If I Were Truly Incompetent, …

Dear Readers,
Let’s get the record straight. In light of the insults, the injuries, the mob of people who think I am worthless, let’s do a little checking in on my brain. Let’s do a little asking questions and answering them all over again. IF I were truly incompetent, what would I be doing? Answer this for me.
1. I wouldn’t go to school.
2. I wouldn’t graduate from school, and on time, with a 3.8 GPA for Heaven’s Sake.
3. I wouldn’t earn as many accolades for my musical works on piano and voice and with ensembles as I have.
4. I wouldn’t have the fire I do have to help others.
5. I wouldn’t have my own apartment, which for God’s sake I do, even when my parents have their lies written on paper, freezing my age and not allowing me to grow up.
6. I wouldn’t have Blake, my true right hand man, and yes, my boyfriend.
7. I wouldn’t arrange for Comcast to hook up Cable to an old TV set which I did, and I tried my darndest to do it on my own, and that should be awarded with a medal, right?
8. I wouldn’t defend myself in this post.
9. I would drool and not eat much.
10. I wouldn’t be able to do food prep, which I do and read recipes, which I also do.
11. I would not be able to seek out an evaluation to prove my competence before a backwoods lawyer and judge. So take that!
When this paperweight incompetence is over, I plan to go on with my life. That means marriage, children, building my house, working a business out of my home, and yes, changing the face of this country. I’m done trying for some job that Rehab wants me to do, and they discourage all things I like. So forget it. I would never do anything behind or beneath me. I’m not incompetent, so yeah, read this and think about it. There’s almost nothing that makes me incompetent. I have to make it clear: I make all the rules in my little love nest, and I make all the rules when it comes to the bed, the kitchen, etc. So yeah.
Thank you all.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

4 thoughts on “If I Were Truly Incompetent, …”

  1. spoken like a strong woman! you are far from incompetent and if people are going to make you out as such they are wrong totally and utterly wrong. I’ve had people who thought I’d never get far in life and hey! I’m doing my best to get somewhere in life even if it takes a long time to get where I want to be. It’s doable of course.


  2. That’s true. Thanks for the compliments, Kyle. You are my biggest fan. Seems that I do have admirers. And if I were truly incompetent, I would not take action to reschedule my counseling appointment, which I had to because I couldn’t get free transit. So there you go. I’m not the way everyone sees me. The person who is incompetent would drool, not eat, sit there, well, they’d run the gamut from not graduating high school or being held back three years (are you listening?) to doing nothing and being a person in a vegetative state.


  3. That’s right beth. if you weren’t incompetent also you wouldn’t have set up your social media profiles like you have done let alone become a radio dj to boot! People who judge us as incompetent need their heads read I’m telling you now because assumptions like that can leave lasting insecurities I for one can speak to that often judgements like that can leave us confused and disillusioned as to who we believe whether my parents or my visiting teacher in my case


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