My Shopping List, Laundry List, and the Question of Competency … Really!

Dear Readers,
It is becoming more and more apparent that doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals are making me look like an idiot. My dear Kahili and I are indeed in love, but does this mean active in any strange way? While I don’t wish to reveal sexual details in a public blog, and for Heaven’s sake I won’t, I do want to establish one thing: disability is no excuse to take rights, and in taking those rights to marry etc., the doctor and therapist, while on opposing reactions, are still getting into the business of the bedroom. The doc said I was irresponsibly having sex, maybe he was assuming so. Kahili and I will not post any sort of indiscretionary material here, so we have a message for doctors and nurses everywhere: while we do believe birth control is great, we believe it should be available for all of us who want to use it. It doesn’t help that I was brought up in parochial schools and Catholic establishments where birth control and contraception is not to be used. Prevention of life is to Catholics a bad thing, but why waste my body on nine kids when responsible family planning things can leave Kahili and I with two? Two children who are healthy and well adjusted and given all the attention is better than sixteen kids like in them polygamous families that don’t get all the love they need. Bigger kids shouldn’t be responsible for the little kids. My rule with families is this: small and intimate and loving is best. There is beauty in simplicity and a smaller sized family is fine by me. Although it’s quite odd that kids in large families behave better, I don’t think it matters about the size of a group of kids.
Regarding the title, I’m about to complete my shopping list. And here it is for the lawsuit:
0,000 plus dollars from the parents for emotional pain and suffering, and there’s more as the guardianship continues.
$5000 for racial profiling Kahili and other boyfriends of what would be called a protected or target class like African American or First Nations peoples.
$20,000 plus for unnecessary intrusion into private affairs, humiliation and civil indignities regarding sex and other matters. May be attached to the already aforementioned emotional pain and suffering.
$240,000 plus from the state of Florida for even allowing this to happen. They bought every single lie my parents told. Lies don’t go far, do they?
Also, there is no way to establish a relationship with Amadi, Kahili’s mother, and she will remain blocked on his Hangouts list for a while again. She said for him and I to leave her alone. I think she’s beginning to see the stuff she’s done wrong, and is convicted herself of committing fraud. She still wants Kahili’s little bit of money for herself, but the pittance is too small for Kahili alone. What must we do?
Anyway, I’m already scheduled to talk to a health educator, and she would probably be able to do an interaction check. I hope there’s something safe out there. Maybe she knows.
There’s more to the shopping list. All the emotional pain and suffering money will probably end up going to down payments on Kahili and me, we by then should buy a house. The rest we’ll use for furniture and clothes, all the things we would need. Then, Kahili could get a day job, we could then unshield things and maybe punch out a couple kids. Then, we’d raise them in comfort. Poverty would wipe all the kids’ dreams away, but with this money, which the state would be required to pay up, I would buy a real piano for my children, they would have the best piano instructors in Colorado, they would play music, they would dance, do martial arts like tae kwon do. My best buddies would be proud.
My children would benefit from another addition to the list of stuff I’d do with the lawsuit money. I’d put a bit aside for university studies, whatever the child may want in the future. I could invest the hell out of some other money for a victims’ rights foundation so I could grant people’s wish to be independent and free and able to do private things, and yes, keep private things private. This other thing about racial profiling will also be a big thing. But most of the emotional and physical pain and suffering money will make up for lost stuff.
Kahili may end up suing his own mother over fraudulent use of benefits and lying about his competence. I’m going to be his advocate and right hand woman, ditto his girlfriend. Thanks.
Thanks a lot, fans and readers, keep up the good support.
For more info about Kahili Mahari, please visit the following site. Go to and read his ruminations. I’ve been his for a while, so he is working on starting up a blog so you guys can check it out. He’s going to write stuff in it, and I hope you all enjoy it.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “My Shopping List, Laundry List, and the Question of Competency … Really!”

  1. doctors councillors and health professionals should only assist not judge and make assumptions or discourage. people who do this shouldn’t be trusted as far as they can be thrown. whether we are in love or when it comes to things in the bedroom such as sex and intimacy it’s not for anybody to question or snoop into our private lives. only time a doctor or health care professional will ever question how things are in the bedroom if there really is something wrong that you alone bring up if ever there was an issue in that respect


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