Bummer Summer and Other Books I Might Read this Summer … Not Bummer Summer

Dear Readers,

I’ve got a good reading list for the summer, do you all?  Reading is a lost art, honestly.  So many kids are unable to think of reading as an art of comprehending some stuff on a printed page.  So many people don’t like books.  They would rather do video games.  Ugh.  Video games are good sometimes, but most of the time, they’re terrible for health if played too many times.  Where’s the wisdom in video games?  I’m sorry, gamers, but seriously, if you guys have a balanced life and all, then that’s fine.  But playing video games and running around virtually in Second Life is awful.  I’m honestly a reader of books because books offer wisdom as the Giver would say in one of Lois Lowry’s good classics.  Books offer a glimpse into worlds beyond.  The books are like a time machine in the case of nineteenth century writings.  I’d like to write a book one day, but if there was any such book, one about Mary Bryant would be good to read.  Mary Bryant and friends founded a home for blind women, but it had been a sheltered care facility until recently.  Independent and active lives are the best, I admit, but reading activates the mind more than video games ever could.  Now, for those who are curious, I am going to talk about two books on my reading list that are really great.  Here’s why as well.

City of Darkness by Ben Bova is one of the books you should read if you wanna understand where people went with race relations and city life.  Bova is mainly popular for his science fiction works about fighting and star pilots and all, typical stuff.  But this book is different.  I fell in love with the book years ago when I saw it in Braille, but now I have it on the Nook app, which, by the way, is accessible with a small check mark.  Once you check accessibility on the settings, the book app is perfect.  It reads out loud all the book’s contents, and so it is with City of Darkness.  It’s about a boy who wants to do something with his life, but is sick of his snobby father telling him to go to business school.  Well, Ron goes off to New York City, which in this book is a domed off city with lots of dirt and grime and there are gangsters in there, but we do find out in the book as to why.  In the midst of the fun, Ron’s ID card and money get stolen, so he has to stay there for a year.  Ugh.  Imagine this for a moment, and read the book.  I’m not going to offer spoiler alerts here, sorry.

Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now by Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the latest expose of Islam, one of the world’s most formidable forces of violence today.  Isis unfortunately doesn’t help the problem.  In this book Miss Hirsi Ali goes deep into exposing what Islam’s teachings actually promote, and some of this may surprise even the most devout Muslims who dare to touch this volume.  Miss Hirsi Ali also teaches some classes, but because of her controversial statements, has been disinvited and invited everywhere, but notably Brandeis University.  Muslim students went against her, and so the staff and students bowed down to the Muslim students.  Miss Hirsi Ali tells the story of what happened and the resulting pressures that other universities have been giving her.  Hirsi Ali’s life is written about more in depth in past books Infidel and Nomad, but Heretic is sure to be a book that is going to turn heads. …  I’m not gonna spoil it, so you all read this book.  It is also offered on the Nook app.  So yeah.

Anyway, I also want to tell you all that Motorola has a complaint filed against them in the econsumer.gov site because of their use of off shore call centers with fake names and all, and these weirdos being from other countries do not know what blind people need and want.  These people do not release money when they should, and I’m staring them down for not releasing the money, and I’m not nice to people who aren’t gonna give me what I absolutely must have, a phone being one thing.  Indians and Asians working the call centers do not have any clue what blind people have to offer.  The guys I tried to call would have to be American to understand, and ADA is a law that is not present in India.  Of course, the stupid call centers don’t reveal they’re from India, and that’s all I can say here.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Bummer Summer and Other Books I Might Read this Summer … Not Bummer Summer”

  1. I’m afraide that almost all call centres are going offshore these days if I want to talk to my phone company my mother often talks to them because for me I can barely understand who’s on the other end and often I’ve had people saying they’re ringing in regards to my phone l ine and I tell them now if I need assistance I ring the phone company myself they don’t ring me. I’ve had one guy actually question who I was when I tried to ask them who was ringing and what it was in relation to and he told me to ” shut up and hang up” god I wish I could tell those guys that a bomb will be planted by isis to blow up their offices if they have an attitude like that but it would put me in the sights of the federal police I’ve registered my name on the donot call register we have here but as I say it never works.


  2. I threatened to settle their thing in court, and I am going to complain about off shore calling centers hiring these Asian nobodies in some fashion. Now, I don’t think all Asians are nobodies, but there are just a bunch of low lives in India who think it’s ok to sexually assault young girls. They pay for sex with young girls, and I’ve covered this before, but I would like to diss these bozos on the phone by telling them, go pay for sex with young girls and call it marriage. It’s not marriage if the two consent, and half the time the bride doesn’t consent, and they like that. Ugh. I wish these people would see the real problems in their own countries and stop driving me nuts. As for Isis blowing up the offices, that wouldn’t be such a good idea and here’s why. Isis might be working a call center, you never know. Some of these dudes are from Pakistan, one of the foremost Islamic countries dealing with islamic … well, crap.


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