy. It’s way overboard, and I’m being called border line personality all over this. Independence cannot be fully demonstrated if I’m not able to move, not able to walk, not able to feed myself. That would be full license for a guardian to go in and smash my assets. I’ve even told my dad that nursing homes in Florida have serious issues with abusing their clients. Half or more have guardians who are preying upon them, and I refuse to be among those people committed to some institution, whatever the weather, and I’m not going to be in this situation at all. Being committed to an institution is downright horrific, and if my father doesn’t think clearly about the guardianship, he could end up dead, and his daughter, the prissy lady in the back, could end up preyed upon, and sorry, but then my future husband could have no say in whether he has an opportunity to make love to me, to raise his children, etc. We cannot be stuck. WE need to move the hell on, and right now we have no recourse. None.

I call upon all Florida legislators to end all forms of guardian centered guardianship. I call upon all states and politicians to care, whether you like it or not, about us. We want jobs, we want lives, we want it all because you wake up every day thinking you can be as happy as birds, but people like me could end up confused in a nursing home after eighty years of hell!

Please consider what I wrote, and I will be free to talk with anyone. Readers, I do apologize if some of this entry might have offended you all, but this is rather important.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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