What a Week It’s Been!

Dear readers,

My PC is safe now.  I installed, thanks to my loving boyfriend, AVG Antivirus software, and yay!  No more threats!  No more weird toll free numbers!  Yay yay yay!\

The worst thing that could happen was this: I’ve decided to cancel all holidays.  Nobody celebrates birthdays without family and friends, and my family?  I can’t even begin to describe the pain and hurt that I felt at not knowing who I was, my family was, etc.  The memories of being told to go out without, at the time, a Muslim veil, were absolutely horrifying.  I’m a Christian now, but I chose to do this because I wanted to, but let’s face this: I took the long way.  I kind of took the scenic route so I could ultimately use a Protestant practice in my life.  Protestantizing was something I wanted to do for a while, even when I was in love with Mr. Henry.  When I went out of college and decided to date someone who was Muslim, the crazy and weird Deq, I ultimately faced a few choices: either convert and ease Deq’s conflicts with me, which didn’t work; or I could’ve just said, look, Deq, I’m Catholic.  If I did that, he’d push it further.  Ultimately, I’m really apologetic about this situation because honoring one’s family depends on the family’s stance on people the person chooses.

I’ll say this: I’m sorry if I tried to destroy my boyfriend’s character.  Character should not necessarily be the end all be all.  I have NEVER done the following, and neither has my boyfriend:

1. I’ve never ever put naked pics on any social media sites.  That’s a recommended no no.

2. I’ve never gotten so drunk, and that hasn’t ended up online either.

3. I’ve never put sexually transmitted stuff on my social media.  This means I was not the one who might have written sexually inappropriate comments about women.  No, nobody but that darned Owens character did.  And I would not be surprised if Jason dedicated an entire website to hating me.  I Hate Beth Dot Com?  Oh yes, I wouldn’t put it past him to say something really hateful about all the different peoples that live here in this great country.

4. I have never dissed somebody’s mom on social media.  I’ve heard sayings like, “Yo mama” this and “Yo mama” that.  But I would never pull a “yo mama” on some mothers out there.

5. I have never worshipped the Devil.

6. I have and will never listen to heavy metal music that depicts how Satan is the lord of the Sun.  I could spend hours doing so much more on that subject, but I have and will never do this.

6. Been in a hospital more than once for psychological reasons.  I’ve never wanted to do it any more than once.

7. Called my love or his family bad things, and no, I will not be accused of doing so when I swear I would never say that.

Also, I have a few confessions: I had a virus in my computer.  But I noticed while logging on here that my pc is free as I said before in the beginning.  I have a few people I’d like to thank.  My Arizona sweetheart sent me the setup for AVG 2015, and I am thanking him profusely.  You saved my PC!  Superman!

But I swear, I have an ultimatum.  This one goes out to Josh, Jake, whoever’s been sending me crazy emails lately.  You weirdos better go hide somewheres.  Don’t be sending me these nutty emails.  I have cleaned you all out of my PC, and you all deserve to go burn somewhere.  Yeah.  Spammers, beware.  I’m not really happy with you all.  I’m not going to be happy with you all.  So if I see someone say that “I’m upset with you” or “set up your account”, you are all going to the little place we call Spam Hell!

That reminds me: Here’s a costume idea for Halloween.  I got this idea from a radio station years ago.  Try this:

My dear Kathy, you will laugh at this, I hope you like this idea for a costume:

First, print out as many weird emails as you want, then do the following:

1. Place all the funny spam emails around your waist, then tape the emails in such a way that it resembles a little shirt, skirt, whatever.

2. After the emails are taped, take a piece of masking tape and write the word “inbox” and place it on your forehead.  There!  You are the Spam Monster.  The next steps you can take on your own, but the goal here is to be creative.  Makeup is awesome with this one, and you could paint the word on your head. …

I will probably never dress up for a Halloween costume party, but I think this is a pretty cheap option if invited.  How about this one.  I could use a thousand ways to photograph myself.

To close this post out, I would like to see some real support, and I mean true support.  I don’t want bigotry, exclusion, discrimination in my life anymore.  It’s unacceptable as the Supreme Court told us regarding gays and lesbians.  While this may have a bad impact on Christian churches, it may also have a horrific ten times worse impact had it gone the other direction.  Imagine, for instance, little Johnny in school being told he is a “faggot” by his classmates.  Imagine that little Johnny loves pink flowers and stuff, music, things that are perceived as girly things.  Well, I’m sorry, but I would love pickup trucks, cars, and other things, and I don’t care if anyone called me tomboy.  So what?

IF the ruling had gone the other way, not only would churches be “happy”, but bullies would as well.  If I had a little Johnny in my house that came to me crying and saying, “Mommy, I don’t want to go to school because they called me a bad word,” I’d be happy to report this to Principal John, whoever he is.  But with this ruling I think there will be further rulings regarding schoolyard bullies that cause suicide.  There are so many parents out there who want their kids to be happy.  I could tell a gay son or lesbian daughter any darn thing to tell her about God and other things, or him.  But if a bully comes up to my straight child, calls him/.her a “dike” or “faggot”, and does other horrible things multitudes of times to the point where Little John or Little Jane does not want to go to school, I’m bound to report this to the Principal and say, “If you can’t fix this, my child will not go to school in your premises.”  I could somehow make it possible for the Bullying Prevention program at any school to work.  But then again, we have a long way to go with disabled kids too.

I’m so glad that nobody I personally care about has been bullied, but I have met too many others who have had this happen.  Both friends and acquaintances have had this.  It was bullying that caused many suicides, or bullycides, of gay and straight teens alike.  Bullying will stop because the world now recognizes Gays, straights, Lesbians, etc. as people, not the pets of society.  Disabled people will soon be the ones to be seen as people.  We will not be put “under” or in an “inferior” position because we’re disabled.  Period!


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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