Freedom of Speech: Definition and Guidelines For This Blog

Dear Readers,

For those of you who listened to the Denver Delights show yesterday, Saturday, whenever it was wherever you were, we had a problem over Twitter.  Apparently, one of the DJ’s requested something that Blake, my sidekick, does not obviously listen to or like.  We wanted to know the meaning of the song, and it played, done.  The result was that the DJ who happens to be a good friend of mine accused me of mocking a request or not realizing what meaning it was, and his girlfriend refuses to listen to the show.  I’m not here to intimidate people into listening, but it does bring up an interesting point: freedom of speech.  Where do we draw the line?

First, we don’t write songs about splitting our wives’ throats.  Listening, Marshall Mathers?  Second, we don’t threaten people in artwork and paint people the way we want to see them if it is too controversial.  Get it, Robert Whatsyourname from Law and Order Special Victims Unit?  He killed people and said it was art, something about murder and art combined.  That is downright criminal.  What about calling black people and each other the N word, or redskin, or whatever?  Racial epithets are not supposed to happen in music, and we’ve learned so many years ago in history that calling, for instance, a first nations woman “squaw” is wrong.  Yes, you can read books with such a word in there, but Native American women need a whole lot more respect than that.  Look at Katherine Tekawitha, the Mohawk saint who later was canonized after so many years of Beattification.  She was a Native lady, and yet the only one who studied Christianity by far in history.  A French guy found her I guess, or was it a British guy?  I can’t remember, but history tells us a lot.

Another boundary for freedom of speech is the use of the F word, calling girls “bitch” “whore” “coon.”  We’re not here to call girls those things.  I don’t do that, and yes, I swear I won’t say that to any woman who’s done me wrong, no matter how bad it was.  I don’t call guys “Daddy” or “stud.”  Well, I hate to say this, but freedom of speech has its limits.  Freedom of speech does not say that you can tell a Muslim woman that she can’t be on the police force.  See next post about a police lady who wears a hijab on the Minnesota Anapolis Police Force, I believe.  This is a nation that hates anything that doesn’t conform with what we call American.  So what is the definition of American?  Let’s define this before we go to the meat of Freedom of Speech.

American does not have to mean born here.  This is a big mistake when setting the qualifications for President.  I think we can’t control where we’re born, but we can very well control where we go in life, so if you come here, let’s say, you should be a citizen or naturalized citizen for 25 years.  35 is too old in my opinion to be President, so let’s lower the age for that too.  If the President is under 30, so what?  I think 25 is more reasonable.  American also does not mean only Caucasian, White, African American, or Asian.  Hispanics are definitely Americans if they are naturalized here.  Let’s name a few Hispanics who truly define whwat it means to be an American.  Wait, here’s one: Jessie the Messy.  He’s blind, and he had a harder life than some.  His Cuban family emigrated here for whatever reason, probably the Castro thing.  I know a few other Cuban families in the old church I attended, and they emigrated here for that same reason.  Well, Jessie had blindness to overcome, and Blind people are hard to place in jobs.  Jessie, luckily, had shining stars and angels looking out for him because now, not only does he have a good resume, but he works at a hotel call center.  He does lots of bookings, and he’s really proud of his job, and he hangs out and talks to friends on Skype in his spare time.  The good thing about Jessie’s job is that it’s a normal job, he has people around him to take him places, and his family actually cares one way or the other about transit and other things Jessie may need.  Hispanics are also hard to place in jobs because of the people’s perception of “illegal” immigrants.  I’m not pointing at Jessie here, I’m pointing at the cops in Alabama and other Southern states where the Spanish version of Jim Crow has thrown itself around and forced other Hispanics out.  Arizona is another good example.  Every day, Mexicans flood Arizona, and yes, I know it’s bad, but don’t you know that Mexicanos have the problem of drug cartels?  The drugs and gangs control South America, too.  So Hispanics have a problem of gang violence and drugs all the time.  Luckily for the next person I’m going to mention, that is not the truth.

