Punitive Death: Kelly’s Story

This post is what Kelly M. Bond’s obituary should have read. I want to dedicate this post to all battered women with disabilities regardless of your status in life. Also, read carefully.

Kelly Marie Bond, born in 1981, to parents Peggy and Thomas Bond, suffered long years of abuse and punishment. What was her unspeakable crime? It wasn’t a crime, but she was blind since birth and had some seizures. Kelly spent her life as a princess locked upstairs, a girl suffering at the hands of what was a manipulative mother who had problems drinking and a father who had no clue. Kelly, in spite of this, had a spirit that did far outweigh others with regards to blindness. But if one took a second look at her, one would see bruises, and later, she was emaciated. Kelly was punished and raped in all sorts of extreme ways and all because she was blind. Data in the U.S. and many famous child abuse cases prove that if abuse is not detected early, death could follow. While Kelly did accomplish things with the Saddle Up therapeutic horseback riding program and while she did ski in Aspen, Colorado, she did not fare well in the hands of her parents. While she had barely any friends in person, she joined a battered women’s group on Yahoo groups. There, she met a therapist, Lacey Hughes, who attempted to save her life, but failed. Kelly died in 2013, and Lacey suspected an overdose of medication was Kelly’s cause of death. However, her parents wanted no responsibility for this. After this occurred, Lacey was threatened with jailtime if she so much as reported. During Lacey’s visits with Kelly, Peggy Bond, too overcome with rage, would accuse Lacey of kidnapping and would repeatedly starve her daughter. Lacey witnessed many such incidents of abuse, including punitive restrictions on Kelly’s use of her computer. That, however, was minor compared to the ultimate crime. Punitive death at the nonchalant hands of Peggy Bond and the rest of the family was the straw that broke Lacey’s back and heart. For all this, Kelly was being punished for being blind. And epileptic. This is a needless crime that does not compute with me. My mother might have said something when I was a girl, but to see someone actually end up punished with murder is an outrage and goes against the spirit of our country.

We, Lacey and myself, will commense a Facebook network of people. We will eventually grow our group, but we plan to call this thing Kelly’s Crusade. This group will help members who are disabled, professionals, etc. WE will welcome all disabled female and male victims of battery, assault, emotional and physical abuse, financial and spiritual abuse, etc. We welcome counselors,therapists, law enforcement officers and lawyers, judges, etc. We welcome all those willing to take on the fight to end violence and needless punitive death of disabled people. We ask that those who knew Bond’s family join us in helping Kelly and others like her. Kelly would be smiling like right now while I type this. Her memorial fund should have gone to a battered women’s shelter. As for me, I think I found my calling. Thank you all for reading.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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