Social Security is Social Indignity for the Physically Handicapped and Disabled Americans

Dear Readers,
Kahili and I are having problems a lot with people not supporting us. We’re also not surprised by the U.S. government supporting more money for the church’s so called sinful relationships outside the context of marriage. I’m sorry, but I cannot fathom what God had in mind for Kahili and I. But the convictions as stated by John Divine, one of the Pastoral staff at Grace Community Church (name has been changed to protect privacy) was that I could not live with Kahili. But his mother, Amadi, (name has been changed to protect privacy), decided to throw him out. In my view, she forced a rush in our relations. Kahili and I are both aware of one looming penalty, however.
We realize that SSI checks aren’t everything. We want to earn. And work. However, Kahili and I need an opportunity to put our good work ethic on. What we see in the disabled community bothers me most.
Amadi is a data entry clerk with temporary career prospects popping up right and left, but Kahili does not have that opportunity and nor do I. We both face a 70% likelihood of lifetime rejection and unemployment. What churches don’t realize is that it may “cost” to be a “Disciple of Christ”, but what Christ they worship isn’t the true Christ in the Bible.
Jesus in the Bible forgave sinners, not convicted them necessarily. My friend Britney (name has been changed to protect privacy) has told me that even in the beginning of our friendship, she cared about me. Honestly, Britney is stating a big box of bullshit about something that a lot of others do. The churchpeople I have seen for the past few years are too perfect, both in body and in some soul aspects. I’m not worthy of Baptism according to them, and Kahili gets stoned for even making a home with me, and outside the context of marriage. When I marry him, he is going to lose some and so will I. Deemed spousal income is hard to calculate. But we need all the support we can get.
We ask that you readers consider this as a rhetorical, thought-provoking question. What if we GAVE to disabled couples who truly wanted to be together? We should reward the blind couple who’s been told they can never marry, but they do it anyway. We should celebrate marriage, a covenant with God that never should end. We should celebrate love, not sex and the girl’s pussy meeting boy’s dick in song and story. We should ring the bells, sound the pipes and drums of wedding regalia. We should always be festive when a real wedding is held. We should give more money of course because children cost and we know it.
So you might be asking, but Beth, your Highness, your Royal Majesty, what on Earth is the benefit? Well, think about it. Children in poverty are not given opportunities to learn a trade or special skill. Kahili and I would pay handsomely for our baby’s formula, then move on to pay for something a child likes. Our daughter or son would be able to know how to play the piano, and we’d pay for professional lesson at a discounted cost if possible. Kahili’s daughter or son would also be able to get a sportsman uniform at a low cost if we were given a “marriage grant” as it were. I would have an application process, and it would vary from family to family who gets what.
For instance, a blind couple in their twenties would get free parenting classes, $4000 per month to get a house and we’d have to give said blind couple free access to a loan or the opportunity to sign up for a home equity loan so they can get a down payment on a comfortable home. This would decrease the chances of the children of said couple being taken away from the parents, and if we as a country truly care about our children, we need to keep the strongest families together. I bet you buttheads in the church who think I’m not capable of bringing a child into the world that yes, I can raise a Midori or Einstein or Leonard Bernstein. Do you bastards get it? I”m talking to the dirty politicians in Washington who are sitting pretty in a mansion and not thinking that we blind couples wanting marriage are stoned, judged, and hurt. We’re at the bottom of the bottom of the pot of your stupid little lives. So here’s what else we should do: add about a couple thousand bucks per child born. The initial $4000 marriage grant would get a blind couple out of the badly in need of HUD category, and put us in the good stuff. Children will need a comfortable and safe place to play and run. I would smile happily as Kahili and I sit by and watch the kids (prospective ones mind you) play around in the backyard. We’d have them a dog, a golden one with a big fluffy tail. How many disabled adults are actually thinking carefully about what should be done?
It’s not that the blind are owed things, but we need safer and better housing. One of my greatest friends, a guy named Ben Reed (name has been changed), was recently forced to sign away his five or so children by a previous wife. Reed told me he had no choice because of social services taking away his family. He can’t even leave his home state. I’m upset that anyone would do something to any blind father. Reed’s home state abused their powers to abuse him and say, “We’ve got the kids.” This is also a common abuse tactic with disabled divorcees and I’m not one to leave Kahili.
Readers, I’m sorry I went off on a rage, but please take what I say into consideration. A marriage “grant” instead of the current penalty would make children safer, the disabled become better parents, and would allow the church to stop judging us so much.
Thank you all.
From Beth and Kahili

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Social Security is Social Indignity for the Physically Handicapped and Disabled Americans”

  1. Once upon a time we used to refer to what we now refer to as centerlink as social security although there are probably a lot of people who are still old school. I’m not even sure how our government works as far as marriage or couples with disabilities whether there are penalties for couples living together who have a disability I’ve never even given such a thing any thought I say I’d love to be in a relationship with somebody but I think this is one issue I’ve totally overlooked but then again with the supportive family that I’ve got I know they’d give me the support I needed to find this out.


  2. Weird. I knew Aussies had a pension as it were. Pensioners I have no clue what they get upon marriage, but I’d have to see, likely they do not get penalties. The pension in Australia to my knowledge never goes away. I’m a bit jealous of you all.


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