Safety During Halloween

Hey everyone.

Remember the times that we all knew each other? Remember a time when your neighbor wasn’t the scary man who lived behind the house? Or the cool guy who had just the kids over? Well, now the time is here to go through some really good safety tips and I’m also going to report something kind of scary I found here in my own zip code.

First of all, about costumes, be sure if you or your child or pet dresses up, you can walk safely and breathe normally in costumes. For example, I wouldn’t corset in costume, so why do it now? I remember this issue some people had with certain costumes as well, see the Gone Mental post I did previously.

I have a great idea though for a really cheap costume. Have you created a file or log of all your spam email? Here’s something you can do:

All you really need to do is cut some paper that has spam email printed on it and put it around you like a shirt, then write “inbox” on a piece of masking tape, then put the tape on your forehead. There you go. You have a really easy and cheap Halloween outfit. And it doesn’t cost you much at all.

But the real trick to Halloween safety comes with the kinds of people you may come across.

Here’s what I discovered while looking at Colorado’s Sex Offender Registry.

One thing is they don’t post misdemeanor sex crime offenders, juveniles or those who’ve changed their ways. The ones who either fail to register, are felons, or have multiple offenses on their record appear here. Here’s what is the scary part: when I did a simple zip code search since I don’t know anyone, guess how many registrants popped up? 87 people live in my area, a few miles around zip code 80204. To protect the privacy of said information, I’m not naming any of the offenders I found. The names are organized by last name first, then first name.

Here’s what you can do in order to keep your family safe, and it’s as easy as a search:

Do a zip code or community search in your neighborhood. For instance, 80204 is typed into the search fields. Some searches let you type in last names, first names, etc. But that is for name searches, which are useful in other circumstances. But for this purpose, I demonstrated a community search. There are, as I said before, 87 registrants in my zip code area, but that number could be higher. In places like Florida, California, Arizona, etc., where the weather is absolutely gorgeous, you tend to have bigger numbers than that. So doing a zip code search is essential in this circumstance. Next, pick a time for your family to roam the community based on your search criteria or results. Remember, laws differ from state to state, so be careful and tell your kids to watch the neighbor’s weird behavior.

The reason why I emphasize this stuff is because even the hot older guy and the Halloween night party could mean the difference between life and death of a child or teen.

I will delve further into the subject of use of tech to make your Halloween a safe and happy one. Here is one tip I find useful: church parties where offenders are obviously not present are a good source of fun, fellowship, and yes, safety for the children and so on.

One or two examples include Park Avenue Baptist in Titusville where I grew up. This church offers a Halloween “alternative”, or Harvest Festival, which includes games, candy, and lots of fun for all ages. I went to this party a few times during my tenure as a Florida resident. Another good example comes from some other churches like this one in Arizona, which offers a “trunk or treat.” You walk around the pile of trucks and open trunks, which contain lots of candy. The fun never stops there. Sovereign Grace ministries strongly protects children from sex crime, and in so doing, does not normally allow convicted sex predators in their circle. Sexually violent predators, or SVP’s, the ones listed for instance on Colorado’s CBI registry site, would not be allowed near the Sovereign Grace church. Also, the church offers lots of resources and activities for kids learning about God and Jesus and all that. There are a myriad of activities in places where kids abound, such places including churches, community centers, etc. I will be speaking on this post and subject matter on the following radio station site during our Tech Chat show. You can also check out my show, the Royal Flush, on that site too:

Thank you all for your interests.

Happy Halloween, and may it be a safe and happy one for you all and your families.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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