Vote Beth for President: My Political Wish List

Dear Readers,

Phew!  I’ve been posting a bunch of stuff here, but I do have a recent political wish list for those who want to look at the issues.  But first, here are my thoughts on political issues, and yes, this includes foreign policies.

1. I don’t know how to say anything about gay marriage now.  The thing is that the gay folks have their right to marry now, but we have a long way to go about having a disability rights discussion.  I’d like to have a panel of people and some advocacy groups talk about the real issue about marriage “equality” in this country.  It should be about the ones who are deemed “unfit to marry” due to disability.  This happens all around the world as well.

2. Of course Isis should die trying to stand on its feet.  After Isis even came on the scene, we as a nation have experienced a foreign relations meltdown.  Obama is being hailed and ridiculed for not doing enough with Isis, and people such as Kayla and Peter and others are being either thrown away or beheaded as hostages.  Isis is forcing women to marry and convert to a religion they do not desire.  In my opinion, we need to draw a line here about “religious freedom.”  Should we right another Bill of Rights?  I don’t know.

3. As I have stated previously, schools are a mess.  I would do away with standardized tests of course, but by state, those said tests have to go to the garbage cans all over the nation, and the test taking companies will go out of business if I had my way.  I have the opinion that Brian Crosby’s right: there is a huge disconnect between what kids want to do and what the system doles out.

Now, therefore, Americans and all around the world, let’s turn to the Political Wish List 2015 and beyond:

1. As your President, I would destroy Isis.  I wouldn’t outlaw all Islam, but I would do campaigning to tell Religious leaders, imams, clerics, etc. that Isis and their twisted and evil Qur’anic language has to be destroyed!  First things first, I would outlaw discrimination and Islamophobes would be banned from political office.  I would have to guard the political office of Congressional Representative so that diversity would be honored, and anyone who expresses hatred and wishes to throw someone out of Congress due to religious, ethnic, and social minority membership would be expelled.  Fired.  Whatever.

2. as your President, I will reform education for all children.  I will add funding to Special Education grants and funding would be funneled back to state public education so that not only are disabled and blind kids reading Braille or using communicative aids, but they are also functional in society.  I would put Arizona’s job agencies as a good example in a running for a grant that would total $18.5 billion dollars so that all disabled Arizonians and those within that area would get jobs and benefit from a one on one employment.  It’s not just the blind, but the CP and the mentally ill people.

3. I will as President promise to deliver on real healthcare reform.  Obama gave us a leg up, but we need to stop discriminating against disabled people in emergency rooms, doctor offices, etc.  Disabled expectant mothers can one day give birth peacefully and safely under my leadership.  I will educate doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, etc. about blind and wheelchair bound individuals and tell them what obvious accommodations need to be put in place.  I will campaign the American Medical Association to write down a list of good things disabled patients contribute.

4. As President, I will take down those who try to destroy this nation.  Kim Jong-Un, for instance, won’t just be on a Sony Pictures movie.  This will happen.  For real.  I won’t tolerate this “death to America” anthem the North Koreans keep singing.  I say let those people sing, but if they want to live a single day forward as I’m leading this country, they need to liberate all disabled people from the horrific conditions they live in.  I’ll post a link to Human Rights Watch, and I’d look at the top HRW issues pages in Asia Pacific.  North Korea was and still is notorious for throwing disabled people out of the capital, Pyongyang.  I will do my darndest as President to get all Americans in prison camps out of North Korea, and then, … yep, invasion.

5. I will make it against the law for schools to punish disabled and especially the Autistic kids with physical or sensory force.  As your President, I will end the use of corporal punishment in schools for disabled students and able students alike.  Why should we use such a horrible practice to keep kids quiet?  Positive behavioral enforcement has been shown and proven to make it better for kids and teachers.  Lying the child prone on the floor and overwhelming the senses, and of course, paddling the poor child does not make the situation better.  I have had to read literature explaining why kids are hospitalized for physical injury suffered in punishment times at school.  Punishment of the physical sort will never work for disabled kids.  But for all students, I will strengthen the enforcement of such laws so that no child thinks school is Hell for them.

6. I will abolish homework, end standardized anythings from social skills to tests and bring back the Golden Rule.  As a matter of fact, I’ll tap Brian Crosby himself to be my education secretary.  As I do this, I’ll also create a Department of Disability Affairs in which I tap the most vocal advocate for disability rights I know, Mark Riccobono, as secretary.  With such a dominant cabinet here, I will pass executive orders demanding that all disabled kids have opportunities that nondisabled students and kids have.  I can’t make everybody be friendly to disabled folks, but we need to pass a moratorium also on evaluating blind children for psychological flaws and things.  The Sight Saving schools will be inspected with such rigor that they may close, they may not.  Any school or academy for blind children will pass a strict set of rules for the children and adults to follow.  Among which, Braille will be legislated as the official reading and writing system for these children.  Foundations for the blind both children and adults will teach Braille as part of their rules.  I will aggressively try and reverse the illiteracy trend for the blind, and there’s more.

