Why I’m Not a Republican

While the Republican presidential candidates do their thing on the stage, entertaining us all with their awestriking words, above all the bashing of all kinds of people groups and each other, I have come to a good conclusion as to why I am not a Republican. Here is a list of reasons for you all to ponder and these include a lot.

  1. This is the most important: I am not a Republican because disability rights are a grave concern here. Republicans may come across as a cultural side that fears God, loves life over death, all that. But what do they feel about a disabled couple being married without financial penalty? As I saw my friends get married, it became obvious that this couple among others is a victim of Republican wealth games, including financial penalties put on by none other than wealthy and ignorant … yep, Republicans.
  2. The same people who oppose killing Christians are okay with being Anti-Muslim. I am not okay with the intolerance of the whole word, Islam. Since when has Allah become a synonym for a dirty word, whore, whatever? These Evangelicals and others who claim we are a Christian nation are wrong. And after Mr. Carson’s comments stating that Muslims don’t fit in with the Constitution and such, I’m angered by Republicans’ anti everything, including the bigotry, racism, and hatred towards my Muslim ex and friends. Yes, I dated a Somali Muslim, and yes, we almost married, but we still get along, and he can’t seem to get over me. Maybe I’m too beautiful or something, but the point is, well, I’d hate to hear a Republican’s railing against Muslims. It’s very old now, all for the bigotry they are part of, including in the olden days, segregation, later it was putting disabled people away.
  3. Take a look at the types of people running for Republican nominee. You have a business executive, CEO, wealthy surgeon/doctor, whatever. All these people don’t understand the concept of American dream. Ugh. It makes me so sick, so incredibly sick that rich people seem to think it’s okay to rail against poor and homeless people. I want someone truly American, someone who is at the level of the McDonald brothers who founded the famed fast food restaurant, or maybe the immigrant types or a second generation German or other type of immigrant family, and yes, maybe a Muslim immigrant girl would do the trick. I want to see someone who is truly symbolic of what this country is about, not someone who says, “I’m so cool. I’m the richest badass whatever on Earth. I was/am a CEO of America Incorporated.”
  4. I do not like the Republican view of abortion rights. Yes, we all have a choice. There are true died-in-the-womb products or babies that simply do not make it, but then there are the babies who are the products of rape or incest. Should a young teenage girl, Tina, aged 14 for instance, have to look at the spinning image of the man who rapes her at school? Should the same Tina, at age 22, have to stare in horror as the spinning image of her college rapist or even worse, her father or uncle spits out of her body? Are we to be made into childbirth receptacles? No, and the Republicans want to roll back women’s right to choose. The only exception I would put in to abortion bans or abortion ordinances would be the following: all disabled children whereby the disability is present and is known or able to make life richer or the child can breathe period should be allowed in families, in fact, all Down’s Syndrome children must live. Blind children must live. No teenager should have to have parental notification of abortion because if whatsoever or the dad of said teenager is the father of his own grandchild, in the case of Elizabeth Fritzl for instance, then what needs to happen is that she needs to feel confident that her own dad did indeed commit incest. Joseph Fritzl is now spending his wretched days in a psych institution for criminals in Austria. Well, if we had a Joe Fritzl here, we’d have to be sure the daughter in this case reported that her dad did this, and fathers take note: if you have daughters, they are daughters, not wives. Don’t mess with them, they will become mothers one day, and should not be the moms of your grandchildren. Let their spouses do that work if you desperately want grandchildren.
  5. Republicans want to edit school curriculum so that they teach kids to bow down to Patriotism. What to do when teaching American history! First of all, is it okay to teach history out of old and outdated textbooks? No. Republicans don’t care if we are stuck teaching Cold War antics. They want kids to kick back and obey what they want: worship hatred and inability to like or trust others who are different.
  6. Republicans who are the exception are few and far between. I’d like to name Jeb Bush as such. But what we’re seeing with the rest of his buddies in Republican City is this: we saw Donald Trump dump on Mexicans, which understandably means Jeb Senior has to defend his wife, whom he loves dearly and yes, she’s Mexican; we saw lots of other Republicans talk about walls on the Canada border on the north side of our nation. What does that show? we also see tht Carlie Fiorina does not have a clue how to deal with enemy nations, including Russians, Balkan states, etc. There is repeated historic Racism and hatred of all enemies, all of which stems from Republicans. Why did a Democratic President called Barack Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? Why? Because he wants to make peace in all this badness. That’s all I can say.

Now, here are some things I’d do to make the race for President interesting. This is how President Beth Taurasi plans to make this country great again:

  1. First, with IS. Or the Islamic State of Weirdness and Bigotry so to speak. I would have to curb Christophobia in Muslim nations and our own. First of all, I want to see Islamic reforms in all the nations I am dealing with, unless they want to be written out of the UN Security Counsel. With ISIS, I would put Abu Bakr alBaghdadi on my most wanted Terrorist list. He now goes by Kaliph Ibrahim, and I would have a warrant for his arrest and execution. That sort of thing is not being done under any administration. Also, I would recruit someone in my inner military circle, some guy in JSOC, or maybe the Green Team of Navy guys, to behead Mr. alBaghdadi right in front of live audiences so he and his followers would know exactly the brutality we faced when all our guys got killed. Yeah, sounds like revenge, but these fellows aren’t real Muslims. They are submitting to the wrong version and interpretation of their own violent and aggressively demonic Allah.
  2. I would make the Ayatollah of Iran cry his little beady eyes out. HE seriously can’t sit with me and make deals with me as President without thinking he’s gonna come away with loads of money so he can fund more Terror groups. I would have to say to him, “No more Revolutionary commandos are allowed to chant death to my country. And stop it with mistreating women and girls, and I will have human rights monitors all over your country. Don’t think you’re gonna get away with hanging homosexuals, mistreating blind girls, etc. And no more Sharia, all this and I’ll let you work with me.” IF Ayatollah Khomeni wants to do any deals with us, he has to do everything right by his people and my people too, or else I will resound with this promise, “We will put you in prison, try you as a War criminal, then we will not let you out of sight of the Hague, Netherlands, and we will have you on trial so you can see how many bad things your stupid government did to the women of Iran.” Then, as another condition, I’d set my Iranian friends and their wives free, yes, the Reza brothers. They are good men, peaceable guys who would otherwise not have access to North America. Ali the younger guy should get here and make food for me somehow, but because Iran has banned too many websites, he can’t even look at my old band vids. Oh how awful, so I’d demand that Iran open its Internet to all web thingies, and no sponsoring Terror groups as well, but one more dime to Isis and all, and yep, invasion of the American Commandos will commence.
  3. I would make education of all students a priority. This means I would do what I could to reverse the high illiteracy and unemployment of disabled and especially the blind kids. The way I would approach it, parents would absolutely have to enroll in educational programs for them that show them how to deal with disabled kids growing up and learning, and they would absolutely have to allow the kids to grow and learn in all aspects of life, including but not limited to sexual education through the school’s health classes, learning hygiene skills, etc. All of us need those things, but today’s parents in all families tend to be a bit more lax with discipline and integrity with kids and all. According to Brian Crosby, “Meet today’s parent: overworked, undisciplined, letigious. …” Well, I don’t think I quoted it right, but a whole chapter is about bad parents in today’s world. I have met lots of good parents, but you’ll find more disrespectful ones among the respectful ones today in the new Millennium. Ugh. Well, here’s more.
    1. I would ban the concept of only guys playing football. Who wants to see some powderpuff games? Yeah!

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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