Churches Don’t Know What We Need

Dear Readers,
So while Kahili and I are trying to survive on our own, we realize that churches do not know what we need. Churches often leave all the congregants to their defenses till they donate money to them. The ones who are rich and donate a lot get all the attention. This may apply to Protestant churches, but we know that it’s hard to find a church at all that will provide us with the tools we need to worship and b able to meet the Lord in some way. I hate to say it, but not even the best churches know what to say. Grace Community Church in Denver up in Westminster simply refuses to see that the ride situation is dire, and they refused to help me and Kahili in some way. I’m sorry, but we moved in together whether there was even a temptation or not because we would have faced financial slavery. I would have been alone, completely alone and depressed. He said I should be loved, so that’s what we wanted. As a typical church, Grace did not provide the tools to be married. Here is the map of the church that Kahili and I both think we need. You readers can comment on churches in the Denver area.
1. A church should be willing and able to pick people up and take them there. This means a bus system for said church should be available to us, that is Kahili and I, no matter where we are.
2. A church we attend should be accepting and see the world as it is, and see the disabled as people who need the tools to get where God wants the people to go. This means that if we want a wedding, we must be given the right to marry on both ends.
3. A church should be able and willing to give social opportunities so Kahili and I are not isolated. Buses are sometimes not able to run, and the neighbors in the building are not always available. We would at least like to hang around with some friends who actually care a doll’s ass.
4. A church should support the family as it grows and continues. Kahili and I need to be able to find voluntary babysitting that is not predatory and that involves love and care for our children. We need this as without it, social services will take the baby away and we won’t be able to parent our children. I’ve written heartbreaking stories about parents who’ve lost their children. It makes me angry that anyone would simply snatch a baby away because a mother and father are blind. We’ve received some blindness training, but the blindness training does not compensate for the mild palsy or mental illness. I cannot tell you what heartbreak I face every day thinking of what a baby without me in its life would be like. The parents would tell the growing child that a blind bitch had to give up her child and she did it voluntarily. This is not the case if it were me. We would need to be able to stock our food supply so that a baby and child can eat. We need to be able to love and care for our children, even in the face of all the disabling conditions. A church we attend must be able to fight for us, not for social services.
Those things I mentioned here above are the most essential things a church must do for blind couple families and blind people at all. Kahili and I want to be Godly people, but we find it almost impossible to do. It is absolutely impossible to do anything about separation as far as living arrangements. It is up to us, and being left to our defenses is a bad idea. If you are a reader in the Denver area, feel free to comment with ideas for a church. We need support and we need it right now.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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