A Note to Zello Users

This is a post dedicated to Zello users. For one, I was blocked by Mabelin from coming into Nick’s channel. Nick was upset, and that’s why for all intent and purpose, there is now a password lock on the channel. Everybody’s out, and we’re putting only good and proper people in to the channel. Mabelin and Jessica are no longer allowed in the channel, and it looks like we’re having a meeting of moderators who are still in the channel. That includes but is not necessarily going to exclude Blake, me, Nick, and Wendy. So a note to Skypers, it will only be me, Nick, Wendy, Blake, and whoever else we have as mods, but not Jessica G. and Mabelin. Both those girls are totally out of the channel unless Nick otherwise wants it that way. The password lock will not be given out, and any bad person who asks for it can’t have it. That’s why it’s a password lock. It’s going to lock people out. So Nick and I decided that much while looking into the channel issue. A note to those who are deleting me on Skype because of your moodiness, do not do it. That means Jennifer Scott. I’m sorry but you can’t just sit there and take your moody stuff out on me and delete me. I was busy last night, and you always seem to find excuses for telling me that “busy” means not your friend. That is not true. I’m struggling with this too, and it’s hard, but there’s no excuse for you to sit there and act moody and delete people because they don’t do what you want. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “A Note to Zello Users”

  1. case in point. Cindy Estrada deleted me from Skype a few weeks ago and when I readded her back and messaged her she said it was because nobody messaged her anymore. so you see if I don’t message somebody for quite a while they will delete me too. I ask people if I haven’t messaged them in a while will they delete me or will they understand that I’m often busy. most of my contacts understand I’m busy but cindy has depression so no wonder she feels how she feels.


  2. Cindy Estrada did the same thing, but it was all over this blog. I can’t stand people doing this to me at all. What I’m told is different than what’s happening.


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