New Show, New Station, New Name, New Friends: Life Gets Better Every Day

Hello, class, I have a pop quiz for all of you:

How many of you remember the old store Scottie’s? Some of you may remember the phrases for Scottie’s and WinnDixie, we’re getting better every day, or getting better all the time. Well, we have done some major making over at the Denver Delights Studios Incorporated, otherwise known as my sexy brain and my awesome apartment, don’t know when. First, new name for the show: The Friday Night Royal Flush. Who knows what that is? Yes, raise your hand. Ha ha.

Just kidding. A royal flush is for those who don’t normally play five card stud, it is when you have ten, queen, jack, king, and ace all in one row and it is either the same suit or color. In other words, here’s an example: ten of hearts, queen of hearts, jack of hearts, king of hearts, ace of hearts. Or you could use hearts or diamonds to make a flush. But you must have the same suit or color. And they can be any combo, but you must have only the royal cards present in your hand. There, that is a royal flush.

Next, new station: KJSC Radio Network has proudly accepted me as a new member of the greater team. I have made friends with a young guy from Florida who is syndicating and producing my awesome show, and our producer is from Arizona. Plus we have DJ hosts from Arizona and New York and Florida and and and. Yes, that brings me to another thing: no more weirdness, new friends now. Yes, I want to say that we have new friends.

So what’s this show going to be about? Well, first of all, I’m considering deleting the old page. I’m thinking how do I do that? Plus I will be setting up a new separate page on FB for the show. If you search KJSC Radio network, please be free to look them up on Facebook. They are like the only other thing that is the most awesomeest thing in the world.

We also have a little reminder for all of you:

If you’re drinking and you know it, do not drive.

If you’re drinking and you know it, do not drive.

If you’re really hanging over, and your action surely shows it,

If you’re drinking and you know it, do not drive.

KJSC and other radio stations should advertise the following: my simple little song plus the following ad:

KJSC reminds you not to drink and drive, and if you do drink, please hire a DD or as we call it designated driver. Please obey law enforcement and drink responsibly, and do not drink if under 21 or experiencing pregnancy or other health problems that interfere with drinking. I think we should have such an ad on the station around Christmas and Blakc Friday. Maybe I’ll come up with a song about black Friday. I’ll do the same thing, use a simple children’s song and get the message across that way. Seems nobody really knows how to remember stuff unless it’s a picture, a song, or a few good words.

I’ll close with this: Join me on the Royal Flush every Friday from 10 to midnight Eastern, follow the link below and have at it. We promise you we will do clean and wholesome content and we will not play rap and other club things because not all of us like it. It’s considerable and that’s what we choose.

Also, when making requests, no rap, no songs that depict drugs, sex, and other vice is allowed. Now, you are all welcome to play poker, but on the Royal Flush, we play music, not monetary poker.

Listen live for the appropriate link on your player, or you may use iTunes, oTunes on BrailleNote, or I Blink Radio app I believe. Thank you all for the weirdness.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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