My New Year Resolution

Hello readers, it’s time to pull out our New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it be weight loss, more of exercising or more reading for you young kids in school, a resolution should be something doable. I’m taking on something unique. There will be posts each month about each of the twelve aspects of my life I’m thinking on. This campaign to change things will be called … excuse the strong language. This will be dubbed Kick Ass 2016. As part of this campaign, we will be going deep inside the labyrinth of Beth’s weird brain, maybe there’s something you resonate with, a character trait you should develop more, etc. So let’s start now.

I thought it appropriate to begin the Kick Ass campaign with something about getting to know people. Getting to know you, getting to know you my friend. Yes, if anyone is familiar with the musical the King and I, you should know the song that the character of Miss Ana sings. It’s a good song, but there’s something deeper.

Getting to know a person is the most important part of making judgments. A judgment call should never be based on gossip, hearsay, etc. This has been happening as a matter of fact. I have heard stuff about me going around my own community in Denver, and it is not something that is based on getting to know me well enough. I was banned from several listservs based on false judgment calls and failure of the mods and online peers to meet me in person, get to know the source, back up all facts if possible, and all that stuff. Let me start with someone who is a classic case.

Katelyn Reichert, a young lady from California, is among several blind and mentally ill folks who judged me wrongly based on what some of the moderating body thought of me. Katie was a good friend, and I will never forget her laughter. We talked of embarrassing moments, including a bikini related one I had gone through, all that. And we both shared a love of music, singing, etc. But Katie distanced herself from me, refusing to take my phone calls, refusing to even reply to text messages, refusing all contact with me. The last straw seems to have been an accusation of harassment against me by a lady in Arizona called Rachel Krieg, who seriously did not back up said facts about me harassing her with call logs. At the time the accusation was posted, the facts were not backed up. What I know is that I was drained that night. I can’t stop talking about this stuff without crying, and my boyfriend has the displeasure of having to embrace me through it all. Well, it may be the honor of loving me through it all. But Katie and Rachel both seem to have not appreciated the love and support I bear in Katie’s case, and in Rachel’s case, the kind action of my stepping back upon receiving a text message stating that she indeed was going through her own set of problems. To all the members of the BMH list, if you guys would truly look inside yourselves, back up your statements with black and white evidence, all that, we would not have such a big problem. I am going through Hell as it were trying to tell the world I am a person, I am entitled to my own civil rights, etc., and you all have made it a barrier in front of me. I’d suggest you take down this barrier.

Now, being that there is a wall between me and Katie and Sam and the others, and since the lady known as Sam Nelson is in charge of this list along with a Jessica and a Carol Anne, I will state something familiar to all Americans who’ve studied the Cold War. Miss Nelson, Miss Willis, Miss Johnson, Miss Reichert, Miss Krieg, and others, TAKE DOWN THIS WALL! You all are lucky I have found someone who even remotely supports me in the circumstances that be. Gossip should never be tolerated in any form or fashion. I am not a person new to harassment charges, though I never indeed cared to hear something that was not backed up. Miss Nelson, I am sorry if you and the others feel that I am not supportive, yet I am. I feel that Miss Reichert is not grateful for the support and the attempts to reach out to her. I thought she’d be awake and all that, maybe she’d be able to talk to me. I feel sometimes like I’m trapped in a hole, not able to get my feelings out. Part of the problem was that my ex had told me that blogging people’s names was rude, but how the hell should I do this! I honestly implore you all to “Take down this wall.” Except I’m not asking Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev. So yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

I do miss Miss Reichert among others, she was going through Hell of her own. Whatever happened to sharing in our sufferings? What the Hell happened? I guess we’re a gimme, gimme, gimme world that does not care one way or the other and can’t imagine sufferings like any other.

Anyhow, gossip and not getting to know people results in stories like this one. I’d like all of us to take a look at this thing and see how it can affect your world. For February’s Kick Ass posts, I’m going to talk about love, of course. How do we love? I may even have a post on sexual violence since February does indeed encapsulate Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s feast day is not just a day of love, but a day of friendships. Do not worry if you are single, you can still read the posts.

Thank you all.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

3 thoughts on “My New Year Resolution”

  1. a well written post there beth! it should go without saying that if we don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all and we should treat people how we want to be treated ourselves. I’ve been told often enough to think before I speak and we can’t just make judgement calls about somebody’s behaviour unless we take a better look at the person or people in question. we may never know what those people are like what we might see in public could be completely different to what may go on behind closed doors and making false judgement calls about somebody we know will most likely end up in court with a defamation law suit. it’s why if I wish to get to know somebody I will tread extremely carefully with what I talk about even as far as the issue of touch. you’ve heard me go on about this before but once I start talking about it I keep going but it should go without saying we should all take a look at ourselves and those around us and think before we open our mouths or before we act.


  2. OF course, Kyle. Your comments are always welcome on my blog posts. I’ve always enjoyed reading your stuff. I know you’re treading carefully, but seriously, I implore you to open up more because that’s what life’s about. Open up your heart and let it begin! 🙂


  3. thanks for the response beth when I say I tread carefully I say it’s more to think of other’s feelings before my own and no doubt i’ll probably have a lot to say in next month’s blog post if you do decide to speak about the topic of love as that’s what febuary is after all. and a lot of what was talked about in this post has a lot to do with the topic of love as getting to know somebody is a very big part of that and, you’ve heard me say well, maybe not but I make sure if a person’s okay with me touching them before I even consider it. I now just ask it as a general question without even considering touching at all. look out for more as each month goes along and you follow up with a post each month. i’ll do my best to comment if the topic is one that I see as suitable for comment as some topics I just don’t know what to say in regards to commenting.


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