Something Important to Note

Dear Readers,
First of all, I’d like to say that even in this so-called Land of Opportunity, we still have problems. What I’m seeing is something I’m quite ashamed of. We must have major changes to our policy in order for a blind person like me or anyone for that fact to live and work freely and comfortably, and for a family to survive. Let’s get a few facts straight:
1. Over 60% of first marriages end in divorces, even higher for those who are very young and disabled couples.
2. It is highly frowned upon for anyone to accept Medicaid.
3. More than 3.5% of people die each year from homicide. Compared to 0.5% estimated in Vancouver, BC, Canada, this is a travesty.
4. More than 75% of disabled people are unemployed or put down as worthless in DVR and state-sponsored rehabilitation centers, which most of them steal our tax dollars.
What can we do to reverse these facts? First, I’ll start with the biggest problem.
1. First of all, more than 60% of people in the U.s. are stressed out working adults, probably the bulk of the sighted population, and this is taking a toll on them. One of the biggest consequences of stressed out jobs is indeed the financial toll many marriages end up going down. The spouse making the money feels pressure to provide for the nonworking spouse. I knew a young man who was so frazzled by the financial situation and the landlord’s push for him to pay rent that he snapped on his wife and kids. This is a problem for a lot of spousal relationships. The high amount of stress leads to spouse abuse, an upslide in domestic abuse being unacceptable in terms of women’s safety and health. Pregnant women face a larger chance of spousal abuse, and part of this problem is that we have men who simply won’t provide the necessaries for their wives. Can’t bosses be a bit less pushy on the employees? Fast food workers face the largest pushiness rate of all working adults and teenagers alike. It is unsafe for teens to work at fast food joints, and having done so many times, some teenagers who are moms themselves need to be with kids they’ve borne out of wedlock so that they can raise the child properly. Canadian workforce policy says that moms get so many hours of leave to be with kids. I do say that families should come first, and whether financial or whatever, a family should be provided for, and paid leave is important. That could destress marriage a bit. The other things that stress couples out are not enough time together, children and homework, and unreasonable expectations. Women should be expected to be there for the men, and so should the men. Marriage is not so that a woman or girl can get the latest Gucci purse or Dolce And Gabbanna accessories or so that she can be admired in that nothing-but-frills Christian Dior piece of crap that only Ivana Trump could afford. Marriage is about love, and an expression of love does not need to cost so much. For instance, Kahili and I both like Narnia and Lord of the Rings. We can find similarities between the two, except that Narnia suggests that a lion is God, that none of the good characters actually got married, etc. I don’t know many songs from the Narnia soundtrack, and I like the books, but I can’t seem to find a good Narnia inspiration that would then lead me to find a good color and a dress and all. However, Arwen and Aragorn get married in the third installment of LOTR, but the dress is green, a woody Elven color, and in my firm opinion, I’m not Elvenlike enough to warrant green. Actually, I love gold, yellow, and red. I am thinking more towards a gold base color, with green, purple, and red accent coloring in all the right places. Then, I would need the Evenstar necklace, of course. Then, there is a matter of the music, which LOTR has music with the correct wording for a wedding. I figured out which ones would work for a wedding. One of them is I Desire, performed by Enya in the first installment. The ending song could ultimately end up being Into the West, all that because it’s about leaving and well wishing.
That is no more than a thought. How many couples have this idea? I’m sure there are plenty of LOTR-inspired wedding themes out there, but it’s really a matter of thought that counts. It is unreasonable for any spouse or a bride to expect her soon-to-be husband to be kind to the point of allowing her to exploit him. Kahili is so sweet, but I frequently tell him that he needs something to live on. He says I must have the entire food supply if I may exaggerate. But then I insist he eat so that he has the energy and time to do the things he wants, and if he so much wishes to make love and have a good day, I know he must in any case do what I ask and eat something. Whether it’s a raisin or cherries, he must indeed eat. That’s my rule.
If he truly feels stuffed, that’s fine I let it slide. It just can’t happen all the time.
