The Real Things that are Permanent

Things that are permanent in life are birth, some friendships, marriage, and tattoos. But the only real permanent thing that God created was death. Death itself is not a topic I cover most in my blog, but I will say this: after my dear friend’s death yesterday, I thought back to what God has done in the last year. I’m hearing rumors that I’m “not” a Christian, which are not true. I am. I refuse to think that this rumor will one day be a sin, and now the harm and comments and rumors are flying like wildfire. It’s something the blind community needs to quit doing. Spreading things about each other does not work.

The only real permanent stain that I have in life, Jesus has wiped away with his willingness to sacrifice, and I’m not quasi. I’m not fake. I will not be called fake.

Last night saw one of the biggest things taken off my shoulders. I had an ex who apparently had been reading this blog, been saying that it’s well written, etc etc. Well, I don’t know whether it’s a just admiration for a great writer or is this some mere flattery! I do not know for sure. I want to extend my deepest appreciation for all readers, whether you are an ex, a y, a z, or any other letter in the alphabet. Or even if you are the tree on which the letters climb up, like in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Right? So yeah, no real pun intended, but … yes, puns intended.

I’m sick of being called unpredictable. It feels better, but face it, now I don’t have anyone to rant about transportation and how drivers don’t show up. I don’t have anyone to rant about people bugging me at four in the morning, but I’ll say this: it’s rather a gift. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery. Yesterday is history. It’s an old phrase I heard and I think I’ve nailed it in the head. But refusing to help me is the way that rumors are paved in the dirt, so if any reader on this blog believes that I have “mental problems” or that I’m evil or a monster, think again.

My pastor, a man whose family is impacted by mental illness, has a psych background. Duh. Kudos to my pastor for caring about people like me and others who may have hard times. I do want to have that chance, a sounding board, someone other than someone I kind of don’t feel like I can talk to, someone who has been here before. I want my knight who fights, who will always be there, and I don’t want insults. I’m someone who has a right to receive help. I have every right to vent, a right to love, laugh, hate, etc. Well, Christians hate what God hates, and I remember good devotional material suggesting that hating what God hates may or may not include hating smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. That doesn’t mean I hate those who smoke. I don’t hate people who do drugs, but I would strongly suggest against the drug doing, period. I left an audio announcement on Twitter. For Mac users who are not able to do ogg files, which that is the format in which my recordings are in, I will sum up the message: I basically said my former or we don’t know cohost is not fired. He is not fired, it was a mistake on the part of the producer. We’re gonna work on this, hard. I have to be able to say, look, I’m a Christian as sure as the Lord made green apples and red ones to. If one looks at a tree, there are many colors on the tree. God made stuff, and the stuff is good. He made me in his image, something even I sometimes struggle with. I know that self image is a problem mostly for people with disabilities, but we should take further polls on that. Well, the producer just messaged me on Whatsapp, so yeah. Please be careful what insults are hurled at each other, and no matter what, readers, I will continue to pour out love even in the face of this horrible event.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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