The Mystery of the Name that Nobody Likes

So readers, be warned. If any of you wants to call me names on the Internet or in a physically centered arena, read this. This will engage you in a different way.
So Kahili and I were sitting there talking to a dude called Erik Heil, and he alerted us kindly to the presence of someone who called me the “denver cunt.” First of all, the word “cunt.” Let’s reclaim that word. It’s about a woman’s vagina, okay? I’m not going to put up with women called cunts, but whoever called me a cunt on the Internet certainly is a cunt themselves. Sadly, I don’t have room for a suspect list. The list is rather short: it could be the following people from outside the U.S., where this word is often used.
Shawn Edwards from New Zealand might have done this on account I would not go out with him. IS that the way to behave, young man?
Someone called Mabelin Ramirez might be doing this on account that I’ve blocked her a few times, and she probably engages with Shawn.
Chris West, though highly unlikely, could have used this word against me on account of the history in 2009 and continued weirdness.
Who else? I do believe Shawn Edwards could probably be at the top of my list. Heil informed us that anyone could’ve been calling me a cunt. Let’s just say that if any of you guys have called me a cunt, you all owe me an apology. I don’t think it was West, I do believe it was/is Edwards and Ramirez. Could have also been members of Nick Vogt’s group chat, but not Vogt himself. Robin had a chat, but then I don’t know for sure. Jason Milyo might have been privy to this crap. Now, if you had called me Cunt, fess up, you hoodlums. If you are caught calling me degrading words like that again, you all will pay the piper. I mean it, not a threat, but a promise. You are probably a very disenfranchised disabled man who probably wants me this badly, but you should congratulate Kahili on having me. He’s the best so far. The best boyfriends aren’t just had, they’re made.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “The Mystery of the Name that Nobody Likes”

  1. well I know for a fact if somebody was going to just use the word “cunt” without reason there’s every chance they don’t have a clue what it means. I got caught when I used the word “whore” which is another word that is hated fully acknowledging that if I have used these words it was in anger. I asked the meaning of both words in a discrete manner which is about the only way to ask the meaning of things like that.


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