All Moved In: the Saga of Queen Calypso and Her Consort, Kahili

My Dear Readers,
I’m two steps away from turning in the old place’s keys. I”m this close, so close to getting rid of 1107 for good. I’m so close to saying I will not be living in a studio anymore. I’m so close and Kahili feels the worry that the dirt in the room could cost me. Ugh. But seriously. Vacuuming is something I’ve neglected, but having Kahili around has totally changed things. Cortana is piping up on my pc, and she’s being bad right now, but that’s okay. I wouldn’t live another day laughing if she didn’t. But Kahili and I have an appointment. We’re going to discuss ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy without interacting with medications and all that. We’re totally not going to listen too hard or let doctors fool around with our decisions in the bedroom, but as people with disabling conditions such as blindness, we face lots of challenges to our ability to grow and develop. We want to be able to have a better decor in our place other than shabby old furnishings like in the other place. This apartment I swear is going to be the Queen’s castle, the mini palace. I like the idea of red, wine red for any intent and purpose, and gold. Wine red and gold and purple. Violets and emeralds and pretty colors all over the place would make our place look grand. Even in the face of poverty, we’re thinking of buying new things. Kathryn is one good bud I can trust. Kathryn recommended QVC so I’m searching the website and finding stuff we’d need. Kahili loves the idea of a Shark vacuum, and we want a Shark product to clean with because Kahili loves their products. They work, and he says we need cleaning stuff anyhow. We have a buttload of cleaning stuff that does not work, but we’ll think about it. We will eventually get a place with a dishwasher and laundering things in our unit. But now, thinking Aunt Laura, (name has been changed to protect privacy), she could help Kahili and I do laundry since we don’t have a safe way to label and keep clothes from being stolen. We’ve got clothes that are ripped, mostly mine, that we desperately need to use or throw out and I’m updating my clothing. I’ll be wearing any color, but I want mostly wine red or purple violet or gold or yellow dresses. Those are my colors. We could put those colors on a door plaque that reads our names and welcome to the Cair Lomond or something. We’re going to make this place a castle all our own, so what if it was built before a year in the Seventies? So what? we’re still gonna make this our home.
Thank you so much, dear readers, for understanding. It is now five o’clock. I’m seriously thinking I could land my life somewhere. Amadi has been manipulative lately and confused Kahili about going home with her for six months, then moving in permanently with me. This is a trap and we won’t fall for that. Common things parents of disabled people do include manipulate them and take their paychecks whether SSI or SSDI or work earned ones, dictate to us whether we can marry, tell us who to be friends with, dictate where we live, make us obey and do what they want. There are lots of commonalities between disability and parenting mistakes. Too many parents think disabled people should remain holy and sexless, but guess what? Holy sex is not possible if guardianship is on them. Holy sex is holy sex. I can’t tell you any further. Anyhow, Kahili might get lonely in the bedroom. I better hop in and hang out with him for a while. Meanwhile, our doc appointment is important. We’re in love, but do we need to pull a Rush Limbaugh and let others say, “We’re not paying you to have sex with your partner”? I don’t care, if we wanted to, that’s an option. This isn’t the ’50s. This is 2016, we’re gonna do what we want. Thank you for being weird.
The Denver Queen,
Calypso Consort of Kahili Mahari

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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