Dirty Dealings:Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers In Conspiracy to Keep Disabled Patients Medicated and Incapable of Being People At All

Dear Readers,
So Kahili and I are watching Dirty Dancing. we had cornchips and some spiced up cheese, best we could do. Anyway, we’re at a crossroads when Houseman the doc told his daughter, played by the ever illustrious Jennifer Gray that she should have nothing to do with Johnny and all. Johnny is played by Patrick Swayze. Poor Kahili. But when I went to the doc appointment, I was labeled irresponsible and incompetent, told what to do with my sex life, if there’s any at all, and told to get birth control options. Of course, that’s fine, but there are still able bodied women having loads of children, all out of wedlock. All out of spite, maybe because they won’t use birth control. Religious self righteous shit really does lead to unwanted pregnancy. I’m lucky my therapist gave me the protection from the nurses’ station. I’m lucky that anyone even bothers to call me. Kahili and I are going to have a long trail of hikes together, but marriage will not be taken from us. Anyhow, if any boob wants to make that big a fuss, medicated or not, about me, they should probably go to Hell. Border line personality should not be treated with dangerous medications. The mood stabilizers are too expensive and interact with all birth control options. Kahili and I will marry eventually, but we’re not going to rush the marriage. We want to marry, but I’m not giving my whole life to some boob who is sighted and doesn’t get it. Kahili and I experience enough. So yeah, here we are, what can we do!
Disabled folks are always facing issues with docs saying we shouldn’t have children. Here’s a question: are we pets? Pets are the only beings who should be spayed or neutered, hysterectomy included. I’m not getting a hysterectomy because it would ruin my ability to have kids. Kahili and I do want a child or two, but being denied that right is ultimately a bad idea. To be ordered to have my tubes tied would be the death of me, for real. So this is what I think I may do: I’ll add an unnecessary intrusion upon private matters, compensation for that to the emotional pain and suffering and humiliation provision that I’ll ask for from my parents. If they do not pay up, they will end up in dirt cells so yeah. That’s all folks as Porky Pig would say.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “Dirty Dealings:Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers In Conspiracy to Keep Disabled Patients Medicated and Incapable of Being People At All”

  1. People who judge others and assume that they’re incapable don’t have any sense of empathy whatsoever and you may say you aren’t having a hysterectomy but the only time that would ever happen if there were problems inside there that there was no choice not forgetting have kids if you’re able but forced sterilization is unforgivable in the extreme. as I said in a comment in your previous post what you do is your business and not for anybody to pry into and that includes the sex life it is extremely private and should indeed stay that way. Drugging people with disabilities should only ever be a last resort but not even that some drugs have nasty chemicals and side affects to boot and nobody has the right to drug people with disabilities or anybody people are people no matter what the case may be


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