Letter to Guardians Who Want Nothing to Do with Choice … And a New Website, well, Not So New

Dear Readers,

I’d like to do a two parts to this post.  For one, I’m going to address a conversation I had with someone on the phone who thinks I’m “not getting the companionship” I need.  Do I need companions?  I want a husband, a child, family, the dog in the yard, a house, the typical American dream.  It’s like I”m not allowed that because of disability, and it’s simple as that.  Why can’t the person on the other end of the line see this?  All the person sees is that I am “obsessed” with the Backstreet Boys, which isn’t true much at all.  I do listen to them, but I’m not so obsessed that I’m like my friend Katie, smashing CD’s and tearing up wall posters or whatever.  I can’t see at all unlike my dear friend Katie, so not seeing makes it horrible.  She got to see Lars from Metallica through binoculars, and that isn’t quite what I’d get.  I’d get nothing, and I would wish to see things, but I can’t.  Can’t the NFB educate these Brevard County nutheads about the guardianship’s impact on me?  Here then is a letter to those who favor the guardianship and I’m going to tel the people who they’re messing with.

To Whom It May Concern, including judges, lawyers, etc., and those who fail to help,

I, Beth Taurasi, do not appreciate the following things because of your lack of knowledge and education on such matters.  The way you have set things up is terribly wrong and uncalled for due to blindness, and the made up allegations of emotional problems are due to your abuse.  Abuse is abuse, and you have to face the problem head on.  You slapped me on the head when it moved, yet you claim you want a “normal” child.  Well, None of any blind organization would advocate abusive behavior.  And I’m being held accountable for Mom’s abusive behavior, and that is how it goes.  I’m being told not to write about it because the parents, lawyers, etc. want to cover their butts.  No, coverups don’t do well for me.  Then, being accused of writing excessively about rape is uncalled for.  While rape is a problem with disabled and underprivileged females, and sometimes males, it is a problem that does not call for sweeping it under the rug.  Guardianship could subject me to anything from bad roommates to rape to … well, murder.  You don’t seem to care that group homes and facilities for the disabled do not have freedom, do not have anything but activity groups that I’m not interested in.  Socializing is great, but not with people who need to learn to do this.  I’m already in a relationship, and yet you downplay it like it’s an obsession.  To the lawyers this letter addresses, you need to put this in to consideration and tell the defendants in this case to just plead guilty to guardianship fraud and get out of here.  Owning up to only one statement is not enough.  I want a total own up to all statements, including, but not limited to, “You’re obsessed with …” “You can’t …”  The whole thing.  IF the guardianship is not owned by the guardians themselves, and if the money is not put in the bank because they know they’ve got themselves in a deep pit, they won’t get test results.  I don’t know how to say this otherwise.  I need money, and if I need money, do not tell me how to spend it and where not to go with it.  I don’t give a damn about your financial controls, and I want to do many things, but with $730 that’s not enough.  I can’t buy a house with that, put down a payment on it, can’t do a lot, I have to rent a low income garbage pail with it.  While this apartment doesn’t have bugs in it, thank God, you are lucky it doesn’t have crime around it.  I’ve been near a fair market apartment where a Spanish gang was arguing and stuff, and Jataya had to chase the gangsters off the premises.  Oh, and may we not forget a guy from my care company messed up and he’s not allowed on the premises again?  This really makes me sick that people can walk all over me, including my own family.  You claim you love me, but you’re not doing the loving thing by giving up.  A teacher claims she loves her students by … yep, you won’t need to hear what’s next.  Fifty shades of darkness, that’s what.  I see headlines a lot about teachers touching students in inappropriate ways, and that’s love?  Uh uh.  It’s not.  Mary K. might have committed a crime in someone’s eyes, but then the only exception as this is, why did she marry her victim?  Why did she marry Vili?  Mary and Vili are having issues as it is, so why’d they marry?  Blake and I are not minor and adult, so why are you making it impossible for us to live together without complications?  Because you’re in control and you need power and money, so here’s what we’re going to do: take all that power and money and put it away.  I’m putting all that power and money in the garbage and in the social book of predatory guardians where it belongs.  This means you pay lost wages, the down payment on the house, Blake and I’s marriage counseling if we suppose we need it, but we can’t wait till it’s too late.  I want it lined up so we can go to some form of a Biblical spiritually based mental health marriage and couples counseling so we can stay together.  I don’t want this to fail, and I can’t afford failure.  As Butch says in Cats and Dogs regarding the mission to stop the cats from conquering the dogs, he goes, “Failure is not an option.”  So yeah, failure is no option, and I won’t allow a divorce because of the complications and the things that could pop up.  For instance, I could lose all custody and visits with kids, be supervised by a sighted ignoramus who doesn’t give a damn about me.  It could be someone hired by the court to “monitor” the things I say to my kids.  Blake could be accused of one thing, me another.  We could have a bitter custody battle, and it goes on.  Some parents abduct kids when one parent wants custody over another.  I could be written off as crazy and insane and stuff, and then it could be a Britney Spears all over again.  This is why we need counseling.  This is why we’re going to sit down with a female counselor, someone who can work with both of us, not just Blake, not just me.  And no matter how much money it costs, the guardians former at that time will pay up.  Counseling is important now because I don’t want to put the bad memories in my own children or husband or whatever.  I want a life, and I don’t want people to say, “Get a life.”

You can tell me that I’m no use to a man, but Blake loves me, and you can tell me that I’m just an obsessive b—.  But no, I’m not.  I’m sure you want all that power and money and you have enough power and influence but the NFB is willing to throw that power and money in the garbage.  My hope is that they actually live up to what they say, and never say, “Not high priority.”  The guardian thing is a high priority thing because it would also prevent me from going to law school if I so chose.  I know Scott and the gang are busy with law school students who are taking Bar exams, but shouldn’t they get into law school first?  LSAT?  And what if a guardian said I could never be a lawyer?  Swep and the Bars of Our Prison comes to mind when I hear that.  Scott said something about Swep, and it got me thinking.  Daytona Rehab was the same thing, and not CCB, but before Jenny Hatch pulled her wits together, the NFB honestly did not take a stand against Guardianship.  Now they will, and they have to.

Watch your backs and fronts, and you will be ok, but your power and money is history.


Part 2 is this: I found a computer game some of you might like.  I found this whole thing called Beatstar, and I beat two Eurodance sound levels as well as others.  You get beat coins and you buy things with them, safeguards you can use to keep from losing a game, etc.  I have a Mario soundpack, but yeah.  Yall should try it.  For more, the website is


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