What is Love: Baby Don’t Hurt Me: Violence Against Women and Girls and how to Stop It, February’s Kick Ass Step

It’s not even February. But readers, the Kick Ass 2016 steps are not over yet.

For this coming month, we’re going to go into stuff about V-day but not Valentine’s Day per every post. Violence against women is prominent in some parts of the world, but I’d like to start us off with some important things to know about how we got to where we are with violence against women and girls right here in the U.S.

First of all, let’s go back in time to the mid-twentieth century. Yeah, there might have been some violence. However, the upper families of that time actually taught respect for elders and the handicapped, etc. I mean, we had flaws in that time period, but there’s something about the time gone by that’s horribly wrong.

First, we’ve McDonaldized our nation. Look at the way the stores look as you walk down a street. How many fast food places do you see on the highway? And what food do you get? Food, you ask? What? Oh, yeah. You might think this has nothing to do with it, but it does. In some way.

Food is glorious. Food is good. But children for some reason are now gorging themselves on BURGERS, FRIES, and other fast foodie crap that is causing obvious problems.

Let’s use a school cafeteria as a great example of what is happening to our kids, your kids. But also, look at the music of our time.

There was a time when Fifties dance music consisted of things about love. Love, every aspect of love, love toward a woman, teenager love songs, love actually, love in love, love out, love … you get the picture. But now, listen to today’s music and you might somehow find stuff vastly different! Now, it’s love, and then sex. Sex, sex in all its aspects. When a person gets married, they’re doing it for sex, not love. That’s what the songs tell us.

Let’s pick two songs as examples of what I’m illustrating.

The 1960s song titled Hold Me, Thrill me by Mel Carter is a fine example of a slow dance tune with aspects of the l word. However, if we go sixty years into the future, we might hear something like this: Fifty Cent’s Candy Shop. The words in the Fifty Cent song detail how the man wants the woman to perform oral sex on him. Ugh.

However, the old song details how the man wants the woman to hold him, thrill him, let him take her in his arms, love him, all that.

There are other songs of that time period I could enlighten you with. Let’s see what happens when you cheapen the love into something junky and sexual. Today’s hits include nothing more than bad chord progressions and like Brian McKnight might suggest, showing a girl how her “pussy works.”

Is that really how we want to think about girls and women? Part of my problem is that women are special, and I don’t feel special in this world today. To most guys, I’m a thing used or to be used for pussy playtime, something I refuse outright. But my boyfriend, God bless him, Joey comes from a family that is upstanding and thinks of women as people, more than that, exalted and more than this, special and sacred and people to be respected and adored. Nobody thinks that about women now, in a general sense.

Now, with today’s hits being played in school, what do you expect teenagers in a high school to do? They throw trash all around the school, talk trash in the halls, and do not respect their teachers. No kidding. They are not learning Barney’s classic ‘good manners” song. Good manners are the most important things in the world, but you know, nobody even says them. We’re never gonna be perfect at it, but Barney does have a valid point when it comes to saying please, thank you, pardon me, etc. Even in old age, good manners show good character.

Now, music is food for the soul. Let’s get back to an example about food.

Today’s physical food is Genetically modified, preserved with artificial … dare I call it artificial shit. Yes, I’m not kidding. And because we are so obsessed with kids either being overweight and underweight or getting them to grow and develop faster, the parents say the kids must eat what’s given to them. But when schools serve nothing but fast foodie meals, there is a problem. I don’t mind fast on occasions but not every day.

Today’s food being full of preservatives may mean that more babies are born with Autism. Whether Autism Speaks is correct or not, there is indeed a rising population of Alzheimer’s patients in elderly circles, and some of that risk is the food. The babies born in this country, a country rich in … yes, preservatives are coming down with Autism by age 2 or 3. Imagine if my Joey and I had a product with Autism. Nothing wrong with that or what was once known as Asperger’s Syndrome. But Aspies, as they are nicknamed among themselves, sometimes find it awkward to socialize. The biggest problem with today’s food is not so much the preservatives causing Autism though. Look at the fat kids in schools, schools without a successful lunch menu. If it’s preservative lunches, the schoolchildren might come down with Type II diabetes, heart disease, lots of blood pressure and health issues.

