It’s Time to Talk About Gun Legislation

Well, … I’m getting tired of hearing about one mass shooting after another. You guys are damn lucky I didn’t hear the details when the mass shooting in San Bernardino actually happened. You guys don’t know that this gun violence is absolutely unacceptable. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to agree with one guy who was interviewed on CNN who said that a lot of Legislators are acting cowardly and in a treasonous fashion by not even considering gun legislation bills for hearing. I am with the people who lost someone to gun violence whether it was two people or twenty. All of you who have ever lost someone to a gun wielder are in my thoughts, and as such, it’s time to sit down and discuss this.

First off, why not reform or even transform how and by whom guns are purchased? Let’s say that you walk into a gun store, go to a gun show, etc.? I think it’s time to do the smart thing. We need to license and register guns, period. So here’s how the background check should be done:

  1. So you walk into a store, state you would like a gun, etc. Okay, so you are asked the following questions:
  2. The questions range from things like, “Are you associated with a known Terrorist organization such as Islamic State or Al Qaida. Maybe we could add that if that is the case, the background check will not come out clean. What about guys with mental illnesses with violence as a symptomology? What about a question that asks about homicidal thoughts and feelings. WE can’t just look at a criminal record now, look at James Holmes, the Islamic couple behind san Bernardino, the gunmen in Columbine and Paducah, there’s too many more. The Virginia Tech gunman was never asked these questions, and in doing so, the ones who sold Cho Seung-Hui the guns and rounds might have inadvertently caused the deaths of those 32 people on VA Tech campus. Even more, Mr. Cho had homicidal thoughts, and as stated in a video manifesto mailed to NBC News, he said people and himself were going to die. There was usually this kind of manifesto left behind by any and all attackers, including the one who committed a symbolic act of violence ending in the death of a friend’s brother, and then she gunned herself down, leaving behind a note or something about killing, etc. When people have these kinds of thoughts, they should never own a gun.
  3. Then, we should if the background check clears, we’d say, okay, congratulations you can purchase a gun. Period. When a gun is paid for, any and all gun sellers should, and must, register the gun specifically to the purchaser and not let another person in the household touch the weapon. If this provision were in place, we wouldn’t have Dillon Roof killing black folks at the church in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. We would not have let Mr. Roof give his son a gun as a present. What message did that guy send to his own son? Okay, you can act on your Confederate and White Supremacist beliefs and kill people. That’s what Mr. Roof did. He sent his son a terrible moral message about black people, and I’m downright horrified that a registration only to the purchaser did not sit and stop this massacre.
  4. Next, when you purchase and own a gun, you should as it is already done in some areas, everybody should take a gun safety course. All gun owners should be able to do marksmanship classes, but then a gun safety course should be used to help gun owners and … yes, gun lovers, learn to be safe and keep their households safe around guns.

There should be only two things people get guns for: defending themselves, especially women and vulnerable persons with disabilities, and yes, they should have guns; and hunting game such as deer. There are some good examples of people I can come up with who hunt deer and or use the guns as a hobby and don’t cause problems.

I have a friend whose stepdad used a Darringer on a small group of havalena in his backyard or on his property. At least the gun was brought out, but oh no! Not enough bullets, but it was still enough to scare the animals off the property. The same guy uses a gun to go hunting, and this is also licensed. If a man or woman wants to purchase a gun, he or she must give a valid reason for owning a gun: a woman with a disability lives in a vulnerable apartment complex known for robberies and rapes and wishes to use the gun to defend herself from possible unwanted rape and pregnancy; a man wants a rifle for hunting deer in the woods; a man wants a shotgun on the wall because he and any member of his household may experience violence as a result of either location based situations or a child or spouse has a disability that impairs him or her from walking or defending him or herself. Those reasons I see as valid, so yeah. Gun legislation is long overdue. If I don’t see Congress making progress and putting GOP interest groups above my life, the lives of my friends, and the lives of my friends’ families, then I personally will demonstrate what happens to vulnerable populations when Legislators betray us. I’m not saying I’ll buy a gun for a massacre, but I will bring out names and places where gun violence has occurred throughout my years of life, and there have been too many in this fiscal year alone. Not only that, but I will get my butt to Capitol Hill and I will tell Congress that killers such as Mr. Cho, the killers at Columbine, the miscreants at Paducah, and other shootings in schools, churches, malls, social service buildings, movie theaters, and other places should never have owned a gun. Guns are a good thing to have, but they are also one’s worst enemy. If Congress can’t see why I personally would want a gun or why any one man or woman should learn marksmanship, then Congress is a traitor.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “It’s Time to Talk About Gun Legislation”

  1. doesn’tdoesn’t seem to matter how many times people call for gun laws to change nothing’s going to change and despite the fact our gun laws have been in place now for almost 20 years or so there still seems to be drive by shootings and crimes relating to the use of guns here in Australia even though there are guns which are illegal people are finding a way to import them or purchase them via other means that are secret from more obvious means.


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