Who Is the Real Donald Trump?

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You all know who is at the supposed lead in the Republican race for the President, so this is for all Republicans who wish to vote for Donald Trump. Listen up, this guy is a narcissist with an extra twist. I will say this, he’s made fun of war veterans, Mexicans, black people, and finally disabled people. Is this who we really want for President? America has no idea. And the worst thing is, a young man in Hollister, California claims Donald Trump is going to do something with Native Americans. Santiago Hernandez, aged 18, has no clue what he’s talking about. My last boyfriend had Native blood, and I know all too well what another friend went through with a Native boyfriend she had been living with. Sadly, I was the person that a Native American man decided to talk with regarding the issues he was having, and they did not surprise or shock me one bit. Surprisingly, he gave me two rocks which I still have, and those rocs were his best weapons of choice. Let me explain further later.

Native Americans are classified as First Nations peoples by human service professionals, and these people vary from state to state. It was Natives or First Nations tribes who both helped and shaped our country’s history, all across the country. Their stories of love, war, passion, and bravery grace the pages of literature while your schoolchildren are in their classes. I have a bit of First Nations somewhere in my lineage myself. I don’t know what nation, but there’s more. Native Americans were removed from the lands because mostly of greedy white settlers who did not care about the sacredness of these places. Examples include the Trail of Tears, in which President Andrew Jackson, a spoiled rotten planter of white parentage, decided to pass a law called the “Indian Removal Act”. In doing so, Jackson promoted inadverdent genocide and abuse of Native tribes by white settlers who desired the land. Not only was the Trail of Tears such a problem, but if one reads Sing Down the Moon, there is the Forced March of the Navajo nation depicted with such candid language. The Navajos are confronted with orders by whites, nicknamed Long Knives because of their rifles and long weapons, to leave the Canyon. The Navajo nation was forced onto a reservation land, but my grandmother told me recently that Canyon de Shelly (pronounced  Shay) is still in use by the current Navajos still living in the reservations. These tribes out west are badly affected, however, by high rates of unemployment and substance use and mental health issues.

Meet Danny, a Dakota Sioux tribesman who just happened too walk into a McDonald’s on Cleveland in Denver. I was eating a cinamon melt when this man walked in, we sat down and talked a little bit. His girlfriend, Two crows, had passed on, but let me explain how she did. Danny tells me that she passed on due to drinking and constant fighting. Not with him, but other people. Danny and I spoke at length about how terrible the drinking situation was with any First Nations tribes, and it lined up with exactly what I was worried about. Danny is not alone. He is among 60% of First Nations peoples currently on the reservations and beyond suffering from drinking or drug use, having to deal with constant fighting and not being given the help he needs to end this terrible habit. At the end of our meeting, Danny handed me his best weapons of choice, two large rocks, which I still hold to this day. The rocks are not diamonds, but they are a reminder that these individuals need the help of any rehabilitation they can get.

Meet Adam. He is a First Nations young adult living in Somerton, Arizona and suffers from constant issues when he drinks excessively. This is not shocking or surprising. Adam has been in jail multiple times because he hit his girlfriend, Sandy (name has been changed for privacy.) Sandy would complain to me about Adam’s drinking issues, but I pray that Adam’s tribe and nation would please see that he needs Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon Family Groups to curb his excessive drinking. Adam is probably not getting the help he needs, so Sandy might have had to end the relationship. Even more, Adam is not alone. HE is among thousands of Arizona First Nations tribesmen and women suffering from substance use and drinking problems. What patients like Danny and Adam need can be put into two words: tailored rehab. Adam realized one time when the courts got him that when he drinks, he gets angered and hits Sandy. Now, who knows where Adam is? What Santiago Hernandez and Donald Trump will never understand is that our future Presidents need to put the First Nations tribes on the top of our list of priorities. These tribes suffer too much. They have suffered too much.

We may give these people tax breaks, but what about jobs? Trump is hailed for supposing he will give people jobs, but if jobs are at or near the top of a Presidential priority list, then Natives should be allowed to work, live, and play anywhere they please. We need to treat the First Nations as we would anyone else. Give these people a fair shake at an interview, let them work if they are qualified for the position, and never tell these people that their First Nation affiliation is of harm to the rest of the potential colleagues. So if you think Donald Trump is a good choice for President, think of not only the First Nations of our country, but think also of war vets, disabled people, Black people, all those that Donald is not. Trump may make fun of women, so be extremely thoughtful with your vote in 2016. Hillary may win, you never know.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

One thought on “Who Is the Real Donald Trump?”

  1. as far as I’m concerned Donald trump doesn’t belong in politics whatsoever he is nothing more than a biggit. and what good is banning muslems from entering the US or anywhere for that matter? it ain’t going to work. he’s worse than our last prime minister of Australia tony abbit.


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