Blatant Refusal to Help Us Because of Sin and Religious Motives: A Plea for Action and True Analysis of Charity

Dear Readers,
Upon speaking to an aforementioned friend named Britney M. (name has been changed to protect privacy) I was not believing what I was hearing. All she said when I asked about our moving issue is that she would not help move me in with a man who was not my legal husband. I have written excessively I’m sure about the reasons why to this present day, marriage is impossible and fleeting for me and Kahili. We’re facing not only blatant humiliation and sin stuff attacks and Kahili is literally being humiliated or feels attacked, but we’re blatantly denied the desperate help we need with the move to our new unit. We must receive this help because we don’t have all the arms and legs in the world to move a huge ass queen sized bed, a piano, dining utensils, etc., and moving has always been scary. But we really need to make for darn sure we can move things at all. We cannot move the bed and the piano and the dining set on our own at all. Us both being blind, it could be hard to do this. Kahili’s mild muscular issues due to CP that is milder than one thinks is going to make it almost impossible for him to balance ultraheavy items, and I can’t do it alone. We’re working to find a moving method, but we cannot pay because of the amount of money in SSI we both lack or earn. Trust me, SSI is not a working income an we will not use it forever. But career aspirations have always been bottom dreg jobs that nobody wants, and we disabled adults could get paid less just for benefits’ sake. Do we really want in kind or cash benefits? Kahili and I are not necessarily asking for tin cups. We just want dignity. And if anyone thinks we are doing it with tin cups, so be it. Of course, we could try the begging thing, but trust me I hate begging. We hate sitting out there just to beg for moving expenses, I know how it is. Bucket drops are a form of thievery and beggary when it came to fundraising. We don’t have anyone donating to our GoFundMe campaign. It’s always dangerous in everybody’s eyes to even consider a GoFundMe page. Maybe if we do it right, it would be great. But yeah. Kahili and I also must obtain technology so we can read our mail, and yet Britney said we did not “need” the technology but what did we have for a different choice? Somebody reading our sensitive materials, especially in the situation we’re in, is not a choice. I would never even trust Amadi, the lady we all suspect has committed some form of fraud and wishes to do so, to read our mail because she might not do it right. We cannot allow her to touch SSI info or benefits related information. We cannot allow her to see bank info. We must never allow her to even so much as retrieve orders we’ve put in. Kahili and I need the technology so we can read it like a sighted person, independently and by ourselves. We’ve tried all options, but we’re stuck. NFC tags on the Nexus or Samsung phones will ultimately have a better impact on how we read labels and instructions on cans and boxes. We will also be able to take good pictures if we so desired. We will also use KNFB Reader Mobile so we can read full docs, and with Google Documents on both phones we could share the docs we read with each other’s phones. Kahili for instance could save a benefits related note or letter to his private folders, and he could go back to it later. Once we add all documents we scan via our cells, we’ll have a good record of stuff even on computers. Kahili’s greatest wish now is to purchase a ChromeBook for me because he thinks it’s awesome. What ever.
I don’t mind, but he needs a 4 gb of ram ChromeBook. He wants it that bad. We could use more ram storage anyway so we can get records of documents and keep them in personal folders. But alas, we’re blatantly denied help with moving and becoming independent together. All because of stupid religious motives. I will not necessarily decry Christianity as a bad thing, we’re both Christian, but we’re both aware of the country’s financial imposition of dependence on sighted and able adults. For Kahili and the situation surrounding his being kicked from his mother’s home, he believes it’s too late for any such thing as a peaceful return.
His mother made a bed by kicking him out of the house, so she will lay in it, she will not get his check. Period.
Think about what poverty does to you who are sighted and reading this blog. You have to choose between food and car payments, and oftentimes food comes SECOND to the car payments, but when you are a single mother with five children, that is not an option. Not feeding oneself or children is the price of poverty, and trust me, I’ve been there. Feeding a body that will only live twice or so is the better option. Let’s just say Kahili and I will never worry much about cars. Cars suck anyway.
So here’s the deal: Kahili is desperate to be the man he wants to be. Poverty in the extreme is causing no harm to us directly, but it cannot happen forever. We are blatantly discriminated for the purpose of forced separation. We’re not being sinful and we’ll never discuss your or our sexual info here on WordPress, but we ask kindly that if you are in Denver and reading this, please help. Please put your beliefs and feelings aside and help us get this darn thing out of the house. We need furnishings moved. Big time.
Now, Kahili sits sweetly on the big queen sized bed, staring at me and his cool voice echoes through my mind. He has a strong but gentle pair of hands that are always there to either write something down or give me a pat on the shoulder if I need it. Can’t beat that. But blatant refusal to even assist us in getting the tools to marry due to sinful motives in the eyes of the church is something we will not put up with.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “Blatant Refusal to Help Us Because of Sin and Religious Motives: A Plea for Action and True Analysis of Charity”

  1. well the religious stuff being the reason you’re not getting help is rubbish! and not to mention as far as synn goes the church has committed its own sinful behaviour by covering up the sexual abuse to children in the catholic church so who’s judging who in regards to that? you deserve all the help you can get forget about the fact that you and kahili are unmarried there’s no choice if his mother has kicked him out of the house he’s stuck. but the church has a hell of a lot to answer for all because cardinal George pell told all those lies to the child abuse royal commission you deserve better than just to be discriminated against for being unmarried. it’s 2016 not the old days!


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