Overall, this nation’s children are unhealthy by body and soul. And this is what I’m facing with my radio station.

I’m told, more variety will make this station successful, but Open Road Radio is being perverted in my opinion. Open Road Radio will be perverted so badly by the end of the day it’s not even funny. I’m told to put cussing rap songs in my lovely collection of country and Irish music. Oh God, if I ever did that, I’d be badly burnt by the folks I care for most. If you really want to know what rap music contains, some is great. Kiss Me Through the Phone by Soulja Boy is a prety good song. He’s funny with that Crank It song, but I can’t fathom listening to some of his crap when it’s about sticking dick to pussy with no consequences. Lots of songs are about how to get the girl, in bed and pregnant. It’s sad that we can’t just talk about loving the girl for who she is, loving God.

What does music have to do with food? I’m going to give you two real life examples of people who turn out better with good music and good food. While yesterday’s homecooked food brought healthy children, today’s preserved food might only fatten the children up, but it’s worse for the next generation.


Let’s start with my boyfriend. Upon arriving in the U.S. from Korea, he was given a steady diet of Amy Grant’s colection from earlier times. His parents loved and still love old country, and there are loads of artists in that genre that do wonders with the subject of love, travel, or both in a song combined. Joey had this continuous diet of good music, good food, and good handling by mostly Mom, and then Dad, and look what he’s doing now. At 25, this young man, despite going through Hell, can turn to good music and good food for what he needs and wants. Joey is a healthy and happy young man with no more a sense of love than any one in the mid-Twentieth century would have.

Now, compare. Let’s try a guy who picked on me in school, or … let’s do my ex, Jason. Jason had a treacherous birth to begin with, was adopted by his grandmother by blood, and was allowed to have as many violent fighting video games as possible at too young an age to think about it. He has had a good diet of good food, but with his heart issues, he cannot eat some things. His musical diet? Rap, bad words, songs that detail sex in all its aspects. What do you get? Jason, because of his horrific diet of bad music, is nonetheless perplexed by any real music. I can tell he preferred rap because that’s what he thinks about. Rap and reggae ton, both of those genres are about getting a girl in bed so a man can play around. This is disrespectful to women and girls, and I wonder what Jason’s sister is thinking.

Is there a middle ground? With a steady diet of good music, how will my station survive?

So what if someone hates the music detailing love? I demand that this country change its policy and tighten the kinds of things that may incite rape and abuse of women and girls. I will say this: the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is not my favorite thing to use, but they should put tight things in place that say that no young child should purchase that new Eminem CD with all those horrible lyrics. This country is about 75% overweight and with the rap, we are about 50 to 60% violent. Most young boys in school learn how to be the violent man, not the good men they should be.

Therefore, I presume that a dietary change of sorts must occur.

Things like this started in school cafeterias. An yes, the initial success of such a thing is low. However, the young crowd should soon warm up to the fact that this kind of music and food is healthier. I love songs about love, not so much “fucking” or fornication and sex. Joey is a prime example of someone who can actually survive on a diet of old songs, love songs, songs with appropriate sustenance to them. Anyway, with a dietary change in both food and music, well, we’ll go further. But American media should never display marriage as a throwaway thing because “it’s okay to divorce.” I’m not all about that. Media should come next, and I’ll cover that next post.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “What is Love: Baby Don’t Hurt Me: Violence Against Women and Girls and how to Stop It, February’s Kick Ass Step”

  1. I’m never really sure what love is in this day and age except to me it’s the kind words whether of comfort or saying I love you and doing nice things for your lover husband wife boyfriend girlfriend etc too often these days there are abusive relationships and unions don’t last anymore like was once the mantra ever lasting love. it’s just so out of date now but there are of course exceptions. If I was going to have myself a girlfriend I wouldn’t treat her the way my nextdoor neighbour treats his from time to time. wives and girlfriends even other female relatives and friends shouldn’t have to have abuse yelled at them and be disrespected the way some of them are. I know every couple has their difference of opinion sometimes we all do! but women should be treated with the respect they deserve. I do agree that today’s music sends the wrong message about love where the old music of the 50’s and 60’s had no bad language and those love songs were extremely tame.


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