What is UP with Boehner?

First of all, for blind readers and those using screen readers, the Speaker’s name is pronounced “bayner.” But here’s the funny part: it likes to pronounce the current Speaker emeritus’s name “boner.” Boner? Oh really. That poor old man, the son of an Ohio barkeep. Really? A boner? … Just hilarious. My screen reader always has pronounced it “boner” instead of “bayner.” It’s just crazy.

Well, in any case, Boner is resigning from Congress. Ugh. I wanted to take a few sticks and write “boner” on them and toss them in his direction. Okay, I just have to almost explode with laughter because honestly, Mr. Boehner does not know that I’m typing this blog on a computer that clearly hates his last name. Should I configure the speech dictionary? Or something?

But with Boehner gone, the Republicans could shut down the government, but we don’t know. I wish that a Government shutdown would simply be off the table. While I’m in many instances pro life, I do not think in terms of the baby one hundred per cent of the time. For instance, as I’ve said in previous statements, the mother’s health and life should be considered, and not only her physical health but mentally, she needs to be prepared for childbearing and then raising the child. This means a teenager should not absolutely have to carry, for instance, her own father’s child. There are indeed products of incest running around, but those babies often have huge health issues, genetically they are mutated in places, etc. Products of incest sometimes can’t live as long as regular people made of two different sets of genetic materials. I have also read and reread articles and storied images have appeared in archaeological excavations where in one, or some others in Ancient Egyptian Pharaohnic periods, there would be brother sister marriages, and all or most of the products of brother to sister relations would be either dead or disabled in funny ways. For instance, King Tutankhamen had a wife, who yes, she was his sister. His sister and wife had several babies with him, all of which, sadly, were dead. This had been a huge Dynastic problem forever. The Queen Hatshepsut had a husband, but he wasn’t as closely related. She had an able set of kids and stepkids, but they lived due to the genetic diversity within the pool selected.

I’m saying clearly that if a woman is forced or is somehow having babies with her brother, father, or any male relative even cousinage, she should choose whether to carry a product that could potentially be riddled with defects or die right at birth as Tut’s queen’s babies did. I would never want to carry the products of my own blood relatives, it would scare me.

And yet Republicans want to cut off that lifeline. By making it illegal to fund Planned Parenthood, we are not just making women into childbirth receptacles, but we are doing a huge disservice to poorer women likely to end up in dangerous positions. IF I was indeed raped in any shape or form, I would have to go to the Rape and Crisis clinic, and I would take the Morning After pill regardless of what my parents think. I would indeed never share sexual details with family because of their Catholic roots whereby marriage is the only context in which sex is even allowed. I’m sorry, but what if something happens? Am I to just be a marriage piece? No. Well, the next step in healing from a rape would end up being finding out if I’m pregnant, and if I am, I would have to make a hard decision. If this happened in the next six months, I could never have the baby and I wouldn’t want the child to regret me at all. I would possibly have to abort the pregnancy due to either the rapist was a sadistic psychopath or the father was a blood relative who was jealous or something. The only children I would let live are that of my current husband/boyfriend if any, and I’m not saying there is one, but right now, babies are out of the question. If I am a rape victim, I would have to get all the trust back about sex and such, that and I’d have to get counseling. Ugh. I would have to go to a rape counselor because trust me, it would haunt me whatever the result or decision I make.

Republicans simply do not care about women, they have even been quoted as saying, in one or two places, according to Naral Pro Choice America that women are “lesser cuts of meat.” Excuse me? This is the greater public talking. How dare anyone say that of my fellow sisters and moms and aunts and all that stuff. We are under no circumstances less than anyone, don’t give me “the baby’s beautiful.” Oh yeah? We may not think so because we were forced to have said baby. I hope and pray that all my potential babies are joyful entrances in to this world, and that I can show my children how to be good citizens in this world. And of course, how to be the best sports, like Peyton is. He’s just way hotter than any qb I’ve ever seen or watched play.

My left hand, alas, is numbed up a bit, so time to quit. God do I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome? Might not surprise me if I’ve played piano and typed on keyboareds for God knows how many years of my life. Someone get me a botox injection. Ha ha.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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