James Egan Holmes Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Without Parole: My Thoughts and Perspective

I’m watching the press release about the aurora Theater Shooting.  As I sit at my desk, James Egan Holmes was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Meanwhile, my forensic tests might not be favorable.  I don’t know why, but I’m not sure about a feedback session. But I do know one thing, one burden off my chest. Holmes will not die at least, but the jury could not reach a unanimous decision to kill him. Sadly, Mr. Holmes is one of thousands of mentally ill patients who sit in prisons all over the United States.

One thing I really liked about the defense attorney, Tamara Brady, was that she tackled the whole thing well.  She said that the execution of a mentally ill person is downright medieval.  HEr words were so emotionally charged. She said clearly that the source of evil is not schizophrenia. He got life, but there is something about the death penalty that bothers me.

Remember Troy Davis? He was executed due to color barriers. Color of skin sometimes dictates, and I’m not saying always, the status of American people and their ability to make money. It has been scientifically and empirically studied and observed again and again that beauty as set by social standards gets you a better court sentence. While Holmes was white, there are still a lot of African American prisoners on death row for reasons unknown to us. In the South, a region made infamous for lynchings of those who are nonwhite, Troy Davis, a black man, was wrongfully executed. Wrongful death sentences are all around us, and that’s what bothers me about the death penalty.

I’m relieved that this whole thing is over.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “James Egan Holmes Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Without Parole: My Thoughts and Perspective”

  1. killing someone doesn’t offer any opportunities for forgiveness or rehabilitation but there are some people who can never be rehabilitated and yes wrongful exicutions are common place but killing somebody who carried out a shooting spree will make that criminal a marter irony is why are police who are supposed to be apprehending criminals often the criminals themselves particularly white police persecuting black men or black women in countries where the rape of women and girls is common place particularly in india Africa and some of the other Asian countries police are often involved and what do the families of those victims get for reporting the rapes? that’s right, absolutely fuck all support they get threatened with hush money or retribution for even reporting incidents like this that often happen when they go to relieve themselves as often in those countries they don’t have toilets in their homes or those that have a toilet in their homes at all are extremely ritch or across a colour divide that nobody can cross. and often times mental illness is ignored in a lot of these 3rd world countries as it is in general


    1. The only reason why Holmes got life is because he was a middle upper class guy in college. Most of the death row inmates I hear about are non Caucasians with no college. Here’s a funny figure for you: 2/3 of all imprisoned Americans are high school dropouts.


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