Anyhow, many marriages are also unreasonably rigged for the men as well. The kind of marriage that anyone should expect is a marriage in which both people commit to each other, but in Kahili’s case I come first. Women are pregnancy prone, so yes, I do believe we should come first. Since women are also prone to the anguished pains of giving birth, we should be respected as the sacred doorway to the world. We should, however, never be addressed like a doormat.
Many men think it’s okay to treat women as a doormat, and sadly the spouse abuse rate is high among such people. The biggest problem is that men work too hard and think they are entitled to sex, a lot of sex twenty-four hours a day at home with their wives as I am exaggerating. If a man works a tad less, realizes the value of his mate more, maybe he’ll actually fess up and shut up and realize that there are days that lovemaking isn’t in the cards or on the menu. When a woman says she doesn’t want to make love, that turns it to rape, and men who rape will obviously be divorced. A big huge problem with many first marriages ending in divorce is the lack of money for weddings, lack of ideas, and unreasonable judgments made by families. Unfortunately, many families are going to judge a guy who’s black marrying a white daughter. They could also overprotect disabled couples who have the potential to marry and stay married, even when they themselves don’t stay that way. Parents who divorce also do so because they fail to get to know each other properly. Again, the lack of free time and spouse and date time. Since there is lack of free time in a day, spouses don’t get the opportunity to know each other to the point where they do not fight.
2. Medicaid is frowned upon so much that the formerly rich people look at Medicaid beneficiaries as the scum of the Earth, which makes me and others look bad. America I”m ashamed to say it, but we have the highest rate of welfare receipt in the developed world. We also have too much in the way of poverty, hunger, and so on. We need to be considerate of the fact that many poor people get sick, and sickness cannot be paid for by such people. This is a travesty that many African American women also do not have access to what they need in the way of healthcare. What a shame that this country doesn’t have universal healthcare. Ugh.
3. The over 3% of homicide related deaths due to gun usage in the U.S. is a shameful statistic. Why is the NRA all about all people owning guns? Today, the NRA is a profit-based Super interest group that wants to steal your money so they can cause more criminal related homicides with guns. We have many children’s blood on our own hands, and this is making me and other potential moms sick to the stomach. How many children have died in Canada? Oh, not as many as here, I guarantee that. At least Canadians have far less homicides because of commonsense gun legislation. We need this, and if we do not pass the gun laws soon, who knows! Kahili could become a victim of homicide and I will have to pay funeral bills and scream all over Capitol Hill about gun violence. Ugh.
4. With the high unemployment rate of disabled folks, it is not the fault of coddling or SSI, but the fault of overprotective and uneducated families who strive to keep the disabled adult child at home, not allow them out in the workforce, and force them to work at the Burger Kings and McDonaldses in our communities. The Goodwill is a sheltered workshop in which such folks get paid less than a few pennies sometimes. We must get the brain on straight. Disabled adults and young people want a living wage, so giving them a chance to reach for their dreams is important. One thing I’d like to point out is that the Teach and Time acts would work well in colleges and university settings, but we need these legislative things here now. We cannot afford a Donald who won’t pass the legislation because truthfully, he doesn’t give a damn about any but his friends, his buddies, himself. Same with other Republicans. And calling a human being Lucifer in the flesh, what does that tell us? Sounds like Ted Cruz is a real hater, and he is up there with Donald as far as the ability to dole out hate speech to people who aren’t particularly able to defend themselves. Because of all the points I’ve made, I hereby declare that I may be moving to Canada if Trump is elected president. If Trump is sworn in as President, I and my love Kahili are leaving this country because the opportunity is truthfully not there for us. It wasn’t there when I was told I was unemployable. It wasn’t there when I could no longer attend meetings at CCB. It wasn’t there when I was told I was psycho and stupid. It was never there when I was not allowed to date in my past life. And it may not be there if Kahili and I are told not to marry or be with each other. It may never arrive if I’m told to abort my kids because, in a judge’s words, I would not be able to handle my own affairs. It is not in the spirit of any decent country to hold someone incompetent because of blindness, and then keep doing so because you doubt yourself as the parent of such a person. Goodbye, Trump supporters. I hope you enjoy defiling the rest of the freedoms I should have enjoyed as a young person and that I may never enjoy as an adult.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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