Christmas Miracle in Denver

Honestly, readers, if you believe in Christmas miracles, read this post. I have experienced the hugest miracle the world would ever want me to see. God has shown me recently that I should never give up on being loved. I was texting a friend I had met at a party a week before, and thereabouts. I had been hung up on by a well known someone else, and I told the other guy about it, and … the rest of the story you will have to figure for yourselves. Only thing I will say is that he kept opening the door. He’s a sweet guy, never wants me to feel like I can’t talk about it, pretty disarming in a god way because when children and other vulnerable persons tense up about a subject, he tends to be so tender and gentle about bringing up a subject. Like the stuff about my life, he was so disarming. I could sense something in the messages he sent me. Then, since he’s an Arizona boy, I decided to do something different. He had told me what songs he liked by artist George Straight. But none of his absolute favorites were in the Audiko Ringtones collections even when I did a search. So therefore, I picked a classic, Oceanfront Property. It mentions in some way Arizona and the sea and the Golden Gate Bridge and stuff. Straight and other country singers often sing about places, something you never hear at all in the mindless sex junk that you hear in top 40 genres, and today’s Boy Bands like One Direction, sorry ladies, all of today’s stuff is less in quality. I mean, I dare Harry Stiles in any capacity to sing a cappella music. All of my boy groups I grew up with even included Boys to Men, and those groups could do unaccompanied vocal harmonies which would make me chill up my back. It is obvious when this happens when a song is on, that the song is high quality.

But seriously, this young man and I will get to know each other, but I seriously doubt that I could strike it rich. He asked me about what happened to him popping the question, but I said clearly that if that were the case, he’d have to be down on one knee, shiny ring, all that. I don’t care if there’s jewels or not, I just want to be accepted. On this Christmas Eve, I so wish Santa would bring this guy with him on the back of his sleigh. The reindeer can’t go fast enough I guess. Too bad all other guys do not seem to get it. On Christmas Day, I will be with a church buddy and her whole family. I love the Williams family. Kris and her husband Bob are the best. Their daughter, Debbie, is sweet and knows how to get through my complicated head. I don’t know why, she just has that gift from God. Then, there’s Jake. Debbie’s husband is a great guy, and he plays instruments and so does his wife. There are three sons, all grown and married, and Kris will have a humongous crew at her house. She promised tons of food, and I cannot wait. Maybe this guy may stay with me, but I’m not counting on it. Anyhow, readers, I cannot reveal here the name and photo of the new interest, but I will ask that all readers follow a simple rule when asking about him: do not comment in public regarding this man. He’s great. But I’d like to keep things a bit low key here because of recent hate mail.

Thank you for reading, and have a Merry Christmas and whatever else you celebrate. And have a safe and happy New Year.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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