Economics of Being a Disabled Adult: What a DisgraceAbout Employment

Dear Readers,
Recently, a young guy I know lost his job no later than three days after he got it. The reason? “Safety concerns” he says. Another guy, username Blind Fury, says that many people won’t hire him. I will try and get a bud of his, Josh, to do an interview for a blog post. Josh has looked all over the country even for IT jobs, jobs that exercise his brains. But Josh says none were available or willing to hire a blind person. Another young man in Wisconsin, someone I know well, he says a new high for unemployed blind or physically disabled adults is … ready for it? 85%. It is a disgrace that so many of us with disabilities are unemployed. I was deemed unemployable in Florida, and I will be happy to blast any person in that place that did this.
Harry McEwing, a man who thought I was just chaotic and nuts, blamed me for all that went wrong with me. Does … Does Harry know anything about the parental psych abuse that took place in the home? No. He knew nothing. And my parents left me with no choice of friends because every friend had to be screened and approved by Mom. Wrong. She even told me what kind of boy to date, what kind of friends to have, what kind of music was acceptable. I’m done with this.
But let’s start with Harry, the guy who did the psych test before my pal Alicia took his place. Harry worked in the Daytona Rehabilitation Center for the Visually Impaired and Blind. I might have switched those terms around, so bear with me. Harry did not do his job properly as a man of social work should do, and instead of doing this, he literally went on blasting me for being incompetent. He suggested that I have an attendant of all things follow my butt around high school. He also said I was “unemployable.” I amounted to nothing in the eyes of the staff at the RCBVI in Daytona. I was told many things that were probably untrue. I have no reason to believe any of the crap because unfortunately, because of people like McEwing, I am a statistic.
What does this story have to do with unemployment? A lot. There are too many downward walking adults hired to help us get jobs, and we only hear negative feedback. The only way to obtain positive feedback is three things: give up, resign, and obey or submit to the low crap. A lot of us have big dreams for ourselves. I wanted to be a singer. I still do, but Kahili in the picture makes things more important. Btw, please read Kahili’s blog because he shares some brief but beautiful things about coming to my abode. I will put a link to his blog below this post. I will at times be writing on his blog about performances and parties we’ve done, stuff we’ve both done together, and the sorts of stuff Kahili might think is weird. Who knows.
Kahili and I are unemployed. We are in a danger zone. Yes, who knows what will happen to me? I have to deal with things like birth control, and of course if my mom or dad were around, I’d absolutely be forced to use an IUD. I will not use any things that require planting something in my body. Ugh, no, no way no how. Come Hell or high water, I will never use shots or IUD treatments to prevent pregnancy. When I want to have children, I’m sure that people are just gonna have to shut the Hell up and deal with it. Kahili and I are gonna do what it takes to have our own jobs, be our own bosses. We cannot at any rate gain employment at some low job such as a day laborer. We cannot be hired a lot of other places. Kahili could have been a useful desk worker, but what employers are desperate for is someone who doesn’t cost them a penny. They only care about the mighty Dollar. The Almighty Dollar even reigns over the Almighty God. Employers do not want you to discuss God at work. Who cares? I’ve given up on all that needs to go into being employed. I’ve totally given up because of what’s happened to my buddies who I know well. Here’s a well known profile of someone in the Federation who is by now famous for a very harrowing case.
Art Yochim, an elderly man seeking to be independent and away from his abusive sister and family, sued the state of Indiana for forcing him to use bad services, and most of all, poor training and other things. Yochim sued Indiana’s Rehab services because most of all, they denied him a stay at the Colorado Center for the Blind. He met and married the love of his life upon coming to Colorado, which took a ghastly three years for Yochim. He and his wife, as they are disabled, have found it hard to find both a safe place to live and jobs. Let’s take Mr. Yochim’s job situation to the floor.
He applied for a few jobs, and after 28 or so years of sales experience, nobody hired him. Even when he tried training with ARC thrift stores and their call center in Denver, the result? We can’t hire you, they said. Yochim, sadly, is not alone. We have thousands upon thousands of blind adults seeking work. And for good reason.
