The Decimation of my Skype Contacts List

For all readers who were or are on Skype, please read this carefully.
I went through my offline and no details contacts, and was shocked to find that fifteen people, including some notables such as Michael Capelle, a good friend named Kate, and even a really fine guy called Lino Morales, all of them are gone. What shocked me further was that there was more than that. Mark D. is gone as well as Amanda McClure and several others, and I am saddened by all this. What’s altogether disturbing is that I heard from a message that people have been lying about me, saying that I cheat and have sex promiscuously. This is all false, and I demand that this end, here and now. I’m fixing to clean up Skype so that people do not say or do any further damage to me. If you are on my Favorites, I’d like to thank you for being there. I’m going to write all the names on a first name basis of those who are on my favs list, and some of you know this, but I’m gonna be clear. The favs include:
Jessie Messy, Blake, Ben the Bird Man, Chris G., Deq, Danny who is buds with Jessie, and I think I’ve got Arik there too. There are several others, and yes, Lacey you are safe. Lacey Hughes is safe and sound because she should have been a while ago. Anyhow, those of you I spoke to on the other list you guys are staying, but all you others should probably message me and let me know what’s up. I’ve had to go through a lot of bad profiles and see who’s there and who’s not. If you want to be added to Favorites, please be good and behave yourselves.
Other than all this talk about my Skype contacts, I’d also like to let everybody know as a reminder that absolutely no pro Trump materials and links or statements are allowed on my blog as a safety precaution due to attacks that I’ve had recently. If you attempt any malicious slandering and attacking on my blog, you will be called out, IP address and all, and there might even be the boys in blue at your door. It is uncalled for to attack and dole out hate to folks who truly want a safe blogging atmosphere and all. This country is going to the tubes, for real, and to see anything that is pro Republican on my blog is truly offensive because of the potential for attacks. I want to also say thanks again to the favs list and hope all is well with the world. I will also not forget that those I have messaged both on favs and main list will stay if they wish. Kahili is also clean and clear. Thanks again, guys.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “The Decimation of my Skype Contacts List”

  1. just read this and people should stop lying abou others and making assumptions. I had a similar experience where someone I’d been Skype text chatting with not long after we’d been chatting about this and that I was gone from her contact list. turned out a friend of hers said I’d been sending annoying chats to this lady which I knew I hadn’t been but he said he had the Skype chat logs to prove it. she’d given him her Skype id and password and told him to do with me what ever he saw fit. I know Stephanie hill A.K.A. sweetstephanie would never do that nobody in their right mind should give someone else their Skype id and password. while I’m at it, some people delete from contacts if people don’t talk to them very often or just for no reason what so ever sometimes it’s about time we knew who our real friends were as hard as that is.


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