I have several Mexicans in my circle.  Henry, a third-generation California Mexican, wants to counsel gangsters and get them off the streets.  I don’t know where Henry went, but God knows, the lamb is sure to go.  Henry dated me for a few months, a couple at best, and his excuse was that his out of wedlock son came first.  Well, any kid comes first, and I have a confession to say: Henry, look, if you really want to be with your son, go ahead.  I do apologize and I can’t understand why anyone would say what they said.  However, because of Henry’s refusal to be with me on those grounds, I refuse to date men with kids.  One kid could end the relationship by saying, “She’s replacing Mommy.”  If something, God forbid, were to happen between me and Blake, and the kids have to contend with a billion different guys.  I’m not parading men in and out of a child’s life like that.

A lot of single parents have this problem of who to pick that the kids would like.  The problem is that predators could end up liking the woman’s children so much that the woman has to wonder, who’s really going to be in my bed?  So you know, I guess, I can’t just do what I want without a plan.  For one, like I said previously, marriage is not a death sentence, and it is a covenant between the couple and the deity, Yahweh, God, whatever.  Which proceeds to the next thing.

What is the definition of Freedom of Speech?  If you’re my mom or dad and reading this, you know why I’m rewriting this definition.  For one, I’ve had encroachments on my Freedom of Speech rights because of the guardianship.  One, people just say something isn’t appropriate, it automatically is labeled inappropriate.  The next thing that happens is I’m forced to take said thing down, which I will not.  Third, what I write here is true, no lies.  Freedom of Speech does not mean slander.  Are you listening, Mabelin Ramirez?  Freedom of Speech means that you express an opinion, which we all have, about something.  Here’s a simple opinion:

1. I think red is a good color.

2. I think barney and Friends is a funky show that doesn’t teach anything.

3. Something more politically oriented: I think marijuana should be legal.  Just examples, people.  We write about opinions, and we can give good opinions not by saying the sentence “Beth does not bathe.”  Do not trample on my freedom of speech, family and friends, because all it does is aggravate me.  Congress, as the Constitution reads, shall make NO law establishing a state religion, and yes, the constitution says freedom of the press is not to be trampled on.  I’m not aligning my thoughts with another person’s simply to be with that person.  That’s the beauty of this country.  We don’t get sentenced to death for having the opinion that the Prophet Muhammad is a child molester.  In my humble opinion, Muhammad was somehow a child molester by definition of the law here in the United States, but there is a different side of it.  Think though about Aisha’s biological development.  Only nine?  Should a guy have sex with nine-year-olds because that’s his wife?  No, darn it.  No.  That’s my opinion, and because public opinion does not like guys having sex with minors, we have what we have called statutory rape.  We don’t allow teenage this and minors doing that, so please, freedom of speech and voting are the things in this country we have.  Now, we have guidelines that this blog follows regarding Amendment 1 of the U.S. Constitution:

1. I will write about anyone and anything that bothers me, and as long as this person is not being threatened, it goes on paper.

2. I will analyze whatever slanderous things appear that have my name on it.

3. I will not tolerate slander in comments or posts and if you’re gonna write my horrible last name, write the whole thing out, darn it.

4. I will not be sentenced to death by any body of government just because of an opinion.  Please, I won’t move to Iran for this one.  In my opinion, I’m sorry, but Muhammad might have been a child molester, stealing Aisha because she was nine and a virgin.  What’s this?  Nine-year-olds marrying is clear abuse and rape right there, and in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, that must stop.  It must stop.

5. Freedom to practice whatevr religion I want is clearly stated in the Constitution, so it will come here to this blog.  I’m Christian, so yeah, Christianity is what I practice.  Christianity is what we must think about and practice, and our nation built on those values should allow and tolerate Islam, not tell the world it’s a hateful religion.  Rev. Pat Robinson is kind of on the other side of that debate.  I could tell him that my ex was Muslim, and it would pain me to hear that it is a sword religion, live by the sword, die by the sword, that kind of thing.  It took my friend Elizabeth a while to get used to the fact that I wasn’t Muslim, and I won’t be, because if so, I can’t marry or spend a life with Blake.