7. I will reform and pass executive orders protecting mentally ill inmates in prisons and hospitals alike.  We will work together as a country to reduce the prison population due to the disproportionately high rate of African Americans in our prison system.  First and foremost, the Confederate Flag, as with the Swastika, will be illegalized.  Period.  No signs that mean hatred will be allowed to stand upon the capitols of any state or government building.  Pictures may remain in textbooks that depict the Civil War studies and all, but no Confederate Flag is going to stand in a public arena ever again.

9. For the real reform and transformation of our mental health system, I’d provide big old grants to provide homes and shelter for homeless and mentally unstable and ill veterans of war.  On top of this, I’d like to, as President, provide more areas for abused patients in nursing homes, mentally ill people, and so on to go if abused by a staff person, nurse, or doctor.  Abuse of children is overrated, but it keeps going.  I will provide money and cut some defense spending in order to add to the budget that transforms the mental health care system.  We will reach out to our sad and depressed and angry people in our country.  We need to treat them as humans, and as President, and as a patient in such a system, I understand what works and doesn’t work.  I understand why people do get depressed.  We don’t have sanctity of human life anymore.  People treat each other like worthless dogs sometimes.  Blind and disabled female children are at the most risk for abuse, rape, and other forms of maltreatment.  I willl target these at risk groups and try and reform the system so that all people who experience mental instability have a place to call Heaven, Home, and a Safe Place.  Nobody should feel unsafe when saying they need professional help dealing with the traumas they face, and as someone who understands, I will advocate for change even when not President of the United States.

10. I will bar any sacred Native American lands from being developed by scrupulous rich antienvironmentalists in Arizona who want to build malls and places like that in the Grand Canyon.  What is it anyhow?  It’s a beautiful place, a wonder of this world, and must be respected.  Some Natives of that land see it as sacred.  Along with this, I will ban all development in national parks that scars the environment and makes it look less picturesque and pristine.  I will clean up all the federal beaches, state beaches, deserts, etc.  I will do what I must to keep our planet clean, and if it means knocking down a few buildings here and there, then so be it.  For Natives and First Nations tribes all around the nation and Canada as well, I will provide a transformed way of getting the help and services they need.  I will provide a $15 billion cut to some space spending in order to put that extra money into Native American aid and services.  The services will follow a specific set of rules, and only Natives and family of Natives can run such things so that everybody who uses the reservations’ services feels comfortable.  All Americans who are of First Nations ancestry should have the option to not pay taxes while living in what we would call “white settled” land.  All First Nations peoples will receive as Obama said the free healthcare they desire.  All tribes will be subject to observations at first and we will have to again reduce the population in prisons.  I have seen a million things happen on some places.  I want all the Reservations to also serve as a reminder of what the Natives had to face, including the Trail of Tears and other ways the Nineteenth Century dominants tried to subordinate and exterminate such people.  WE will as a nation accept these as our comrades in life and freedom as a country.  we want to thank God for these people and the culture and fascinating foods they bring to us.  Also, as President or Representative of this country, I will promise all First Nations peoples each a tax exemption as already has been the case, but not to force them to stay on a reservation.  I don’t approve of casinos for the Natives.  Instead, we will encourage their lands to become an educational landmark for all of us.  We want our people to be morally straight upright and all, so in this case, Natives should let go of gambling, drinking, and mental traumas that could render them unable to have relationships with others.  There are many natives in Prisons across the country.  Many more have mental illness and have so much in the way of substance abuse problems, and it doesn’t surprise me that a history of drug use and substance addiction is prevalent, but not completely the case, for Natives.  I learned all this is social work study classes.  It’s not that all the people have this problem, but statistics show that they have a high percentage rate of all the wrongs we wish to eradicate.  How can we make it better?  I like what we’re doing so far, but relegating such wonderful historians of history, such keepers of our country’s land and sacred water, to places where they can’t practice their ways or grow the food they want is abominable even today.

One more thing: we can’t force natives to cut their hair and lie about their heritage.  No Indian child should be taken away because of being that way, and no foster parent should be white if the child is clearly being abused.  Not unless, for instance, it was me or someone who had understanding of Native lands and tribes.  My grandmother knows I love this stuff, and she brought back Taos Pueblo earrings, dream catchers of all sorts, and all kinds of fact books on the Native chieftains like Crazy Horse.  She really loved telling me about Canyon De Chelly, pronounced Shay, a place where the Navajo peoples once roamed freely and took their sheep to pasture.  What has happened to these people?  Navajos were forced to march to Oklahoma, and for a really good read for the young and old alike, read Sing Down the Moon.  A Navajo girl and her sister tell the story of the Forced March, and their medicine man, Bitter Water, is depicted as having done at one point a womanhood ceremony on the young lady in the story.  We are losing the languages of said people, so I would encourage us to archive and preserve as much as possible before the world as we know it dies out.  Disclaimer: I do not intend to offend any person or particular reader of any ethnic origin by posting this.  I am a really passionate person and I wish we could do more to enact change here.


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