Kahili and I are currently in dire economical needs. We are in dire straits because of his check being screwed up. Mother wants him to be sorry, and she’s put him down a few times, confused him, lied to both of us about bringing food, etc. We’ve seriously considered our options. But the lies and the other stuff have gotten to the point where I figure the cops must be involved in bringing Kahili’s clothing and other possessions here to his new place. I’m here. I’m right here in his and my place, and we’re sharing it together. We share the food, clothing we don’t, but supplies and finances yes. This is a disgrace that we have to rely solely on a screwed up SSI check and it won’t arrive to him till May. Ugh. We need something to buy what we need that works and not have to live like dirty people forever. We need to clean things, and Kahili may need care to at least keep the place at an acceptable maintenance level. But if employers have their way, we will be jobless, childless, whatever for the rest of time. I wouldn’t mind having at least one child. However, a child of mine is staying to the end of his or her eighteenth birthday with me. That is that. IF she wishes to stay longer, that is her right. She can choose what to do after eighteen years old. Trust me, minors should be taught the right way to go, but there is no excuse for abuse of blind or disabled adults.
Men such as Yochim should be allowed to provide for their families. With a wife to support, and with her being medically at risk because of Diabetes Type II, he has his hands full of doctor appointments. She must remain on birth control unless the couple decide on NFP (natural family planning) options and if they even dare to have a child. There is a risk of the child being removed from the couple’s home because of blindness and other disabilities. However, the wife and husband to my knowledge are both competent and capable of realizing what a child brings to the table. They know they have to feed and comfort the little guy or little girl that comes pitter pattering into their lives. They are aware of this stuff, so … yeah. With Art’s elder age, there comes a time when the wife could be widowed early, so he bought a life insurance for her. Now is that reason to believe the husband is not responsible? I think the Yochims have a great life, but short of a job and a means to support themselves, they do fine. But if employers would please appreciate Art’s ability to really sell you on something, maybe they’d hire the guy.
There are many other people who get jobs, but they are mostly the arrogant NFB types. And the ones who are hired are equally as arrogant.
Let’s take a previous boyfriend, Joey Hagemeier. Yes, he doesn’t speak with me, so in my opinion, I’m sorry, but he needs to feel some of the heat here. Hagemeier lied about my relationship retention. In other words, he said I cheated on him. Well, three words for you, Joey, I did not. I never cheated or lied to anyone, and it is you who lied to me. I swear if anyone wants to hire a guy like that, they’ve lost their minds. He could tell me off to his boss at work, saying, “Beth Taurasi doesn’t deserve this position because she cheated on me.” He could sit there and go on and on and display what he calls nudes on Facebook. I’m so glad that Hagemeier is not on my Facebook at the time of posting because if he doesn’t straighten up his buttocks in his chair and reflect on how much arrogance comes from the horrific deeds he’s done to me, he will not be hired. For those reasons, I wouldn’t even hire him for a technology job either.
It may sound like I’m throwing a personal attack on him, but after banning me from visits at Colorado Center, this guy really doesn’t deserve a kinder word than, “You really should not have lied about cheating.” Cheating on someone is something teenagers do, and adults cheating on adults is a serious matter. Hagemeier lied, so I was tempted to write the Miriam Websters people and put Haggaliar in the dictionary and define it as the very crime that Joey committed against me. I hope that if someone who knows this young gentleman reads what I wrote here, there is a serious talk and demotion for Hagemeier. I plan an investigation in to the Center’s arrogance and intolerance against folks with mental disabilities, and yet a transgendered man was allowed to attend the Center. I have nothing against male to female or female to male transgendered people at all, but I see a huge disconnect.
Okay, what does all this have to do with jobless adults like me? A lot. Because of liars like Mr. Hagemeier, because of the disconnect between mental illness and all the rest of the disability community, I am a beggar, a pauper, a raggedy Anne. Does anyone hear me out?
Phew! I’m done writing angrily about the way people treat us. Dr. Phil once said, we teach people how to treat us. This is so true. When liars and arrogant narcissists tell the world that mentally ill people don’t deserve good lives, often it leads to that very result. We disabled adults end up in group settings, bad homes, and abusive lives. Look at what so many of us have contributed in good ways. The blind are employable. Think again if you want to hire someone who wants to cause dramatics, right? Please, bosses and good guys reading this, you should hire someone with a moral compass. Someone who is able and stable enough to do your work and earn you points. Not necessarily a person without mental health issues. But a person who doesn’t lie, steal, scam, cheat, etc.
I will write another Economics post about the ideal employee in the good sense and what is really being put into practice.
Here’s Kahili’s blog:

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