6. I should have my opinions respected, and any casual things said about family or friends should not trample on people’s rights.  For instance, Eminem’s song Kim tramples on Kim Mathers’ right to live, and she sued, and yes, she won.  So there.

Now, the song in question was Hosier’s Take Me To Church.  If anyone has a real opinion on it, it’s Blake.  I also have a few songs I just can’t play, but I’m bound to play a bit of Metallica because it’s awesome.  Nothing Else Matters is a good song, but I will not play certain Papa Roach songs because simply put, they have some pretty bloody titles.  Getting Away with Murder?  And here are lyrics from another song:

“Cut my life into pieces.  This is my last resort.  Suffocation, no bleeding.  Don’t give a f— if I don’t … bleeding.”  I can’t remember the last three words, but those lyrics tell us a lot.  Now, Scars is overplayed.  I just don’t like Papa Roach.  I wouldn’t mind if Weird Al polkafied Papa Roach a bit, but Papa Roach itself is just plain bloody and dangerous.

If it’s a song that mirrors the dying, Jesus’ passion and resurrection, and so on, I’ll play it.  For instance, a bit of … hmmmm, Blood Bound?  Type O Negative?  I was introduced to some weird metal stuff, but it’s not all weird.  I prefer Nightwish and other kinds of metal with female vocalists.  Kingfisher Sky is fine.  But certain things I won’t play for the show because of the message, and certain songs just send the wrong message.  Playing Eminem, Papa Roach, and certain gangster rap songs would be like playing a half hour of Seven Dirty Words You don’t Say On TV.  Thanks, George Carlin.  To the guy who spoke of freedom of speech yesterday on Twitter, I do apologize and I won’t start shit, but let’s be careful what we say to each other.  I’m not one to step on people’s toes like that, and yes, I promise, I’ll research all songs.  For the rest of the people, please submit any requests a day or two in advance so I can research the songs.  Any songs by Eminem are subject to rejection if the song has to do with killing, example being Kim.  Please make sure you  have a good song.  I know some songs are sappy, but I actually love sappiness.  Sappy songs are pretty good.

Thank you all for reading the blog. … And goodnight from Denver.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

6 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech: Definition and Guidelines For This Blog”

  1. freedom of speech is a very contentious issue particularly when it comes to journalism. one of our aljazera journalests from Australia peter greste was deported from Egypt after over 400 days in an egyption prison for charges of aledgedly spreading rumours about the muslem brotherhood and supporting the brotherhood which he denies vigerously. in countries like that you can’t do your job as a journalist for fear you could end up in jail. it doesn’t matter about religion but journalism has its risks


    1. Yes, imagine if, for instance, I’m 9 news from Denver journalist got put in jail just for saying that so and so did something to a Muslim woman. Muslims are not all that important and neither are any other religions in the world according to this weird world we live in. But I do think freedom of speech should not mean freedom from God. There was a school district here in Denver the just recently got sued for handing out Bibles and other kinds of crazy stuff at the school. They wanted to raise the kids I guess under evangelical Christian values, and then they get sued for it. Yuck.


  2. it’s also also, it boils down to whether to name and shame paedophiles and sex offenders or to suppress their names. a media personality was sentenced to jail time for naming and shaming paedophiles when there was a suppression order in place and you can’t always talk about religion these days for fear of being sued because there are so many religions out there that it doesn’t take much to upset one or all if bibles are being handed out it’s supposed to be optional whether some people take them or they leave them but as the saying goes, you’re not going to please everyone.


  3. I never even asked what song it was that was requested that started all of this in the first place but then again I probably wouldn’t want to know but it’s getting to the stage you can’t say or do anything for fear of getting into trouble for it.


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