A very hard subject to bring up …

It has occurred to me that I should tell you about the people and classes of human beings that everybody seems to vilify a lot. But actually, I figure I’d  bring this subject to the forefront.
While watching South Pacific with my mom, one of few times we actually watched something worthwhile  instead of Pimp My Ride, I noticed that there was a song that told the audience that you had to learn how to hate.
Yes, I kid you not. A song about hate. WHile the romance and the glamor  seemed to go on for a while, Nelly Forebush,  the nurse in the main plot, asked the Frenchman whose kids he had, and he told her of a Pacific Islands woman. Sadly, in a lot of these  war movies, the guy who gets the girl dies.  I don’t  get that.
But the point of the song was to tell Nelly that she had to hate the Pacific Islanders or darker skinned  individuals depicted  in the play.
Back in the setting, the 1940s, anything that remotely looked Japanese, German, or Italian was fair  game.  History  seems to have repeated itself. The human race is imperfect, and I believe that hate is, by its  very nature, an  outlet for  our  bad sides. Even within America, we find people in our basic circles to hate or vilify: the coworker we didn’t think did anything right; the boss who turns out to be a jerk; the significant other we used to be married to; may I say more? Hate is simply going out of control.
It becomes obvious while  watching the 700 Club, and Pat is mumbling on about Isis  and their brutality that there is a bit of hate on both sides of the coin: on the one hand, yes, I agree that Isis is brutal. On the other hand, Christians sometimes express unnecessary stereotypes for all Muslim peoples in the Middle East. I want to give Turkey credit for joining the American coalition. Jordan gets the same credit. But at least the real  Muslims know the following: that children and women are not to be bought and sold; that a young girl is not subjected to rape because her husband said so; that men and all people should not impose Islam on the world.
By the  same token,  in order to create a more peaceable  world,  we as Christian valued peoples in America no matter which way you look,   it is our obligation to play nice with all the  other religious sects provided they didn’t mutilate a girl, abuse or sacrifice women and children, etc. I’ve heard of unregistered kids being sacrificed by Satanics.  Crazy, right? I’ve heard even worse things, but Satan, in my humble opinion, has no place in America if we’re gonna create a more peaceful  world.
Whie rooting out hate  is a great way to do that, it’s impossible. We need  to root out the source of hate. I’l cover that in a later post. Everobyd stereotypes, and even I am guilty of this myself. I can only sa this: I was in a college class where we did an exercise on stereotyping. We had to pick a group of people, ethnic or otherwise, who we thought of when we saw a trait  or  action.  For  example, Germans love beer, so  you would think. Not  all German peope like beer. So yeah, Germans do not  all like beer. Another  statement  we came across was the trait of lying and cheating. Some of the college class picked, surprisingly, Irish or Italians. We made other assumptions based on stuff we’ve experienced in life or what we’ve been, in the words of that South Pacific song, carefully taught.

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Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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