Law And Order Special Victims Unit Ideas and Spoiler Alerts …

This post is mostly for fans of SVU on USA and those who love all kinds of crime drama.  I have no reason to want a rape homicide to actually happen, but the show has the coolest plot lines and I’ve seen some twisted and curved lines all over it.  Now, with the closing of Season 16 of Law and Order SVU, which I have spoiler alerts for in case you didn’t watch, I have some ideas for SVU’s actors to do.  For one, Mariska Hargatay is Olivia Benson, and she rules.  She’s totally awesome.  This Elliot Stabler guy is awesome too.  Eliot rules too, … coolness.  It seems Eliot is awesomer than any male detective in the world.  Skittish Gittish plays Rawlins in the new few seasons we saw her in SVU.  My favorite new one is Amaro.  Nick Amaro is sweet and has kids and all.  Now, the spoiler alert: Olivia does something weird.  She adopts the son of a real sadistic psychopath, but that little boy, Noah, is the sweetest thing Olivia has ever taken in.  Mariska is a princess of SVU in my opinion, just my humble opinion.  Right in the middle of prosecuting Johnny Drake for pimping girls, Olivia adopts Noah Pporter, and he’s the cutest little button on the planet.  I think in some twenty years we will see Noah Benson be a cop.  I predict that much.

Now, I have some ideas, and I think the SVU producers should consider writing more of the parallels to headlines stories.  I think it would be nice to see more competence issues with disabled people.  We need to expose, in some way with art, the weirdness of it all.  I also think we should do more human trafficking cases because that’s relevant.  What about the stuff about police brutality?  We need to talk about police brutality through SVU.  That and the old Law and Order, and that would be cool.  I wanna see more Mariska Hargitay, and she’s the bomb!  Oh, Craigan retires in one of the later seasons.  Mariska leads the unit, … um, Olivia I mean.  I liked Craigan, he was hot.  Yeah, he was the guy you went to for either good or bad stuff.  A visit to Craigan didn’t always mean good things.  However he was a great leader in the Special Victims Unit.  I also think Law and Order should do something about arranged marriage.  Maybe FGM.  Both would be classified as rape, and SVU should probably take on one of the cases that could pop up on the radar.  Stabler is totally awesome, and he’s the man.  Hey, I don’t understand why Kathy Stabler left her husband in one season, but I’d kill for a guy like Eliot.  I’d also shoot my foot to be Mariska Hargitay.  But anyway, the SVU was weird in this past season on NBC.  I think stabler will come back, and he’s the man …  No, Olivia is the lady, I love that lady.

But I do think we need to depict more of the stuff ripped out of the headlines.  I think that’s what SVU can do.  And yes, Iced Tea. …  He’s cool.

I do apologize for the spoiler alert if you all didn’t want that, but I’d be happy to do more spoiler alerts for those who really want them.

Maybe something about James Hulmes would be good?  We still have to battle with the age old question of sanity as a defense for murder, or insanity as it is.  Let’s see what happens.


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