Justification for a Better and clearer Cell Phone Camera to Read Mail for Blind Adults

Dear Readers,
Below are a few things to think about. IF you’re blind and reading this, then you know these things to be somehow true or could happen. Please read this carefully and do not stop till the very end of the post. You should be thinking that what I’m talking about is a need, not a want. There are reasons for it, so listen closely.
If you’re a blind man, you don’t want somebody in your social security stuff, somebody in your food stamps information, somebody in your sensitive medical information such as when your prostate test results came out, when other lab tests come out, whether you’re even mentally ill. This stuff is private, right? Not if you hire a reader, a human reader who would scam and defraud you of what you need to read, hear, and keep. Your sensitive information is something you should hold dear to your heart.
If you’re a blind woman, you don’t want someone such as a human reader in your sensitive information such as what about pregnancy test results, pregnancy information, baby and childcare stuff, your social security info, the information your child’s school sends you, all that stuff should be private. But not if you hire a human reader. If you hire a man to read for you, blind ladies, you could stand a chance for rape and other sexual overtures to happen between you and a reader you hire. What if he brings a PlayBoy magazine to your pad? Ugh. It’s not funny, so ladies, think about this: what if there was a way to read your own mail so you could do it on your own? What about a way to read letters and things such that you don’t have to share that information with a third party such as that creepy neighbor down the block who wants to kiss and fondle you in the middle of the night? Well, there is, but it’s expensive. Either an IPhone or that Google Nexus you want. I am in the running for a Google Nexus 6p, a phone that actually has good things like a better camera. The KNFB Reader is required for many reading tasks. I would like it if we didn’t have to use only that. Just about every other OCR app for Android that my dear Kahili has tried has not worked because of lighting or no good use of the flash. I have no flash and don’t have enough megapixels. In fact, all the reading with KNFB reader has just come out jibberish because of the camera. Ugh. The image was not clear. And I could not read a letter from DVR Colorado saying my case was closed, and why it was closed. Ugh. I would love to read that letter and rip it myself.
Anyhow, the mail should be read by me, or Kahili at all. Kahili needs to know about the same things I need to know about. Kahili should know what we’re in for, what we need, etc. Kahili should know how his future kids are doing, his wife, etc. Of course, we could share important information from our child’s school letters using Google Docs. We could use the Google Sheets to do budget charts, this way we don’t overdo spending. We also need the phone’s NFC tagging so in the event that a child or us may have problems with identifying foods in our pantry such as cans or packaged foods, we can. If a child we conceive has food allergies or a guest has food allergies, we can identify foods with said allergens in them and put them aside. Things like peanut butter are really allergy sensitive for some reason. But peanut allergies don’t come in my family. My hope is that my kids don’t have to have food allergies.
Anyhow, we’re doing just fine. Kahili and I are in need of other justifications for buying this phone set through a grant. Unfortunately, we can’t afford it ourselves without taking a large portion of double payments best suited for buying safer furnishings and other supplies to clean our house or apartment. This is important. At least Kahili has a knack for technological knowledge. Eventualy, I’m bumming away my Apex and going with a more Touch thing. The BrailleNote Touch is so out of price range it’s not even funny. What can we do! The Touch provides more modern web support and you can visit websites more easily. Web visits are important for research purposes and if you want to go somewhere or get a job, these days you must have Internet that works. If I’m out, then yes, the Internet must be a thing to have even in the palm of my hand.
Anyhow, here is what we have so far for both things we want. Hope you readers can add to this.
From Beth, AKA Calypso

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Justification for a Better and clearer Cell Phone Camera to Read Mail for Blind Adults”

  1. well written beth! Our personal information is extremely sensitive and private. It’s often better if we can read our own private information ourselves so nobody else can easily use it against us and to their advantage particularly if they are arguing with you as using someone’s provate information against you is just cruel.


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